An Indoor Hanging Garden With Anthropologie [A How-To]

March 27, 2015

Do you remember back when I was approached to work with Anthropologie on the one room three ways? That post was so much fun, so I was super pumped when they approached me again to give them my take on an indoor hanging garden. Since Anthropologie is at the forefront of trend forecasting and always has the best selection of…well everything, I took thier word for it when they told me that indoor hanging gardens are the next big thing! Good thing the selection of garden and outdoor products was filled with cool items to help me get the look.  Anthro does the whole ‘bringing nature indoors’ thing so well, so I couldn’t wait to take a stab at it myself.  I decided to use the hanging plants as a type of art replacement. So instead of filling a wall with a bunch of art and photography, swap out a few pieces for some hanging greenery. I swear rooms with plants have such a happier vibe. Placing décor mixed in with the greens that has a more defined shape or edge creates a nice contrast to the soft, organic forms of the plants.

Check out what I did to transform this boring old console and lame white wall into a CUTE little vignette and on trend indoor hanging garden!

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-13

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-2

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-6

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-4

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-5

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-3

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-10

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-8

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-11

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-1

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-9

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-12

Amber Interiors-Anthro-Neustadt-7 photographer: Tessa Neustadt

I am also over answering some Q & A’s over on the Anthropologie Blog. Check it out if you wanna find out more of my IHG tips an tricks! 

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  1. I just bought one of those hanging planters for in front of the window in my bathroom. Can you tell me how you extended the length and what you used to hang it? Thanks! Everything looks great, as always!!

  2. Wow! I love your vignette and your directions seem easy to follow. Post like these make me wish I were not living in a rental. How does the white hook hold up on the ceiling? Does it leave a big hole after you take it out?

  3. I love that hanging plants are back. They’re so happy for spring, and yours look wonderful!
    I have to know ,though a little off topic, where did your sandals come from??! They’re super fun!

  4. pretty much dying over this vignette. the bottom pic has to be one of my faves ever of yours. indoor plants bring such an intangible element into the home….a bright freshness and lushness that no other accessory can do. just want to curl up in that chair and take it all in. awesome! xx

  5. Hey Amber! Love this post. Could you tell me if the carpet is Berber and what shade it is? I love it! I love the layered rug on top as well. Thanks!

  6. What about drainage? All the plants and containers look so beautiful but I never see drainqge plates underneath which I need for all my plants but also changes the look. What do you do?

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