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October 7, 2013

I am still trippin on the whole “Shit I Sold My House” thing. Everyday I am reminded that I need to pack our shit up and start moving…and everyday I do a whole lot of everything BUT packing

Instead I make mood boards for imaginary bedrooms for a house we still don’t quite have yet.

I say” quite yet” because I am really superstitious and am convinced some natural disaster is gonna change everything …like LA is gonna get buried in Lava from a Volcano that’s going to pop up in the middle of Downtown LA and burn us all..


currently, I am toying with a mid-century vibe …


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  1. Ahh, you’re not alone. And I realized last night that as a kid I constantly daydreamed about the home and life I didn’t yet have and it was glorious letting my imagination run wild. It’s normal to be cautious and to try to avoid disappointment, but you shouldn’t rein in your imagination because of it.

  2. i’m right there with you. we are moving home on thursday after 10 weeks of insane whole house renovation because of flooding and i have been obsessively making moodboards for every single room for weeks as a distraction from all of the bullshit stress. i think we can totally justify all of the “moodboardin” (as my husband calls it) by claiming that it is actually preparation for the move so that when the time comes we will be 100% prepared and know exactly where everything goes, which will make unpacking a breeze. good luck with everything and if all else fails and the stress is out of control… it’s five o’clock somewhere. cheers!

  3. I am a loyal follower of you. Love your style board for the master! I cannot wait to read all about your next home and the decorating process. Where is the bed from? The link is not active when I click on it.

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