:: Before and After :: Master Bedroom

If you are not new around here, then you know we are currently renting our home. Its been difficult and weird to say the least, and most days I ask myself if I will make it through the whole lease without loosing it and buying a motor home and traveling from city to city! I house hunt every single day, and I dream about what our next home will be like, ALL THE TIME! Knowing that I am stuck in this lease for another year, I am slowly just trying to embrace it, live with it, and stop my moaning!!!!! I finally got around to trying to make our bedroom pretty. Of course I changed my mind like 9,000 times but kept going back to my obsession with what artist Sally England created for the Ace Hotel in Portland.  So…. I decided that this was my look and I was gonna make it happen.



The carpet alone is enough to make you want to jump off of a bridge!

and, here is what it looks like now..


amberinteriorsbedroom1 copy


amberinteriorsbedroom9 amberinteriorsbedroom8





you likey?

The headboard is actually a curtain that I bought from urban outfitters. I just tacked it up on the wall and called it a day. The paint color is called “Peppercorn”  from Sherwin Williams. It’s the perfect dark slate gray. The duvet cover is from West Elm and all the indigo pillows are from Shoppe. The side tables are vintage but you can score a similar style here, table lamps are old ones from anthropologie (but West elm sells similar here) and the rug is a hoarded vintage treasure that I will never let go of…ever!

I am pretty happy with the way it’s looking. I still have to style my dresser, add some art, and I have a killer vintage leather chair that needs to live in this room as well. Ill keep you up to date on the progress, but so far so good.

Happy Monday loverz!

33 thoughts on “:: Before and After :: Master Bedroom

  1. Love it all!! That wall color is TOPS! The only thing I thought was how about having the curtain hang horizontally instead of vertically behind the bed ? Just a thought. But great room mama!

  2. I love what you’ve done to your bedroom! My daughters are in rentals as well, with off-white paint and small windows and wall-to-wall carpeting. So dreary! You have nice windows and were able to paint the walls so consider yourself fortunate!
    What is the blue bedspread on top of the ticking coverlet? I don’t see one like it in your store.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. OMG! I want to be you in my next life! Love, your bedroom! SO,SO, incredibly proud of you! Such an old cliche’, but…I am!!!! Congrats, on teaming up with GM!!!!! Sky’s the limit A!!! LOve and Miss you, everyday!

  4. Love it! I was thinking if selling my bed (husband hates it so prolly explains why he never tight fix the screws …ahem) — it’s a done deal! Looks awesome. :)

  5. LOVE. And the goodness draped over the bench – a throw? Rug? A sham made of unicorn tears?? I love it with the intensity of a thousand suns and need it in my life. Can you tell me who I have to stalk/fight to make something like it mine??

  6. Love what you have done! Those pillows are killer! I love that you have a Money Tree plant in your room, I remember you mentioning those in your houseplants post awhile back! We rent right now too and I cannot wait to move because I have so many ideas for our next house. It is hard because right now, I theoretically want to still do stuff here to make it nicer in the interim but don’t know how much more work I want to put into it. We rent from my in-laws and have rehabbed the place over the past ten years. Luckily, they give me a lot of sway in what colors I want to paint rooms–I know your landlord hasn’t been as understanding. Hang in there! It looks great!

  7. To Monica: There are some great temporary wallpapers out there now that just peel off when you leave. Even if they just do one wall as a focal point in the bedroom it may brighten up the blah walls.

  8. Adore this room and it is serving as serious inspiration for my master makeover. We have blah carpet, too, so I plan on adding a pretty run to the end of the bed. Any guidelines on how far out the rug should go on either side of the bed? Thanks!!

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