April 23, 2013

I want a new house.

there are many reasons why, but the one which stands out to me the most is the fact that it is dark

Like, I need overhead lighting in the middle of the day dark, and that shit just don’t fly with me.

I am thinking about intentionally slipping on a banana peel in a supermarket so I can land myself in a million dollar law suit that affords me a window heavy abode…

south facing preferably.









  1. That is exactly what drives me crazy about my house but in most rooms we have no overhead lighting! Instead I’m repainting everything white in hopes that will help until I slip on a banana peel too.

  2. Love the images you chose! Windows seriously make all the difference. That’s one thing I love about my apartment. Its small and has basically no storage space, but its light pretty much all day.

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