Just Some Things: Amber’s April Picks

April 17, 2018

Shoppe Amber Interiors, Pacific Palisades. Photo by Jess Isaac.

To say it’s been hectic lately is the understatement of the CENTURY. If you’ve been following along this month, you already know that 1) we opened our second Shoppe. Then 2) I thought it would be a GREAT idea to move my entire family into a new house by the end of this month so we can begin construction on our NEW house.

Before + After: Shoppe Amber Interiors, Pacific Palisades

April 13, 2018

SO, I’ve shared this story before, but in case ya missed it, here’s the story of how we found our adoooorable Shoppe Pacific Palisades location.

I had to reschedule a meeting (fate sign #1). Mike and I already had a meeting in Brentwood that day, but we figured we could have our meeting first and then I could meet my client in the Palisades afterwards. We were in one car so Mike would just drop me off and walk around the Palisades Village while I had my meeting.

This Just In: New Designs, Made by Shoppe

April 11, 2018

HEY, you guys, you know how you always see me adding in custom pieces in my designs? And you know how you always ask me where you can buy the stuff I use in my projects?? And you know how I am a complete jerk most of the time and don’t always get to share where everything is from??

WELL, I am a jerk no more, because I have been working hard designing more pieces to add to my own line of furniture and guys,

Just the AFTER // Client Black Houses are the Best Houses

March 13, 2018

YAY!! It’s finally here IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!

This project was a long one and a good one if you ask me

We were first contacted in 2015 to help these clients build this house from the ground up. They had some preliminary designs from the architect and wanted to create a “Scandinavian Modern Cabin” vibe…despite being smack in the middle of Venice California. We were lucky enough to work with an awesome Contractor ( Potter Mallis ) as well as work with some pretty cool clients.

SHOPPE 2.0 // Exterior Paint

March 2, 2018

It seems lately, there is rarely a minute that goes by that I am not thinking about 307 different things at once. What color this, what size that, what windows, what rug, who’s on the phone, where are my shoes, when am I gonna go pee and eat??  It’s just constant, but I am grateful and accepting of every single minute I get a chance to do what I love.. Anyways, whatever little free time I can manage to squeeze in day dreaming,