Take it // Leave it

November 14, 2016

Time to play my favorite game of TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! It’s been awhile and I’m genuinely interested to see how everyone feels about…*drum roll please*… INTERIOR WINDOWS. Do we love em? Hate em? Just tolerate them? Do you think I should incorporate some for upcoming clients comin’ up? Hmmm… All these things to think about…

// 1 //

// 2 //

// 3 //

// 4 //

// 5 //

// 6 //

// 7 //

// 8 //

// 9 //

// 10 //

// 11 //

// 12 //

Get The Look // Client Second Times a Charm

November 8, 2016

You know, it’s been a while since I put together a good ole ‘Get the Look’. I started to feel guilty, so I locked the door to my office, put on some tunes and got dowwwn to bid-ness with my damn self. I decided to give you all the beauty that is: #ClientSecondTimesACharm Master Bedroom! If that’s not a good deed to humanity, I don’t know what is. You want to know what else is a good deed?! VOTING!! Go out and make your vote count today peeps!!

// Cheers to No Ordinary Kitchen //

October 28, 2016

Time is FLYING over here in Ambular Interiors land. I feel like we just closed escrow on our house in June and what do you know, we’ve completely remodeled the common area and it’s been a whole week since my #NoOrdinaryKitchen unveiling party! How’s that for first 3 months of moving in? I don’t waste any time – That’s for sure!

Just in case you missed it, I invited a couple of my closest family and friends over to enjoy my brand spankin’ new kitchen –

NOTEWORTHY:: Australia Does It Again

October 26, 2016

So….why is it that everything I love extra extra EXTRA, happens to come from the land down unda?? Maybe its in the water, or the vegemite…..I don’t know, but seriously so much good comes from that little country it hurts. We are luck enough to carry the Pop and Scott line at Shoppe, and if you haven’t yet seen the colorful pots that have become their signature you must go look!!

But wait before you rush over to scope the pots….check out the feature Design Files just did on the owners Poppy and Scott’s home!


October 18, 2016

Hey party people! So if you follow me on IG you saw a glimpse into my project “Client Rad Trad” and read my conundrum about whether I save it for that book I am supposed to be writing (HA!) or should I debut the pics now, and then ALSO put them in the book??  Well your response was an overwhelming PUT IT OUT NOW FOOL!

Because I am a real sucker for peer pressure, and giving the peoples what the peoples wants….I am officially introducing #ClientRADTRAD!!

// Before + After : No Ordinary Kitchen //

October 14, 2016

Wooo!!! Happy BEFORE & AFTERS day!! This kitchen has been quite the project since we moved into our new home in June! As you all know, I jumped right into it thanks to my awesome partnership with Signature Kitchen Suite, and now I’m left with the prettiest and most innovative dang kitchen in town!! I won’t bore you with all the specifics now because I know all you really want to see are the pictures, but check out my favorite features from each appliance under the photos.