BEFORE + AFTER : Client Second Times a Charm // PART 2

June 3, 2016

annd…. now for PART 2

If you missed PART 1  yesterday you can just look at yesterdays post OR click HERE!!


:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::


Annnnnnnndd there you have it.

BEFORE + AFTER: Client Second Times a Charm

June 1, 2016

It’s Before and After time friends!!!!!

OK, So normally I bombard you with the entire house all in one go, but I am going to try a little something different this time and split the whole house into parts!  There is a lot of house to cover…and basically I find my super long before and after posts really annoying, so you must also, HA!

I rarely give you a full backstory with our projects, but in this case it was such an interesting one,

Before + After: Client Z to the E to the N

December 22, 2015


Not only is it my fave time of year, but I am about to drop my fave kinda post….THE GLORIOUS  before + after – it feels like Christmas morning ALREADY – am I right!?

Ohhhhh #ClientZtotheEtotheN… It’s been SO fun to work with this young & hip, newly engaged couple over yonder in Venice Beach. We did a whole do over on their pad with a few remodels here and there. I’m officially OBSESSED with how everything turned out and the color palette –


October 15, 2015

Sorry about yesterday’s ghost post…we had a small glitch in our Matrix, and screwed up BIG TIME! Anyways, I hope that it was worth the wait!?

Before I let you view the goods I have to say how much I LOVED these clients. They were what us designers folks dream for Easy going, trusting, kind, a little loose with the cash, and really really good-looking! haha. No but for real-sies…I heart them. I introduce you tooooo #clientcoolasacucumber


// LIVING //

// DINING //


// FAMILY //




photography via: Tessa Neustadt

I like that when you do that right thur…..#clientcoolasacucumber


October 7, 2015

Happy hump day y’all!

When we were demoing the new space, I really wanted to feel like a damn grown up with my own office… I did just that and created my own little creation station!

So……here, feast your eyes on where the magic happens. And by magic I really mean where the “Manic” happens.

photos via: Tessa Neustadt


Before + After: Shoppe

October 6, 2015

Did I ever show you what the new Shoppe looked like before I got my paws on it??? WELLLLLLLL lets just say it wasn’t quite my steez. I think these may be the MOST dramatic “before and afters” I have ever done and I couldn’t be any happier with how it progressed and what it became. I stuck with my fave go-to white paint, “white” by Dunn Edwards and it really created the light and airy vibe I was hoping for.