Just The After: #ClientGreatGreatGreat

September 29, 2016

I’ve been holding this one in but for quite some time, but  #ClientGreatGreatGreat is finally here to make its grand appearance! This little Hollywood home was equally as charming and sweet as the cute home owners themselves. I love working with other Boss Ladies, and Emily Current , Mama of two, wife, and multiple empire biz lady was pretty Great….as in THE GREAT. If you are not familiar with Emily, she is one half of the super stylish duo Emily + Meritt),

Kitchen Under Construction

September 12, 2016

Happy Monday Morning birdies!! I know I’ve been chattin’ it up about my partnership with Signature Kitchen Suite and their help with my #NoOrdinaryKitchen remodel, so I figured I’d clue you in on some of the progress we’ve made so far! From the get-go nothing about the kitchen screamed Ambular Interiors, which is why I decided to gut the whole thang!! Do you have any idea how STRESSFUL it is to move into a house and not have a kitchen?! I’m sure there are plenty of you that do,

My Dream Kitchen

August 19, 2016

Good Morning Blog World!

Checking in with you all about my partnership with Signature Kitchen Suite and my soon to be #NoOrdinaryKitchen – it’s just sooo DREAMY. I’m adding in my materials mood board and inspiration shots below for you all to take a closer look at. We have literally picked the best of the best out there – let me tell ya! Everything in this kitchen is going to look GORGEOUS. No joke.

Check out the Signature Suite Kitchen range below and tell me that’s not the swankiest range you’ve ever laid your eyes on!

Amber Interiors + Signature Kitchen Suite

August 11, 2016

I don’t know about you guys – but I have been on cloud 9 lately. I’m so THRILLED to officially announce my partnership with Signature Kitchen Suite and their new line of kitchen appliances!

If you follow along on Instagram or Snapchat, you probably already know that we recently purchased our dream home! (Pause here for celebratory dance jig.) Here’s the thing, most people would move in and accept it as is… But, I ain’t most people. So I decided to completely demolish the good ‘ole country kitchen vibe.

BEFORE + AFTER : Client Second Times a Charm // PART 2

June 3, 2016

annd…. now for PART 2

If you missed PART 1  yesterday you can just look at yesterdays post OR click HERE!!


:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::



:: BEFORE ::


Annnnnnnndd there you have it.

BEFORE + AFTER: Client Second Times a Charm

June 1, 2016

It’s Before and After time friends!!!!!

OK, So normally I bombard you with the entire house all in one go, but I am going to try a little something different this time and split the whole house into parts!  There is a lot of house to cover…and basically I find my super long before and after posts really annoying, so you must also, HA!

I rarely give you a full backstory with our projects, but in this case it was such an interesting one,