Client Freakin Fabulous : Update

What a wonderful long weekend that was! We had a big BBQ for my brothers B-day and labor day combined and then we went out for some kick ass Mexican food and a little bowling with some pals. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer…even though it’s still 136 degrees here. In work life “client freakin fabulous” has wrapped up the first phase of construction.

If you missed it…here is the house prior to them moving in …

:: BEFORE ::


:: AFTER ::




We are still waiting for the cabinet hardware, the faucets, and a brand spanking new custom designed light fixture..Its gonna be good!

:: BEFORE ::



:: AFTER ::






It came out quite fancy, no?

There are still missing parts, and obviously there is no furniture….but we have some really gorgeous stuff coming in!! Can you say 9 1/2 foot walnut slab dining table!! Can you say HUGE custom brass chandelier??!! Can you say enormous custom comfy sofa with walnut legs ??!! Can you say LEATHER!!

Anyways, that’s all I got!

We are moving into the office today. Its FINAL and we will be working from the new space all week. Stay tuned for those pics as well….hopefully by tomorrow!


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Introducing “client freakin fabulous”

Recently, we started a new project with some lovely clients down in Newport Beach CA. We can’t say enough about how great the whole experience thus far has been. In fact it has been “Freakin’ Fabulous” hence why we have lovingly dubbed them  “Client Freaking Fabulous”.  Literally, they are so amazing, and EASY ….our conversations typically sound like this….

ME: “Hey Client Freaking Fabulous how about this, that, and a little bit of this and that?”

CFF:” Sure, Love, Lets do it…whatever you say designer are great and what you say goes”

HA, I mean it doesn’t really sound like that…but close enough to make me very content with this project.

Anyways, here is some sad sad  “before’s” that will quickly become some killer “afters”






as you can see we are doing a whole lot in only little month, but we have welcomed the challenge. Here is what it looks like now..MUCH DIFFERENT

:: DURING ::








So thats where we are at with that. The vibe is going to be mighty cool, but I will show you everything after it all starts coming together.  Happy Friday lovers! Hope you have the best weekend! It’s the ducks Bday on Sunday so because I am a tolerant wife and love him unconditionally….I am going to play a game of War Hammer with him. Google it..

Love ya mean it

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YOU GUYS!!!!! I just made what feels like one of the largest decisions in my professional career!! I signed a lease on a new design studio and retail space!!! GAAAAHH just typing this makes me feel giddy and scared and a bit proud all rolled into one giant hot emotional mess. I keep telling Bridgid and Amy (my assistants) that I feel like we are “big girls now”. I have no clue at all how this will go but I feel very official and very happy that I will no longer be working from my cavernous home office and trusting that we are taking a giant step in the right direction.

So what does this all mean??? Well I am not 100% sure, but I do know we will have the space set up as half design studio, and half Shoppe. We will set up a couple vignettes in the front of the space and have a place to showcase all of our products. We are in the works developing more products and our own private labeled goods so once those arrive we will house them here as well as online.

Because the design studio will be at the back, my clients can come visit and my employees will have access to all of our samples and working materials all in one organized location. Not that we don’t have that access now, it’s just all spread over my house, which is chaotic to say the least. Anyways, Its legit and we are all grown up over here. I can’t wait to show you the afters…but for now here are some BEFORE’S!!

Use your imagination, or trust that I will use mine as best I can to make this space awesome.







OK so the charm factor is totally there, right??

Well anyways, its ours and it’s happening so wish me LUCK!!!


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Before & After “The Farewell Tribute” :: Client AWESOME ::

So for the past 3+ years I have often mentioned my “Client Awesome”. I believe I have shown some before and after pics here and there, but have never officially really shown the whole shebang or given an entire house tour. Well, finally I got my stuff together and took a trip down to the “The Awesome’s” house for a little impromptu photo shoot, and I am about to show it all!!

Why now you ask?? Well, In recent news, The lovely family behind “client awesome” Pat, Erin, Rowan, Indy, and Olive (the dog) Shedarowich, have decided to move into a new house and thus a new project is beginning. I wanted to make sure I documented all that we did here because I feel so grateful and proud that this family and house came into my life. Even though I am very much looking forward to the next project, I am sentimental. This house and these clients mean a lot to me.

Before I start with the tour, I wanted to take a sec to introduce you to the actual family that I am so fondly referring to. First of all you may already follow along with @erinmayshed on instagram, and if you do, like a thousand others, you may have already fallen in love with this family. I can attest that they are in fact perfect and indeed just as amazing in real life as I am making them sound. Patrick is the best Dad around and takes such good care of his family. Erin is a total babe, an incredible Momma with a heart of gold, and a closet to die for . We can all collectively be super jealous because she is pretty rad, Plus if you are lucky enough to call her a friend then you know you have a loyal One-of-a-kind girlfriend who will do anything for you and be there always. Rowan is a shy little guy, but is sweet and gentle and most likely will be a major heartbreaker. Indy May, the newest Shed, is by far the cutest baby on earth. The cheeks, the hair, the thighs… She is pure innocence and a “joy baby” worthy of her instagram fame. Olive the dog is a lover, and fits the family just right. Getting to know this family has been a joy and I am so lucky to get to call them close friends. 

Anyways, Let’s get to the tour.

:: BEFORE :: 








Most of those are the pictures of the house staged when they bought it!! Not bad for some but the fam really wanted it to reflect there personalities, not so generic…so we got to work and did just that!!

:: AFTER ::







 :: ENTRY ::






























Isn’t it just sooooo freaking great!!

So Whats next?? A KILLER mid century modern that we are going to make a cozy, layered, minimal, mid century beach shack, with mainly white and pops of color. So SOOOO good!

Happy Monday Y’all. Lets all pin till we can’t pin no more!

** BTW, I have not listed sources out of respect for my clients whom pay for my services. I don’t believe it is fair to give away everything we have done in my clients homes, unless I have permission to do so, or feel it is necessary. It this case the pictures are for our viewing pleasure only.  I hope you can understand **

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one room three ways with Anthropologie

It’s no secret that I am an Anthropologie gal through and through. It’s funny because one of my fondest memories as a tween involved Anthropologie.  When I was in the 8th grade (about 3 thousand years ago) I became obsessed with a dress I spotted in an Anthro catalogue. From the minute I laid my eyes on it I knew I had to make it mine. As most tween-agers do, I ripped the page out of the catalogue and taped it to the wall above my bed. I would stare at the waif grungy girl, modeling the dress and imagine myself in the outfit. Ya see back in the  ole’ 8th grade all I cared about was being Drew Barrymore. I chopped all my hair off, wore a fake sunflower scrunchie daily, and bought some burgundy 8 hole Doc Martens . The lacey baby-doll  with an empire waist and a tiny floral under slip was everything I needed to complete my “Girly Grunge Drew Barrymore” vibe.  I was too young to work, and couldn’t legally sell any organs, so I took up hounding my Mom. The damn dress was literally all I thought about, and so the day when my Mom caved and took me to the Anthropologie store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, will always be a fond memory of mine. Thinking back I remember being JUST as excited to be in the store as I was buying the dress.

Imagine my excitement when I fast forward to 20 years later ( just aged myself, like whoa) I am approached to work with Anthropologie!!!

 Not gonna lie.. I totally got emotional, and may have shed a little tear. It’s seriously so flattering to work with companies you admire and look up to ESPECIALLY big ones like Anthro! Anyways, we were asked to review and decorate a bedroom using their new incredible Soft -Washed Linen Bedding and  I couldn’t wait. I figured if I was gonna get the chance to work with Anthropologie, I was gonna go all out, and so we decided to do a “1 room 3 looks” style post! Same bedding in all the looks just styled a bit different.

Here was what we came up with!









Amber Interiors for Anthro Cali Cool

floor lamp // planters // linen bedding // rug // leather chair // mud cloth pillow // nesting tables








Amber Interiors for Anthro Mid Century

linen bedding // table lamp // baskets // rug // leather strap chair // books // pillows







Amber Interiors for Anthro Boho Chic

linen bedding // rug // pillows // mirrors

and there ya have it!

I am also over answering some Q & A’s over on the Anthropologie Blog. Head over if you wanna hear more!


** The above content is a Sponsored post. I truly appreciate the support from my sponsors as it allows me to continue creating original and new content for you to read. Many Thanks!**

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lombardi house

It’s been a while since I have updated any progress from The Lombardi House. Well , lawdy lawd knows I love some “before and afters” and I have some MAJOR ones to show off. First I must say that this project was definitely a labor of love. When I first walked in, the house was in quite a mess. There was random furniture everywhere, yucky lighting, un flattering paint colors, and just overall the inside was a total disconnect from the outside. The building was so charming and the whole property had such potential, I just knew it was going to take a lot to get it right and return the house to its original lovely self! Trying to design a Vacation rental friendly space, that doubles as an event space on a tight budget, was no easy task, but one I gladly took it on.

Luckily in the end, I couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.04.12 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.05.32 PM

The house is split into 4 apartment units in the main house and then an incredible event space/barn in the back! There is NOTHING like this anywhere in Hollywood and I am so proud and honored to have had the opportunity to be involved!

:: BEFORE ::




(before images taken by Emily Knecht)

:: AFTER ::

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.19.23 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.19.41 PM

( Images taken by Zeke Ruelas )

Styling and Art Direction by … Cleo Murnane and Kati Forner, Project M Plus)



(above 2 images taken by Amber Lewis )

:: BEFORE ::










(before images taken by Emily Knecht)

:: AFTER ::

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.08.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.17.41 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.21.11 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.13.32 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.15.20 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.11.10 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.10.18 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.20.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.16.24 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.16.37 PM

( Images taken by Zeke Ruelas )

Styling and Art Direction by … Cleo Murnane and Kati Forner, Project M Plus)




(above 3 images taken by Amber Lewis )

:: BEFORE ::




(before images taken by Emily Knecht)

:: AFTER ::





(above 4 images taken by Amber Lewis )

:: BEFORE ::



(before images taken by Emily Knecht)




(above 3 images taken by Amber Lewis )

:: BEFORE ::


(before images taken by Emily Knecht)

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.28.34 PM

:: AFTER ::

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.21.32 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.22.50 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.24.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.28.09 PM


( Images taken by Zeke Ruelas )

Styling and Art Direction by … Cleo Murnane and Kati Forner, Project M Plus)

Pretty fab right??

The house is officially renting out the space for rentals and events! Go to the website HERE to get more information on the property!! Make sure to tell them I sent ya!!

Thank you Cleo and Project M Plus and Zeke Ruelas for your combined creative genius with these beautiful pictures and website.

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Project: Cupcakes {living room}

Time for another little “Before and After” of Project:Cupcakes!! This little portion of the remodel was super fun!!We got to build a little and paint a lot, and Emily And Geoffrey got down with some fun patterns and colors.

I would say this space really reflected both of their wants, needs, and personalities pretty equally. It ended up being a fave place in the house to chill out and have a cocktail…In fact, let it be known that I may have overstayed my welcome a few times!

Sorry not sorry!!!

anyways, lets review




a little dark, a lot of gold, and definitely in need of a fresh prospective.  And now…








 (image credit (Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere)


So, what did we do??

Let’s discuss

PAINT: The space before was pretty dark and even though the ceilings are nice and high and the light streams in through the big window, the dark painted gold ceilings really shrunk the space and sucked up any light that came in. We lightened it all up by painting Faded Gray by Dunn Edwards in Satin on the walls and painted the once gold ceiling a bright white instead!

REMOVED WINDOW DISPLAY CABINET: The room originally felt very long and tall . One of the things we knew immediately was that the display cabinet thingy had to go because it only drew attention to the difficult shaped room. It was not quite centered on the room, and so it just made everything feel a little awkward and would have been hard to figure out the right furniture flow.So we framed it up and filled it in with drywall. Once it got painted, it really helped us have a better wall to put the sofa and seating area on and made the room feel a little more symmetrical.

BUILD BUILT-IN BOOKCASES: Em and G have a great collection of books, and G has a killer record player that they both love to listen to. We decided to build a giant bookcase with cabinetry for storage below and a shelf to put the record player on top. It ended up being really beautiful, and although originally Emily and Geoffrey were worried it may take up to much room in the space, it didn’t at all! It actually weirdly made the room feel larger. They were so pleased with the end results and so was I. My new modo is, when in doubt, build it out…can I make that a thing??no, yes?HA!

FLOORS: The floors also played a big part in making the space feel much darker. We sanded the floors back to the original white oak wood and put on a light walnut stain. The stain kept the vibe of the original house, but added a little more of a clean modern spin.

CHANGE OUT THE FIREPLACE SCONCES: The sconces that were there, felt a little dated. We added 2 bright new brass fixtures that brought in the finish of the hardware on the built-ins and throughout the kitchen and house. Every fireplace needs a library arm sconce in my book!

PAINT THE FIREPLACE: The red brick fireplace was a little too traditional for the new updated vibe we were going for.  High gloss black was what we painted the brick and it sure did make a hell of a fancy impact!!

ADD SEAT CUSHIONS: We learned that those cute little built-in seats next to the fireplace were called an “inglenook”. Talk about charming! Em and G wanted to keep the charm, but funk it up a little, so we did just that. Recently the couple went to Mexico and Emily scored a gorgeous Ottomi embroidered blanket. She really loved the idea of bringing it into the living room, and so it ended up in the inglenook! I mean Ottomi cushions in the inglenook..obvs!

FURNITURE & DECOR: The room screamed that it needed a little leather (lethaa) and so we got the BEST SOFA from Restoration Hardware , added a splash of color with these cute chairs from Crate and Barrel , plonked a killer Beni Ourani style rug on the floor for cozy texture, found the perfect Coffee Table (similar HERE) , added some amazing artwork from über talent Gray Malin and topped it all off with some pillows from the Shoppe, These and These.

And thats all for now lovers. Hope you likey! Head over to Emily’s blog to hear a bit more about the process!

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Lets Paint!!

I love when a a brand does something really helpful for its consumers. For example when a car company lets you test drive a car before you buy,  or when See’s candy lets you come in and taste test every single piece of chocolate in the shop before you commit to your destined choice. Ya know what I am talking about?? It’s serious business choosing both cars and chocolates,  so being able to test them both is equally as crucial. Same goes for paint my friends. Paint for us “non-commmitals” is a tough one because just HOW do you know its right for you?? Well, Benjamin Moore just really upped their already impossibly high, designer street cred by introducing a new Kick Ass paint selection tool called Design by What Matters  . It answers just HOW you choose the right color for you. It’s all the fun questions of a personality quiz, but more design and color centric that at the end pairs you with a personalized perfect color match!!  Plus it allows you to virtually paint the walls in the space the color you are matched with, giving a visual for those of us that have a hard time imagining the real thing. It’s rad!!! Bridgid, my Design Assistant, just recently got a super cute little apartment that had mad potential but needed a bit of a refresh. We decided to give the Design by What Matters test a try and  painted her living room based on the color chosen in the test. This is no hocus pocus friends. It was pretty dead on when matching the color for Bridgid and the end results were just the right amount of change.

Here’s a look at the Quiz process as well as the before and afters of her space!!

Quiz Results copy The test recommended “classic gray, 1548″ in an eggshell sheen for her living room. At first I was secretly a little nervous thinking that Bridgid might have a wild side I didn’t know about, and her test results may have come back with “Fire Engine Red” or ” Electric Day-glo Green”. All fine colors for some….but ya know, kinda hard to design around. Especially since, this is indeed a rental, so mellow colors were the preferred choice. The test came back in our favor and so we gave it  go. Once we slapped a little “Classic Gray”  on the walls, we noticed although not much of the dramatic change some may have expected, it gave us the perfect shade based on the answers to the quiz.  We got rid of the creamy , dingy, beige and pumped up the jam with a very light but super neutral color.

 Here’s a look at the befores..


Before 2

andddddd thennnnnn the afters:








IMG_2306 copy

It’s the palest of grays, but it’s crisp and bright and made the space feel just a shade happier. Also the gray was a great contrast between the white architectural details already in the room, such as the ceiling beams and the built-in bookshelves.  Not a bad result for a fun little quiz!

Thanks to Benjamin Moore Paint for collaborating with us and sponsoring this post.

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Nona’s cottage outdoor overhaul!


For the past two months we have been spending the majority of our days off, weekends, and nights building and revamping the yard of my Mom’s new little house. We partnered with the Father of All home improvement stores Lowe’s to take this drab and unused space and make it usable and cute as can be. Because the space was for my Mom, I sat down with her and got some inspiration for what she wanted the end result to look like. The house is a tiny little thing, so she wanted it to feel cozy, and warm and like a little cottage. She wanted an herb garden where she could plant some herbs and maybe veggies, and she really wanted a place where me and my siblings and her grandkids could come to eat, chill out, and feel like they were at home.

Here are some of the pics my Mom loved.









The vibe is pretty monochromatic, with pops of color on the landscaping and extremely quaint. Now here is some before shots of the nightmare we had to work with.

Brace yourself for some seriously CRAPPY “before’s”

frontbefore2 copy

Front before3 copy

Frontbefore4 copy

Frontbefore6 copy


sooooo. yep, that’s a whole lotta “Fug” in 5 pictures. As you can see, there was really a lot more of the low down and dirty work that needed to be done. Moving brick, ripping out stuff, re-routing pipes, and building building building. Or as I liked to say “less pretty more gritty”. We turned to the lovely folks at Lowe’s for all of the hard questions that needed answers and I can’t say enough about how helpful they were.

Anyways, here is where we ended up.

IMG_1788 copy



IMG_2020 copy



IMG_1840 copy

IMG_2001 copy


IMG_1826 copy






Literally I could have posted 200 more pictures, but I’ll spare showing you my sweaty self 10 feet up on a ladder painting trim.

Here was the process and a bit of what we did:

 We began by ripping out the old landscaping (or lack thereof) including the old bamboo fence that was tired and worn. We replaced it with a cedar dog eared fence and painted it with Valspar “White” paint. I had to enlist some muscle during this part because digging 20 post holes and setting them with Quikrete was no easy feat.

 We built 2 gates. 1 to the side yard to allow for easy access and the second gate at the back to hide the ugly part of the house, as well as a place to hide tools and a small storage shed. My mom really wanted an herb garden so we took the pieces from the busted up concrete and used it to wall off the herb garden. It was a cute little way to recycle the concrete pieces that would have just gone in the trash otherwise. Saving money and recycling FOR THE WIN!

The fence was a whole lotta white without any greenery or pretty plants to break it up. So we kept it simple and made a small planter bed and filled in with Iceberg Roses, and some Purple Fountain Grass, then finished it with some dark brown mulch nuggets. OH and did I mention we ordered 8 tons of pea gravel?? Well we did, and I am pretty sure the Duck pulled a hammy moving it wheel barrow load by wheel barrow load to the back yard. Pshhht, whatever I gave birth!!

The house got a quick lick of paint and I am pretty stoked with the color. We used Valspar’s “Subtle Taupe” and painted the trim out in Valspar “White” . The porch got Valspar “Mountain Smoke” and its my new FAVE porch color. The windows on the house are sad, so we added black pre-finished shutters to the windows to finish the facade and give it a little more interest and dimension, plus I love that the black grounded the otherwise really light exterior.

On the side of the house, we wanted to open up the space to make it feel larger and did so by demo-ing the back railing and adding a set of stairs down to the outdoor sitting area. We also added a purple bougainvillea for a pop of color against the light house. We couldn’t find a pot we were jiving on and in our budget, so we settled on making a box with cedar fence posts (same as fence) that we planted in a cedar planter that we painted to match the trim and fencing. The lighting before was horrendous  so we swapped them out for this cute barn light. We shushed up the space with cute outdoor decor by Lowe’s allen + roth line: gray and white throw pillows, created a sitting area using simple adirondack chairs, paired my mom’s existing dining table with some cute teak folding chairs, and added a few lanterns and a succulent arrangement.

The result was a much needed improvement that all of our family can now enjoy together!


I have to take a second and give thanks. Let’s first start by pointing out the obvious. Living in SoCal can be about as hot as the surface of the sun in the summer. It was probably the worst time to take on a remodel of an outside project being as that most (read all) days would be spent outside in the 95 degree weather. My Mom is basically the toughest lady I know, and she would start the day around 7:30am and bust her hump till 7:30pm to get this done and I can’t thank her enough. I also had the muscle of my “Papa” (Grandpa.. Yeah he’s 82 and is a flipping champion) and the Duck, as well as my Grandma, Chris, Uncle Kevin, Auntie, and G. It was a family affair and the experience was rad. I also wanted to thank Lowe’s Home Improvement for sponsoring this project and post.

**This post was written in sponsorship with Lowe’s**

Lowe's Logo

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Big Girl Decisions

Hi there friends! Happy Monday. Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend and if you are a Mama, have a mama, want to be a mama, or are a mama to your fur babies, then HAPPY BELATED MOMS DAY!!

I have 7 days left until we go to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally CANNOT wait but I am also petrified that I will be so stressed out that I won’t be able to let it all go and have a good ole time. As you saw the other day, I have a ton of projects that I will be bailing out on for 7 days and although I know all of my clients want me to have a good time and relax…..I am pretty positive that it will take great restraint to not check in everyday and worry about the “what if’s” of it all. What if what if what if??

Do you all ever get like that? Get crazy on all the “what if’s” of life?  I sure as shit do! When do these go away? Do they ever go away? Do they get worse with age??  Lets just talk about that for a minute..

Anyways, Besides my Vacay and pending close of my office for a week  some other big stuff has been going on. I have taken on 2 full-time employees!! This is the most amazing thing in the world!!  I feel so very lucky to be working with such talented and sweet girls. I truly feel like they are my kids and can’t wait to finally have the opportunity to really efficiently grow my business. Not gonna lie,  Its super scary that I will be responsible for now 3 Salaries (including my own), but I am very excited and proud that I made a big girl decision and am determined to become the business I know we can be!

Soon, I will formally introduce these two babes to you all, and you will for sure see them around here on the bloggy much more. Part of the new job description includes helping me with my blog content as well as focus on the growth of Amber Interiors INC. I realize fully that I cannot do it all on my own, and If I have more help with all aspects of my biz, I can focus on the bigger picture, instead of stressing the small stuff.

Wanna know what else is awesome??? I get to re-design my office to fit another desk! Sooooo I have been pulling some maje office inspo and here is what I have going on so far.


IMG_52601 :source:



24de9d6458157e0f3272aadbbbca656e :source:




9bf0c88964369335dc3bf21d250f0a9b :source:

2ea782567f7ab77913e9918cf05eacb5 :source:






5dbda12f4002fc0dde6a3af6e2fef6f5 :source unknown:

I also need ways to infuse light into the space. We have AWFUL lighting, and the office gets no natural light…Its a cave.

so, I think I want to layer a bunch of Beni Ourain rugs down and use white desks etc to add a false send of brightness!!!

Stay tuned for updates…and maybe a mood board

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