a builder grade bathroom transformation with Lowe’s

September 21, 2015

So remember that time I flew to Raleigh to do a cool little project with Lowe’s?! Well…it’s finally time to show y’all what we created! I joined a couple of other talented ladies and we were each challenged to design and renovate a builder grade bathroom for under $1,000! We show you how to take a standard bathroom and make it into something special each in our own fun video. Take a look at my video and photos below showing how to transform your bathroom to get a more rustic modern feel.

5 DIYs I’d Like to Try

September 15, 2015

I am loving these DIY’s y’all….and even though I have given up on the idea of having any extra time to actually do them, I can at least admire from afar. And hopefully you guys get your “do it yo’ damn self” on!

//1// giant macrame rope light

via Vintage Revivals 

//2// hanging bookshelf 

via Life Hack

//3// hanging mirror

via Sugar and Cloth

//4// stump side table

via Sugar and Cloth

//5// modern yarn hanging

via Homey Oh My!

DIY: credenza

September 2, 2015

Wait…can we please take a moment to discuss how in the heck it is already September…SEPTEMBER Y’ALL!! It’s crazy how fast the days are going by…Speaking of September, it is indeed the month that we as a little family have the most events of the entire year. G is turning 6, I am turning 21 again…The Duck and I will be celebrating 9 years of marriage and the SHOPPE is finally and actually freakin’ opening. Oh and did I mention all of this is happening in the midst of 3 client installs…no biggie.

++ 5 DIY’s I’d like to try ++

October 15, 2014

With Halloween fast approaching and then Turkey Day and Christmas, I love getting my crafty craft on. Making a list of projects that give me an excuse to head to Michaels or Lowe’s brings me nothing but joy.  Anyone else think the smell of a glue gun reminds you of the Holiday season??  Of course the chances of me actually doing said projects is slim to none..but making the list at least gets my wheels going and gives me an A for effort.

A Crafty DIY y’all should try

July 15, 2014

Every now and again I feel the urge to get my craft on. I have to admit I don’t fancy myself the craftiest of ladies. I like to think I am, but in actuality, I am pretty impatient and easily distracted. Don’t get me wrong..I partake in tha “act of craft” often, mainly with G..but if you thought I enjoyed it, well that was the old, less fidgety me. If I am gonna craft I want it to be fast and quick with an easy clean up,