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Settling into a new pad totally sucks. At least for me it does!

You have to get used to the all the new sounds, smells, and little quirks that the house has. You have to learn how to sleep in the new house, you have to learn the light of the new house, and you have to just totally re-adjust yo routine. Gaaahh yuck, I literally HATE it!

Anyways, I think one way to cope with all the adjustments is to surround yourself with familiar and beautiful things. Obviously this is not rocket science, but sometimes a little reading nook is just enough to satisfy that familiar feeling. Give me a Rug, a vintage wicker chair, a sheepskin, and some leaning art…and we are feelin fine.



{The Painted Dessert Rug: HERE}

16 thoughts on “cozy corner

  1. THAT rug is soooooo pretty! Was that shot in your house? I had no idea it had such amazing baseboards! I LOVE me a thick baseboard. The thing I hate about moving? A new grocery store. I get so attached to my grocery stores!! Maybe have a party? Girls night cocktails by that fab pool? That might add some good energy into the new space.

  2. I am so glad to see that rug in a room setting! I have only ever seen it on Lulu & Georgia’s website and although it looks beautiful on there, it definitely looks a little different. The colors were a little different than I expected, too.

  3. So true about settling in. I remember when we moved out of the city (chicago) I couldn’t sleep because there wasn’t any noise except the creaking of the houseā€¦never thought i’d miss sirens and stomping upstairs neighbors! Good luck settling in.

  4. Hi Amber! I am a new reader of your blog and love it! Due to this blog, I have been obsessing over kilim rugs and have been collecting pics of my favorite designs, etc to get an idea of what I might ultimately want to look for if I buy one. On your blog, there is a gif (the moving pics?) for your shoppe.. there is one rug there that is designed a few ways but one that shows up just once. Can you send me more pics of that rug? It might be my absolute fave that I’ve ever seen.. insanely beautiful! Thank you!

  5. Holy baseboard porn. Yowzas. That wicker chair is aces. We had an exact one like it in my home growing up – your image immediately struck a great emotional cord. Wish I still had ours.

    Btw, I know you got a ton of props from the haters post but just wanted to add my 2 cents. Know that there are WAY more of us fans out here than haters. Keep staying true to yourself and your instincts. Your work is great and meaningful to you and to those who employ your expertise. Outside of that, it shouldn’t matter. Design is subjective. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but there are classy ways of discussing said divergence and personally attacking you is not one of them.

    A before/after of my bedroom was featured on Apt Therapy not too long ago which was torn to shreds by most commenters (much like what one of your other readers experienced). I am ok with criticism of my work b/c my design style is not for the faint of heart and is a direct reflection of my instincts, as I was the client in this case. But I was not ok with the way the haters starting attacking/name calling the editor who chose to feature my room. What was supposed to be a celebratory feature moment in my teeny tiny blog life (being approached by AT) was quickly dampened by the nastiness. So I just quit reading the comments. Didn’t even share the feature on my own blog for fear that my readers might somehow second guess my legitimacy – how freaking sad is that?! I promised myself that if I was ever the recipient of trolling behavior, I wouldn’t engage, and I didn’t. But I still felt the sting acutely. I am human, after all. Know that, while I hate that you are experiencing it, it gives me a sense of solidarity to know that someone whose work I have long admired, feels the same sting of nastiness. Frankly, I stopped commenting on your blog b/c you already get tons o love, but I still read ya every day and I have felt your pain, sister.

  6. I have had to move 30 times in 25 years as a renter. What keeps me balanced in my new homes are my same familiar things and decorating to my hearts content. It is hard to get used to a new place at first, but once you make it your own, it seems like home.

  7. I really want to add some faux sheepskin into my place for texture, but my cat and dog love any kind of fur. I have a fur throw I bring out on the coldest days. They will fight over who gets to lay on me when I am using it. I’m pretty sure, unless it was black, they’d sully it up so bad I’d be replacing it every few weeks :(

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