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May 30, 2014

thoughts may 30

1 // This outfit is on repeat. I bought these  cute shades for my trip to Mexico and they are now officially my fave. This Kimono, this tankthese shorts and vintage belt are the perfect “go to” summer style.”

2 // Well friends the Sriracha War has finally come to an end…we can all rest assured that this spicy condiment will be back on the shelves. Phew.

3 // My Pretty Pal Emily wrote a fantastic guide to LA. It touches on almost every quintessential place to go, eat, stay, shop, and even possibly spot a celeb.

4 // The Tank, The Tee, and The Dress Shirt. A guide to the essential 3 staples every timeless wardrobe should have.

5 // This Mara Hoffman Chair from Anthro is the JAM! Its fun and colorful and I can see it sitting pretty in any corner of any house. In Fact the entire “Home” collection from Lady Hoffman is pretty great.

6 // One of the many words of wisdom from the late great Maya Angelou. Here’s to a truly beautiful spirit and a life well lived!

7 // Have you all heard of the Kind Campaign? Well if not please go visit. Its a major reminder that we should all practice kindness. Its so much easier to be nice than mean. Raising a little girl, this really hits a chord.

Cheers to the weekend lovers!

  1. They make it out to be wayyyy more dramatic than it really is re: Sriracha…just like the Twinkie debacle and now they’re back with a vengeance! lol…goes to show they can’t keep a good brotha down babe!

    Happy Weekend to ya!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

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