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August 23, 2017

I have been holding on to these bad boys for waaaaay to long. This project was a cute, fun, and very quick little makeover we did for Elyse Walker of the famed clothing stores, Elyse Walker and Forward. It was so awesome getting to work with a true “Girl Boss” who means business. When she reached out, she literally said to me…”I know my time line is fast , but I make quick decisions”….and no truer words have ever been spoken. Within a week or so, we were looking at fabrics, looking through her current furniture inventory to incorporate pieces she already owned, and did some serious shopping! First stop Shoppe of course. There is such an ease to working with clients who know what they want. Elyse wanted the home to be bright, but also beachy, and eclectic. Good thing, cause thats what we do best, ha!

Anyways, take a look at the After photos below and judge how we did for yourself.









Photography by: Tessa Neustadt

ALSO take a gander at the September C Magazine spread out now!

  1. I really love the use of rugs in the master and guest bedrooms. Seems to make the rooms more homely and cosy – as well as tying in the use of different shades of colour.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful home! I really love the print of the four people diving in (fits the setting of the house so well!). Where is the picture from?


  3. I love the use of drapes behind the tub and everywhere else, can you share where you found all the French return drapery rods? I need several but can’t find them long enough.

  4. Gorgeous results for this spectacular home! Please source the pendants over the kitchen island. Any modern, good quality lighting websites you can recommend?

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