:: Life According to my iPhone ::

 Hey friends!

Sorry for my blog break..it was a week of birthdays, and photo shoots and I just got a bit busy doing life.

I am counting on you all to forgive me

Anyways, lets review my week according to my iPhone ..

G turned 4 and we had a hell of a rainbow princess party for her!


Giant Princess bouncy castles


rainbow cake with extra sugar and meth for all the kids to spaz out on


and a rainbow balloon Photo Booth with props galore.

it was a blast

My birthday came next, and I finally got a pic of me and my girl BOTH looking at the camera..

oh wait nevermind…

maybe one day!


Then I had a fancy photo shoot.

I am super excited about this one!

The mag is 2 legit to quit, and it’s the type of gig that makes your Parents and Grandparent real real proud.

I can’t spill the beans just yet so for now here is some snippets







You probably remember this project from a while ago, but it’s finally getting its debut in print!



So am I!!!

This was my superstar interior designer pose…I am going places people.

big big places!

happy weekend homies!

4 thoughts on “:: Life According to my iPhone ::

  1. Totally, 150% deserved. Out of all the “decor-decorator-bloggers” you really ARE the real freakin’ deal sister. Talent, an amazing eye, killer taste and down to earth. Huge congrats with everything!!

  2. As always, I love your design. But PLEASE tell me where you got the light gray sweater you’re wearing. It’s killing me. I need it.

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