Love It or Hate It..Monday Edition

Stumbled on this craziness and I am one part in love and one part shocked an appalled… 
I mean I get it…but do I really GET IT?

Whachoo all thank????
Can we respect this Cray Cray or is it just to Cray Cray?

15 thoughts on “Love It or Hate It..Monday Edition

  1. i think the lamp takes it one step too far. too matching purse and pumps from the eighties. i think without it – with a stooping brass number or sconces or anything else would minimize the crazy.

  2. The lamp ruins it for me. Could be an amazing concept if it was a bunk house at a lake cabin. Sort of like they used all the good parts of those old plaid blankets and ‘made do’ with what they had, devil may care sort of look. Not sure I want it in my hypothetical lake cabin bunk house, but perhaps slightly toned down, it could be simply understated and beautiful while being in your face at the same time. And somehow, that last sentence makes complete sense to me.


  3. bad BAD cray cray! It bothers me and kind of stresses me out lol. And that is just the picture. Imagine if I actually went into the room. I do think I like the paint color though. Not sure if it’s the lighting but it looks like a very pretty blue. Kind of the blue I want to paint my sons room in.

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