Nonas Cottage

So if you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen me slowly adding to the “Mom/Nona’ cottage” folder.

As life would have it I sold my house same time as my Mom bought a new house! Yipeee!

Not only is her house 4 minutes from my new house which makes it the first time in 15 years that we have lived in the same city.

BUT it also happens to be a house in need of some serious work, pretty much a total gut job.

take a guess who she has enlisted to help her out??

Little Ole Me

lord knows I love me a good gut job!

Financially it was a little better for my Mom to tackle a little bit at a time , so this weekend she got to work gutting her guest bath..

Here is some pics of the disaster…

unfortunately no one had the stomach to take any before pics…it was JUST that bad.



bye bye crappy bathroom



(don’t be alarmed folksthat’s my younger brother Ryan….not a random bearded mountain man from the Ozark mountains hiding behind the bathroom walls , like I am sure you all must have thought )


By far the best part about a gut job is you have ZERO clue what lies behind the walls once you start ripping them out. This bathroom we discovered a gem of a gem. Yeah folks, that’s incredibly drawn insanely cool outhouse wallpaper.

Yep, outhouses in every form all over the bathroom….I love me some decor with a little bit of humor, no?

Well she will swiftly be ripping it all out, but not before I take home a piece of the treasure. I have chosen my piece and it will be coming home with me to frame. No shame.


kinda weirdly amazing right???

Eventually this hot mess above will look like a hodgepodge of this below

feast yar eyes






 cottage country hippie chic

BTdubbs, Don’t forget to enter the Instagram contest!!

read about it HERE if you ain’t in the know

2 thoughts on “Nonas Cottage

  1. I absolutely love that wallpaper!! Nothing better than finding a hidden gem when tackling home improvement. And those bathrooms are divine…so peaceful. Can’t wait to see the finished result!

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