one room three ways with Anthropologie

It’s no secret that I am an Anthropologie gal through and through. It’s funny because one of my fondest memories as a tween involved Anthropologie.  When I was in the 8th grade (about 3 thousand years ago) I became obsessed with a dress I spotted in an Anthro catalogue. From the minute I laid my eyes on it I knew I had to make it mine. As most tween-agers do, I ripped the page out of the catalogue and taped it to the wall above my bed. I would stare at the waif grungy girl, modeling the dress and imagine myself in the outfit. Ya see back in the  ole’ 8th grade all I cared about was being Drew Barrymore. I chopped all my hair off, wore a fake sunflower scrunchie daily, and bought some burgundy 8 hole Doc Martens . The lacey baby-doll  with an empire waist and a tiny floral under slip was everything I needed to complete my “Girly Grunge Drew Barrymore” vibe.  I was too young to work, and couldn’t legally sell any organs, so I took up hounding my Mom. The damn dress was literally all I thought about, and so the day when my Mom caved and took me to the Anthropologie store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, will always be a fond memory of mine. Thinking back I remember being JUST as excited to be in the store as I was buying the dress.

Imagine my excitement when I fast forward to 20 years later ( just aged myself, like whoa) I am approached to work with Anthropologie!!!

 Not gonna lie.. I totally got emotional, and may have shed a little tear. It’s seriously so flattering to work with companies you admire and look up to ESPECIALLY big ones like Anthro! Anyways, we were asked to review and decorate a bedroom using their new incredible Soft -Washed Linen Bedding and  I couldn’t wait. I figured if I was gonna get the chance to work with Anthropologie, I was gonna go all out, and so we decided to do a “1 room 3 looks” style post! Same bedding in all the looks just styled a bit different.

Here was what we came up with!









Amber Interiors for Anthro Cali Cool

floor lamp // planters // linen bedding // rug // leather chair // mud cloth pillow // nesting tables








Amber Interiors for Anthro Mid Century

linen bedding // table lamp // baskets // rug // leather strap chair // books // pillows







Amber Interiors for Anthro Boho Chic

linen bedding // rug // pillows // mirrors

and there ya have it!

I am also over answering some Q & A’s over on the Anthropologie Blog. Head over if you wanna hear more!


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54 thoughts on “one room three ways with Anthropologie

    Seriously. I love every look! Cannot pick a fave. I needed bedroom inspiration in the worst way and you just totally nailed it

  2. Wow! In love with all 3! I was just wondering if you could share the source of the patterned blanket on the bed in the first look? It is so perfect!

  3. Perfection. All of them. I love the throws/quilts but don’t see them in the Shoppe or at Anthro. Sources, pretty please? Love what you do. Thank you!

  4. wow, girl you seriously just keep getting better and better… Anthro well done for chossing to work with a very clever lady. Amber i absolutely lurve it all and now want to redo my whole bedroom x

  5. Ok….so I always swing by your blog but never comment but felt like I needed to today…I can so relate to wanting to be like Drew Barrymore by the way! Your work is out of this world! Seriously! I am beyond inspired by your line for Anthro and just wanted to congratulate you! It is beautiful! Nicole

  6. Sooooo cool. The rooms, the vibe, the anthro. They have such great taste — glad to see they are in good company :)

    PS: I was right there with you on the vintage slip + doc martens look. Hawt!

  7. Oh I am a bit jealous today.. you were so creative and active in 8th grade :D (I am an all time shy and introvert personality). Well, I like the Boho Chic idea. It just loved the overall setting… the green natural touch, subtle colors and that colorful textile. But they all are good :)

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  9. I love the boho chic look. I have the white linen duvet cover and I want to add more to my bed. Where can I find he blue coverlet thats on the bed?

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  11. Side note: First look is my favorite. I’m actually interested in the basics–the duvet cover and other basic bedding. Linen? Ivory? Cream? Brand? Thank you!

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  15. I follow you on Instagram and am so inspired by you! Being a Cali girl myself, I am obsessed with the first look! Where can I find end tables like those? They look vintage. I am also curious where you found the mud cloth? I have found some but they are very busy- I’ve been searching for one that is a little more sparse. I really like the one pictured here. Thanks!

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