Project: Cupcakes { powder bath }


Just like with Project Cupcakes Kitchen, I have had to wait an eternity to show you the most beauteous of beautiful powder baths you ever did see.  We are talkin’ Dalai Lama level patience to not show everyone and anyone pictures of this beautiful little jewel box of a bathroom. I am so glad the time has finally come for the big reveal, and lets just say this little powder bath is maybe (positively ) the best little powder bath I ever did see.

( in my humble opinion )

check it….


PowderRoomAfter2 PowderRoomAfter3 PowderRoomCloseup

All images shot by Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere

Talk about a Before and After!

Here is a short and sweet description of what we did and why….

WALLPAPER: Em and G really wanted to make a statement in this perfect little powder bath. We searched for wallpapers that would be as impactful as possible and not something we may have already seen before. Because Pinterest is a magical unicorn, and has the power to unlock even the most buried of treasures, we were able to stumble onto this wallpaper…and the rest was history. Is it possible to even say that the pictures don’t do it justice??  In the flesh it looks like an oil painting… its “Bonkers Good” for lack of a better phrase.

VANITY & FAUCET: Well you saw the kitchen and its dose of purty brass hardware!  Since we were so stoked with how that turned out and because this little powder bath happens to be right off the kitchen, we decided to stick with the brass finishes in this room as well!!!  We wanted to stick to a budget and finding antique brass, marble top vanities for our price point was literally impossible.  We decided to go the plating route again for the vanity legs and faucet. We headed to Restoration Hardware and purchased the “Gramercy” vanity and the “Sutton” faucet since we loved the shape. We took it to our local plating company and specified the finish to be the same as what we used in the kitchen. The end result was just fabulous. I think doing any other metal other than brass on this dark and saturated paper would have been doing it a disservice.

LIGHTING: School House Electric is a “go-to” lighting source for me. I have used them numerous times in the past, including my own bathroom remodel.  I wanted the lighting to feel a little traditional, but a little retro as well…so we chose the “Princeton” (traditional) and the “Isaac” (retro). The combination makes me happy!

I am pretty pumped as you can see and am so pleased with the result. It’s just so fancy!!!

more pics on Cupcakes and Cashmere blog


Wallpaper: Ellie Cashman “Dark Floral” HERE

Mirror: CB2 “Tork” mirror HERE 

Lighting: Schoolhouse Electric HERE + HERE

Customized Restoration Hardware “Gramercy”  Vanity with dipped brass legs

Faucet: Restoration Hardware’s “Sutton” Collection

Vase: Johnathan Adler HERE

Toilet Paper Holder: House of Antique Hardware HERE


99 thoughts on “Project: Cupcakes { powder bath }

  1. Oh my lawd! That is incredible! I’ve seen that wallpaper (on Pinterest, natch), and have been wanting to see it used in a real space. It’s incredible! Nicely done, ma’am!

  2. Holy Crap on a Cracker!!! That is the most STUNNING bathroom!! I’m dying, pure and unadulterated dying over that wallpaper… and the brass touches are just perfection. WOW. Seriously, there aren’t words. Amazing job!! xxx

  3. Oh my….I would dine, live, and sleep in that powder room. I’ve had that paper pinned for so long but didn’t know the source.
    And I need an overhead sconce that doesn’t suck and this one is a gem.
    Homerun, lady!!

  4. This is over-the-top good. So SO good. The wallpaper is dreamy. The sink / faucet / mirror combination is just as dreamy. Pinning away now.

    I love this trend of wallpapering powder rooms. We live in a small house and our “powder room” is actually our one and only full bathroom but that didn’t stop me from covering the whole dang thing in wallpaper too. At risk of sounding like a twit, here’s our bathroom remodel progress. We covered the walls in giant ostriches… a paper by Beware the Moon.

  5. Beautiful !!! Question – since you papered all of the walls in this room is it best to let the paper act as the “art work” and not hang anything else on the walls (minimalist). Or what would you suggest for future pieces? Or could you just add brass artifacts only (I.e. cross, scroll works, etc.). Just curious. Love your design styles!!

  6. Awesome! What did you do with the old vanity? It doesn’t work in this bathroom maybe, but it’s actually pretty cool – did you save it?

  7. funny! when i saw the wallpaper i instantly thought perfect for our bath in Amsterdam! it looks so dutch…then reading the description its based on paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. the whole room is perfection amber

  8. Wow Amber this turned out AMAZING!! When I designed this wallpaper I was really thinking accent wall, but I think I’ve now been converted to total immersion in a small space. I’m so happy the ceiling worked out!! This powder room is really its own little world!! :)))) Inspiring to see what you did with it!! Thank you so much for sharing your vision, your work and your kind words. x Ellie

    • Ellie, I am so glad you like what we did!!! Your paper is just beyond gorgeous! It’s easy making any space beautiful with your creations! Looking forward to working with you again soon.

  9. Wowww. What a visionary you are … And how incredible that it’s different from other stuff you have done. All of your work is incredible but this is my favorite thus far ;) beautiful and unique. Go you!!!

  10. If there was a way to express how I feel about what you did with the bath fixtures, it could be summed up as the following….. those fixtures make me so happy that I would gladly slap Rush Limbaugh and spend a week in jail simply to see this bathroom in person :)

    Enuf said…..

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  30. Hi Amber! Quick question for you, what finish did you select that toilet paper holder in from house of antique hardware? Your finish is the exact color I’m looking for but I can’t tell if it’s polished brass, antique brass, or PVD? I’d really appreciate your help so I don’t end up paying return costs if it’s the wrong color!

    Thank you!

  31. Hi Amber – I have just purchased this wallpaper to use as an accent wall in my dining room. The living room and dining room are an open concept, so everything flows together. What color would you recommend I pain the rest of the area to compliment this wallpaper? I can’t do anything dark because the room doesn’t get much sunlight. Would really appreciate your help and opinion.

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