Shiz I learned from Pinterest

April 29, 2013

Its time for another round of “Shiz I learned from Pinterest


this salad is everything….everything I tell you!


why not wrap some old milk bottles with twine and neon rope?? It will add cuteness to just about any old shelf.


I NEED to make this happen in someones home.

I could see this hexagon wall treatment done on a bathroom wall in luei of tiles!!!

Super Duper creative shiz = maj designer brownie points for me!


I need a round window in my life….and so do you.

square windows are just way to “edgy”

HEY, and speaking of things everybody needs…...Pinterest reminded my that I need



 I could design a whole house around it

 and lastly….in the theme of adding dark..I want a black painted room

Call me crazy but I actually think in some cases it BRIGHTENS the space..


caitlin creer


 what say you?

do you follow me on Pinterest? 

you should

  1. Of course I follow you on Pinterest…I stalk you everywhere. Except when you were in Dallas obviously…bc my ass was out of town!! I want a black room too…you do it first and tell us how it goes. 🙂

  2. I recently painted my powder room a color I call coal. It definitely raised the tiny space’s cool quotient! Unfortunately the room is so small that I’m having trouble taking decent photos, so I’m procrastinating and have not shared it on my blog yet. But I tell you … you will love it if you go for it!

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