Spotlight on Designer: Jessica Helgerson

I am pretty sure I have confessed my undying love for designer Jessica Helgerson and her crazy skills at being so versatile in her designs…which I truly believe is what gives interior designers the ultimate “staying power” in this business.

I received this email in my inbox last week and have not been able to shake how awesome this space is!






(btw.. look to shoppe soon for some custom furniture and pillows that look very similar)


the art installation is killer!


the way she uses color is incredible…don’t you agree?



you can get a similar rug here!

BLARGHHHHHH I die!  She’s so damn talented!

go peep more of her mad wont regret it

7 thoughts on “Spotlight on Designer: Jessica Helgerson

  1. I love the use of vibrant colors! My favorite is the purple and red wall colors. Most people are afraid to use bright colors for walls…what a difference it makes! Thanks for sharing some amazing inspirational pictures.

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