Studio Kitchenette

September 11, 2014

Moving shop from the cluttered dining room of my home to our new studio has been A LOT of work. I joke often about being a hoarder, but this move has made it more apparent than ever!! I don’t know about you guys, but having a tidy and organized space is probably the best feeling ever. I tend to let things get crazy messy before I really go nuts and clean up. In this new space I am vowing to change this!!

We are aiming for a “clean as we go, all clean, all the time” goal because working in an organized space just feels good. It’s nearly impossible to focus or be creative amidst a mess and chaos. I am much more efficient when I don’t have to worry about whipping my office into shape. Finally getting the chance to put things in their designated spaces, like dishes and cups, gives me that small sense of accomplishment and peace of mind that it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it any more. I think it’s important to have a sense of control over your environment and to take pride in your space and keep it clean and organized. What’s even more amazing is that miraculously my stress levels are returning to a manageable level… In fact I am feeling quite calm!! I guess organizing will do that to me.

I’ve partnered with Scotch Brite to share a peek of our new kitchenette! It’s been fun fixing up the joint and the tiny kitchenette is one of our favorite spots. The fresh coat of white paint, the pretty oak countertop, pastel pretty dishes and trinkets, and an organized mini bar are all the ingredients to a #cleanfeelsgood moment lovers! Am I right?! Check out what we did in my studios little kitchenette.











“What’s your Clean Feels Good moment like? Share your moment using #cleanfeelsgood and #sweeps on Instagram with @ScotchBrite_3M to be entered for a chance to win.”

**This post was written in sponsorship with Scotch Brite**

  1. Love this! Could you tell me where you bought the white hexagon ceramic tray for the whiskey, etc? It’s perfect! Thanks 🙂

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