// Take it or Leave it //


lets review..and then discuss

















what say you lovers….which rooms would you take or leave?

21 thoughts on “// Take it or Leave it //

  1. I’ll take 3, 5, 7 & 8. They look so relaxed and put together without trying too hard. I would definitely place the 1st photo in the “leave it” category because I am so over chevron, except when it’s a old hardwood floor. Plus it’s way too dark for me. As for #2, 4 & 6. They need a bit of tweaking for me in order to “take it”.

  2. 1,2,7 – take, plus the rug in 3 and the bedspread/throws in 3, 4 & 8.
    and the painting in 5.
    and the chair in 8 too…..
    love this segment, thanks!

  3. Take 1,2,3,8. I hate the Love Me sign above the bed. It’s just to me atypical of everything Kardashian. 2 is a bit busy for me, but it’s got a great traditional spin on Boho I like! 3 has a Morrocan vibe with modern glam touches I appreciate. 8 looks like a nonchalant but stylish space to sleep and get shit done in. I can picture the whole house that goes with it and it’s comfortable but chic, which is always in style!

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