Amber Interiors X Kohler – New Office Bathroom

As you know, we are now in our new office and retail space in Calabasas and are absolutely loving it!

We had a ton of remodeling and renovating to do prior to us being able to move in, so gutting and re-designing the space was super fun. I had an easy time landing on what I wanted the theme for the main spaces to be. Because of the lack of natural light I went with white and natural wood tones in the main spaces to keep it bright and airy. I had a harder time however deciding what I wanted to do in the bathroom and kitchen.  All I knew is that I wanted to change it up a little and do something a bit different that didn’t feel to removed from the rest of the space. Do I keep it white and crisp, or do I “push the boat out a bit” and break out of my comfort zone??? Well….I decided to really go for it and chose an all black earthing approach. I used my “Mali” wallpaper as the inspo and the Kohler “Purist” faucet in brushed gold as the accents and went for it!! I am kinda obsessed with what we all dub as the “Disco room.” A big thank you to Kohler for their support and sponsorship of this post!

Here is the result!


Office Bathroom - Before

So as you can see this bathroom needed a lot of loving! Due to the new layout of our space we had to move the door to the wall directly across from the toilet. We then covered two of the walls with brick tile which were painted a glossy black and used my wallpaper for the other two walls. We picked a really cool, funky tile to use on the floor to give a little edginess to the space.  Then came the amazing Kohler products.  I love it all, but like I said I am totally digging their amazing Purist faucet in the vibrant moderne brushed gold. Isn’t it insanely cool?!


Amber Interiors - Kohler - 1

Amber Interiors - Kohler - 2

Amber Interiors - Kohler - 3

Amber Interiors - Kohler - 4

Amber Interiors - Kohler - 5

Amber Interiors - Kohler - 6

Amber Interiors - Kohler - 7

Soho 20″ x 18″ wall-mount/concealed bathroom sink - color: white

Purist Widespread bathroom sink faucet with low cross handles and low gooseneck spout - color: vibrant moderne brushed gold

Adjustable P-trap with tubing outlet - color: vibrant moderne brushed gold

Wellworth Two-piece round-front 1.28 gpf toilet – color: white

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“crushing on” – concrete

I’m really vibing on all things concrete right now and came across some pretty rad ways to use it within your home. I have also just installed concrete counters in the new Shoppe, and am LOVING them!

Take a look at these sweet ways others have used concrete and tell me what y’all think…are you digging it as much as me?!

Crushing on - Concrete concrete floors + countertop | concrete fireplace | concrete stairs | concrete bath panel | concrete outdoor bench | concrete vanity | concrete coffee table | concrete countertop


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a builder grade bathroom transformation with Lowe’s

So remember that time I flew to Raleigh to do a cool little project with Lowe’s?! Well…it’s finally time to show y’all what we created! I joined a couple of other talented ladies and we were each challenged to design and renovate a builder grade bathroom for under $1,000! We show you how to take a standard bathroom and make it into something special each in our own fun video. Take a look at my video and photos below showing how to transform your bathroom to get a more rustic modern feel.

Youtube link here.

You can also check out my video and the other videos on Lowe’s website here.


Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 19

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 17

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 9

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 21

//THE PROCESS// Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 16

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 18

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 13

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 15

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 14

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 7

//AFTER// Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 1

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 3

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 2

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 6

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 20

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 5

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 8

Amber Interiors - Lowe's - Bathroom Transformation 11

Items needed to upgrade your bathroom all for under $1,000!

All items can be found on Lowe’s:

//The vanity and mirror//

wood (for vanity top) // paint (HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn Interior Eggshell) // L brackets // liquid nails // silicone //  towel bars // sink // faucet // wood (for mirror) // 3m strips // light

//Rope shelves//

wood // rope // dowel // pipe // flange // cap fitting // paint (Valspar Interior Eggshell Paint – Ultra White)

//Towel pegs//

wood // pegs // paint (Valspar Interior Eggshell Paint – Ultra White)

//Other items//

curtain // wall planks

** This was a sponsored collaboration with Lowe’s Home Improvement, so I was compensated for my time and effort.  I truly appreciate the support from my sponsors as it allows me to continue creating original and new content for you to read. Many Thanks!**

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The time is finally here!

I’ve been running around like a loon trying to get everything together for the opening of our new brick and mortar and guess what?? It’s time, it’s time, it’s finally freakin‘ time for the Shoppe opening tomorrow and I couldn’t be any more excited for it!! It is also my B-day, and because I have a rotten memory, I figured I should do a monumental thing on a date I can kinda remember. Literally, this was my exact motive. Anyways, if you live in the area, and have been craving a cool store in the VAL then come check us out over in good ol’ town Calabasas. I am totally nervous and petrified that you guys might throw rotten apples at me, or like boo and hiss at me from the window…but it is a risk I am willing to take!

You can find us at:

23528 Calabasas Road Suite A

Calabasas, CA 91302

between the hours of:

10-6pm on Tuesdays thru Fridays


9-5pm on Saturdays

Any questions? Give us a ring at (747) 226-3898

Can’t wait to see some of your pretty faces!

Shoppe Opening

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5 DIYs I’d Like to Try

I am loving these DIY’s y’all….and even though I have given up on the idea of having any extra time to actually do them, I can at least admire from afar. And hopefully you guys get your “do it yo’ damn self” on!

//1// giant macrame rope light

5 DIYs I'd Like to Try - 09.11 - 1

via Vintage Revivals 

//2// hanging bookshelf 

5 DIYs I'd Like to Try - 09.11 - 2

via Life Hack

//3// hanging mirror

5 DIYs I'd Like to Try - 09.11 - 3

via Sugar and Cloth

//4// stump side table

5 DIYs I'd Like to Try - 09.11 - 4

via Sugar and Cloth

//5// modern yarn hanging

5 DIYs I'd Like to Try - 09.11 - 5 via Homey Oh My!


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bar cart essentials

Happy Labor Day weekend!

I will be nursing one hell of a head cold, so no getting tanked for me, but I put together some pretty additions to add to your bar cart. This way you can get sloppy and your cart can stay on fleek!

Chin chin!

Amber Interiors - Bar Cart Essentials

bar cart // stemless wine glass // cocktail shaker // moscow mule mug // coasters // bowl // bottle opener // ice mold

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DIY: credenza

Wait…can we please take a moment to discuss how in the heck it is already September…SEPTEMBER Y’ALL!! It’s crazy how fast the days are going by…Speaking of September, it is indeed the month that we as a little family have the most events of the entire year. G is turning 6, I am turning 21 again…The Duck and I will be celebrating 9 years of marriage and the SHOPPE is finally and actually freakin’ opening. Oh and did I mention all of this is happening in the midst of 3 client installs…no biggie. I’ll sleep when I am dead

Anywayz…I posted a pic of my new office over on the ol’ Instagram about a week ago and got a lot of questions and feedback about the floating credenza. So, I decided to whip y’all up a little DIY, so you lovelies can create one just like it for your own diggity digs or office offices! Happy hump day y’all!

Amber Interiors - DIY - Credenza inspo pics: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

diy supplies:

1 // Sektion – Top cabinet for fridge w/2 doors, white, Ringhult white from Ikea

2 // Sektion – suspension rail from Ikea

3 // Contact Cement – can be found online or at any home improvement store

4 // Natural oak wood top or whatever wood you prefer!

 The best tutorial I read was from Brick House, but she used the older style of ikea kitchen cabinets which are no longer available…. Use the Sektion Style instead!

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This just in…..what a house!

So remember like when I  totally like talked like about like THIS amazing interior design Alexander Design like???? Well, dudes, lovers, gentle ladies…….did you happen to catch her home tour over on Domaine home shot by my homey Tessa Nuedstadt..

Well if you haven’t…..go on then


















Good is an understatement

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New Client Roundup

As we start to wrap up the rest of our clients that I previously introduced to you here, I thought it high time I fill y’all in on just a couple of our new ones! We are basically drowning in werk at present time and the focus is to do our best to keep cranking out new and really really good looking design.

Let me introduce you to the following

Firstly, meet #clientZtotheEtotheN. In a nutshell, this newly engaged couple are a pair of young hip hotties who want to create there own little zen den.  They just purchased a rad house in Venice with a crazy amazing rooftop that looks over the great grand pacific ocean friends. I will be furnishing and decorating their entire place ground up with a few remodels thrown into the mix. Their vibe is a fusion of california eclectic, laid back, bohemian, and a little beachyness… speciality!

Amber Interiors - New Client Roundup - 8.26

Next up,  let me introduce you to #clientsanfrantotesmyjam. We’re branching out of the LA/Orange County scene and will be designing this cute couple’s house up in San Francisco! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you may have seen a couple weeks back that me and my ride or die Bridgid took a quick trip up to San fran. Well if you missed that post, get your eyes over to see the splendor! This house is something else y’all and has one killer yard with some beautiful oak trees and the best pup I ever did meet named “Homer”. The house will be worked on in a couple of stages and I can’t wait to see the end result. Their vibe will be an easy going, mod-hippie, with an eclectic and collected mix.  Amber Interiors - New Client Roundup 2 - 8.26 copy copy all images can be found here

 So there ya go lovers. Happy Hump Day

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Noteworthy: Yay or Nay-Nay ….a little house

 I am not that hip…let’s be honest. I can pretend I am though, because I work in an office full of 25 year olds who by far keep me ” in the know” with what all the cool kids are doing.

I guess these tiny houses are real, and I am on the fence. And when I am on the fence I ask myself one and only one crucial question…. is there enough room to whip or nay nay???

What say you…? ?

One Tiny Tiny Home -1

One Tiny Tiny Home -2

One Tiny Tiny Home -3

One Tiny Tiny Home -4

One Tiny Tiny Home -5

One Tiny Tiny Home -6



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