// Friday Thoughts on Things //

Wanna know something stupid?? On thanksgiving I am hosting 27 adults and 3 children at my house. If you want to know what I will be doing this weekend, it will mainly involve me sitting in a corner, fetal position, rocking back and forth, repeating over and over, “I can do this, I can do this, I will survive, I have faith in humanity” etc.

Normally, I would plan on getting drunk for the 7 days up until Thanksgiving and then getting 10x more drunk ON thanksgiving. However, here is a fun fact, I actually can’t get drunk at all even if I try. Seriously, it’s the strangest and saddest thing and its all kinda new. I try to drink all sorts of things. Tequilla, vodka, wine, lighter fluid, cough syrup…nothing works. Rose’ does on occasion, but it’s not consistent and just ends up giving me a headache. Seems stupid for me to be telling you all this, but I wonder if this happens to anyone else? Isn’t this so weird??

I guess the perk would be that I can eliminate the calories from my diet….but at this point I have yet to see a difference in the missing alcohol calories. HA!Anyways, lets talk about other thoughts I have had on things this week.


1// SERIAL!!! Have you guys heard of this podcast yet? Serial-ously it’s addicting beyond addicting. I have been going to sleep listening, and all I want to do all day long is listen to this damn podcast and ignore life. It sort of makes me want to exercise so I can mindlessly walk on the treadmill and listen to Serial. Get the info HERE

2// Working on picking colors for my Wallpaper collab with Studio Four NYC. It won’t be out until Feb 2015, but I am crazy excited about it!

3// What do we think about a Geo Cardigan? I like THIS one, but is it in or out?

4//THESE pillows belong on sofas all over the land. Snag yourself one.

5// If you missed it, Furbish had a really good “Pop Up Shop” with Artist Kindah Khalidy. I am thinking I need this, this, and this;p piece.

6//While I have a deep-rooted issue with the word “SMEG” , I appreciate the product. Especially these cute little toasters in a slew of colors. They are now selling them at West Elm which is having a 20% off sale on a bunch of stuff. X-mas shopping a go-go!

7// THIS article about negative comments on design and decor websites is a super interesting read. All I wanna know is “can’t we all just get along?”

8// This floor DIY is super clever. Have some ugly linoleum?? Slap some geometric wood on that bitch and all is right with the world.

!!Happy Friday lovers!!

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+ 5 trends I aint mad at +

I love wracking my brain to think of 5 trends I ain’t mad at. It’s actually pretty hard to tell ya the truth.

I could and should do a post of the 5 trends I AM mad at… I could go all day with that one.


// 1// 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

Tell me, what 5 trends are you mad at??

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++ just some things ++

It’s here again lovers. Monday

We finally have a little chill happening here in So Cal. And by chill, I mean a freezing 72 degrees with some winds. Hey, given the fact that October was basically August, I’ll take any drop in the temperature and be happy about it. I have finally been able to rock a sweater and jeans. Here is my go to fall essentials of the moment.









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:: noteworthy :: Gothenburg

Hey! This weekend was amazing but like always, it went fast and I have a case of the Mondays. In a minute I am gonna show you a house tour that you may or may not have already seen…but before I do anything, can we PLEASE talk about the fact that I went to the Mall this weekend and it was already covered in X-Mas paraphernalia …

It’s November 10th dudes……cant I get a little Turkey day excited first before Christmas gets shoved in my face!! Like Jingle bells playing, and wreaths hanging down with twinkly lights and shit everywhere.


Does, Anyone else think that the decorations and christmas crap go up earlier and earlier every year? Am I right or am I wrong?

Anyways, enough angry ranting for one Monday morning, lets get back to the program.

Home Tour Drool Time…








gothenburg12v2 images via here


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// What I be Pinnin’

When I was a tween, I used to spend hours and hours making collages of torn out pages from magazines. G is starting to really dig crafts, and although she is not a tween, I am constantly trying to get her to show interest in making a collage with me so that I can get in on that action and relive some of my younger years. Well, since she has little (read NO) interest in collaging, and since I spend the majority of my life on Pinterest I figured I would get my rocks off by making a collage of whats vibing with all the projects I am currently pinning for.


Lets call it the “Amber Interiors design collage look inside behind the scenes hey girl hey” collage.

follow along with me on Pinterest HERE if you don’t already!

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top ten : Bar & Counter stools

I have been on the hunt for barstools/counter stools lately.

I have wrapped up my faves for the inter-web for your perusal.

browse away lovers, browse away


++ 1 ++ 2 ++ 3 ++ 4 ++ 5 ++ 6 ++ 7 ++ 8 ++ 9 ++ 10 ++

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* friday thoughts on things *



1 // Been jamming out to the new Alt-J record. The whole album is swell, but I have “Every Other Freckle” on repeat.

2// X-mas decorations…already? Is it just me or does christmas seem to pop up earlier and earlier each year?? Good thing this is my FAVE time of year, and I am a shop-aholic, so these gorgeous ornaments from OKL don’t bother me one bit!

3// THIS Little tote is calling my name, and who am I to deny its desire to be my new fall bag? C’mon, that would just be rude.

4//Different day, different bootie. THESE bad boys are about as great as they get.

5// I did a little interview with L.A. Magazine !! Apparently I am making the valley “chic”. If you live in LA you know this is quite the feat, but I am trying my darndest, and taking my new title seriously!

6// One of my fave design firms Commune just popped out a little book full of eye candy. The cover is perf for your coffee table!

7//Hair Scrub?? What the hell is hair scrub? This is what I asked exactly, and then bought it….and now I ask myself , hey hair scrub, where have you been all my life?

8// Stumbled on these 15 slow cooker soup recipes, and as soon as this inferno know as Souther California cools down, i’ll be getting my soup on!

Happy Halloween Lovers. Be safe out there in the land of spooksters!

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Nona’s Cottage Kitchen Remodel


Everyone who know me knows I LOVE me a kitchen remodel. Its the most gratifying thing to knock crusty old cabinets down, and modernize the space with new layout, new tile, appliances, colors etc.  Since we are renting at the moment while we search for the perfect next house, I have made it a habit to remodel everyone else’s kitchens so I could get my fix!

You may remember when I worked with Lowes on my Moms (or G’s Nona) backyard a couple months ago. Well, because Lowe’s is amazing and we got along swimingly, when I showed them a picture of the inside of the house, they decided it was only fair that I re-do  my Mom’s dated kitchen and whip it in to shape.  Both my Mom and I could not be more grateful and excited to knock out the old dingy yuck box that was this cottage kitchen, and build a new shiny and bright cottage inspired kitchen.

Here is what I am working with and the grand master plan!!


Kitchen Remodel Before and After

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

So as you can see. D. I. N. G. Y

The house itself has a cute little cottage style about it. So when I sat down with my Mom to ask her what she wanted her new kitchen to look like, she was into the modern country vibe. Think shaker style cabinets, white subway tile, oil rubbed bronze hardware, and some butcher block. We made a Pinterest board to help coral all of our thoughts and ideas.
Here is some highlights of what we pinned…
image via
Image Via
When coming up with the design scheme it was easy to find a LOT of the items in stock at Lowe’s which made the process like 2 million times easier. Plus Lowe’s had tons of samples of tile, and countertops etc. in store that we could easily shop from.
So here is the layout we were working with. I wanted to give the appearance that the fridge was built in and move the stove to where my mom had some counter space to spread out and cook.  We also needed to add an area to sit and grub, so I extended the cabinetry to the floor so that we could create a little built-in banquette nook.  The corner where I put the banquette was a little dark so we are adding a window to let in more natural light and help balance out that long wall with the front of the house.
There is a lot to do , and besides the countertops and floors, my Mom and Grandpa are tackling all the labor. Which is so admirable and I love the fact that there is literally blood sweat and tears in this project.
I will be giving you some progress shots next and then the obvious big fat “after” reveal.
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before & after// Dr. Client Clients!!

Holy WOW brown cow now now, its that time!

What time you say??  THE TIME!! 

 The time for the best part about this blog.  The magic show we all know as the Before & After post!! The post where we can scrutinize the before and then “ooooh and awwwwww” at the after.

I think I do better when I don’t try to intro to much and let the pics do the talking.

so without any more jibber jabber


















































all after photos by Tessa Neustadt

Pretty dramatic, no???

So much was changed and I could not be happier with the way it turned out!

And, if you missed it and want to read a little more about the project, it was featured over on Domaine yesterday.

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+ life according to my iPhone +

Its been a while since I checked what was going on in my life, via my phone. That is pretty much the only way I can keep track of all the whirlwind weeks that seem to fly by. Wake, Mom, Work, Mom, Sleep, Wake, Mom, Work, Sleep, make this lady a happy but forgetful lady.

Lets peep the scene through my iPhone screen

OK so first up, I finally got around to having Dr. Client Clients house shot by a pro photographer and I was lucky enough to work with Ms. Tessa Neustadt. She is a magical wizard worker behind the lens and I couldn’t be more happy with the photos. I plan on posting a full reveal “before and after”real soon! Like maybe today on Domaine Home (wink wink)




Then I went and visited a bunch of  my job sites and the running theme is ridiculously awesome doors!

Client Awesome got some


and Client Sandy Castles is getting some.


BTW I realize I have yet to properly introduce you all to Client Sandy Castles. We are still designing away and have little to show yet, however I am lucky enough to be working with the crazy talent architect Eric Olson. He is an amazingly talented fella and I can’t wait to show you this pretty project in its entirety…

Client Freaking Fabulous is not quite done yet. We delivered her enormous and beautiful custom couch AND laid out some bathroom Tile for her guest bathroom!!



Then I went shopping for clients galore because everyone is a winner in this situation.







And since the Duck has been out of town for the past 10 days, I have been relishing in my quality time with G. MAN I love her so much and it’s a love that officially gets deeper and deeper everyday.


she rock climbs, and trampoline bungee jumps….because she is a freakin bad ass!



Well, there ya have it!

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