Friday thoughts on things: 1/15/15




1. We have booked a ski trip in February, so I am shopping for snow related items. I have always wanted a pair of these bad boys, soooo I got me some.

2. Loving this cute little coat rack! The colors mixed with black and bras are pretty adorable.

3. The Tangent Notebooks will provide a stylish place for you to rage about life, or just jot down some to-do’s

4. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple pairs of these jeggings. Flattering and comfy….not to mention  on sale with a buy 1 get one 50% off deal!

5.I am gonna give this book a try. Anything to ease my crazy a bit, I will give a go!

6. I Spy DIY made these cute little DIY coffee cups. On the list of “DIY’s I’d like to try)

7. Can anyone say “Peanut Butter Banana Coffee Shake“. How can this be anything but amazing and worthy of trying out the recipe yo self.

8. I have my eyes on some pastel bedding for a couple of clients. I am crushing on this amethyst linen bedding from West Elm, as well as their other pastel color offerings. It’s such an easy way to breathe some fresh air into the bedroom! (image via here)

happy Friday lovers!

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Glossy Gloss: Good HouseKeeping

I was contacted a while back by the sweet folks over at Good Housekeeping mag about publishing Dr. Client Clients Pad… I said yeah! and it came out yesterday!

Peep the article and support a sister and go grab one for shiggle’s






all photos by the lovely and uber talented Tessa Neustadt

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Loo Lust

I am finding myself pinning bathrooms all day errrday lately. I think that’s because we have been remodeling them like crazy over here at AID. In my constant search for the perfect Loo I have stumbled on quite a few that I love, and in my opinion the best of the world-wide web lately according to my Pinterest

In no particular order, some of my faves


#1 The Country Clean Vibe


(image House and Home )


#2:: Parisian Industrial Vibe


(image Life.Style.Etc)


#3: Simple & Perfect Vibe


(image Style-Files)

What about you….what Loo Rooms are you vibing on??

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top 10: Side Tables

Happy 2nd week of 2015. Anybody sticking to their resolutions so far? I chose NOT to make any this year, but to just try to live a more thoughtful life with more purpose and intention.  So far its been going great! I am hoping that I can make more time for the blog, but I am giving myself a break if I don’t blog everyday or comment to every reader question or email. My intention is to do the best I can,and my goal is to cut out time each week for this special place…. so may the force be with me.

OK, Enough talk about “life stuff” and more talk about side tables….Duh!

I have wrapped up 10 amazing ones below.

// #1 // #2// #3 // #4 // #5 // #6 // #7 // #8 // #9 // #10 //

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5 Trends I aint mad At 2015!!

I am baaaaaack!!! What a radical vacay that was. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything special…and it was perfect. Absolutely just what I needed to do to get my head back in the game after a seemingly endless year of non stop work. I spent most of the time thinking about work and the projects I have coming up, but because I was in vacay mode, it seemed a LOT less stressful and way more fun!

Wanna know what else was fun?? Thinking about whats gonna be going on this year in design. What are the trends that will go and what are the trends that will stay?

I have some thoughts about the trends I can’t wait to see vanish into being “so last year”. I will refrain from spilling my opinions on you, even though I know I shouldn’t be so annoying and should just unleash on a rampage of  bashing trendy stuff all day, but ya know…boundries and stuff. Anyways, here are a few design trends I wouldn’t mind sticking around in 2015….


What say you lovers?

++ one ++ two ++ three ++ four ++ five ++

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2014 in review

Hey there!! As amazing as the year 2014 has been for me, I am ready as ever to wrap this year up and start a fresh 2015. I am excited to see what the next year will be like. Where will I travel??  What will G do different and how much will she mature?? What will happen with my business and how big will it grow, or if it will grow?? Will my family expand?? Will we finally find a new house?? So many unanswered questions, but so many beautiful and inspiring possibilities!

Looking back on 2014 I could never have imagined all the great stuff that happened, nor could I have imagined all the struggles behind the scenes that went on either. It was a big year of adjustment for me and my family and a big year of adjustment for my biz. I feel like I have learned the most lessons in running my business in 2014 and have become pretty confident of what parts of my business I would like to change in 2015 and what parts work just great. As crazy as this sounds the beauty has been in the struggle because the mistakes I have made, I will be sure to not let happen twice and the achievements I have made, make me more driven.

It’s always eye-opening to look back at your year, and its times like this I am the most thankful for this blog because I have a place to document it all. I will have a place to show what was going on in my life with G when she is older, and even remind myself of what happened year by year.

Join me as I take a goosey gander at the year 2014 for moi!


Started the Year off with a cool “bang” and was featured in Sunset Magazine!!

photo-2-copy photo-1-copy



photo-4 photo-5


This project was such a labor of love. I am so proud of what it has evolved to be. Seriously, its become such a killer Hollywood event space and I am so fortunate I was able to help with its major transformation. Read full post HERE








images by Zeke Ruelas


This fun little collab was so wonderful. I was able to help this adorable couple make their first house a home and gain a  sweet friend in the process. Read posts HEREHERE, and HERE

beforeafterCCkitchenislandpost beforeafterCCkitchenislandpost6



 images by: Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere


I felt like I remodeled a bunch of bathrooms this year. This one was a fave



Then I FINALLY tried to make my temporary rental house a little bit better…HERE.  I still can’t stand this house and am counting down the seconds until I finally score a new pad, but until then…this room will do.




I was offered a couple of amazing opportunities to work with sponsors on my blog. It was a big deal for me because I struggled with allowing for this to happen, but in the end I have been thrilled with all the companies I have worked with. A major sponsor Lowe’s,  helped me get my Mom’s place into shape. Because I love my Mama so much I was able to take her new little house and help her make it the perfect Nona cottage she has always wanted. You can read more about it HERE and HERE but see the pretty pics below.









Images from Amber Interiors

I also worked with Anthropologie On making over one room in three different ways. Read the full post HERE




THEN the biggest adjustment of the year was when I decided on a whim to get my ass an office space and start acting like a big girl. I was scared and I was excited and in the end I am so glad I made the move. It’s literally changed the game for me. Full post HEREHEREHERE and HERE. I also gave a little interview over on LA Mag about it all. P.S.: I just realized I never gave a FULL office reveal….Add it to the list of “goals” in 2015!





I have been lucky enough to start on some really amazing jobs with some super great new clients. Client Freaking Fabulous is one of those fantastic clients whom I can’t WAIT to show you some final images in 2015. You can read more about what we have done thus far HERE, HERE, and HERE






I also said goodbye to an old house I decorated for Client Awesome HERE, and am working away on the brand new Client Awesome Chapter 2 house.. I have no real pics to show yet since it’s still a work in progress, but its gonna be real real gooood! Lets re-visit what the old place looked like.








I started and completed a huge remodel and decorating job in Santa Monica CA. I was so pleased with the way it turned out. The clients were/are incredible and the work/client relationship was pretty great. I wrote the full “before and after” post HERE and Domiane home also featured the house HERE.









Images: Tessa Neustadt

I started and will be debuting a line of Wallpaper I designed with Studio Four in NYC. It officially hits the market in February 2015 and I hope you guys like it as much as I do!!


I am also slated to have a project or two featured in some more glossy mags next year. This will never get old BTW, and I am still just as giddy when I see my work or name anywhere, but especially when it’s in a magazine.

I am continuing on a HUGE…I mean HUGE job I have dubbed “Client Sandy Castles” which will be wrapping up in March. Can’t wait to debut this puppy as well! We literally furnished every single inch of the house so the install will be quite the task and also full of blog posts and pretty before and after pics.

I am also hoping to add my own home as a new “project” so fingers crossed we find the perfect place for me and my family.

Because it may not be obvious and I may not tell y’all enough, I want to ring in the year of 2015 thanking you SO SO much for stopping by this little blog of mine. If you have been following from the beginning or are new to this place, your support is a huge part of why I am able to do what I love as my profession every day. I will continue to share as long as you continue to read.

I hope you all have a healthy and joyous New Year!!

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d1a6608eee8c58519d8ead8a57864921 Continue reading

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Artist Spotlight : Madeline Denaro

This weekend was great– spent some QT with the fam and am feeling rejuved and ready to tackle the week ahead. In a recent Pinterest hole, I stumbled upon the amazing artist Madeline Denaro. I’ve never seen her work before, but I was immediately smitten by her use of color. I am seriously in love with every single one of her pieces… not sure how I can get my hands on one of these bad boys but pretty sure it’d make a great addition to my art collection.

Go check her out! Happy Monday lovers!


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FYI : MAJE Pottery Barn Savings

The count down to the holidays is on peeps — can we all just take a moment and reflect on the fact that it is already the middle of December?! I know I’m like a broken record over here, but how in the world did that happen?? With the holidays lurking around the corner, not only am I frantically trying to wrap up work stuff, but I’m also frantically shopping like a mad woman pulling together gifts for everyone on my list including moi as we whip the house into shape for the holidays.

Everyone loves a sale, and I’m definitely no exception! Pottery Barn is gearing up for the holidays and offering deep daily discounts on a huge variety of products throughout the month and I’ve partnered with them to bring you some of my favorite picks. If you don’t follow Pottery Barn on Instagram, well… you should! And especially this month on the reg because for the first time ever, they’ll be unveiling their daily deals on Instagram, @PotteryBarn, with shoppable product before sharing it on any of their other channels.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite goods from Pottery Barn this season:

Pottery Barn Daily Discounts Napkins // THESE napkins add the perfect boho flair to your tablescape. Love me some pattern mixing, even on my table linens!

Sheets // How cute are these?! I love me a layered look– paired with other fun textiles, these sheets are the perfect base to layer tons of fun pillows, throws and comforters around. And they come in a ton of fun colors, check ‘em out HERE.

Chunky Knit Throw // Curling up on the sofa with G, the Duck and my furry friends is my favorite time of day. THIS chunky knit throw is THEE best (especially for gifting!) and looks pretty darn cute thrown on a chair all by its lonesome too… dontchya think?!

Jewelry Box //  This ain’t yo mama’s jewelry box lovers, THIS decorative box looks great styled on a bookshelf or dresser. Adds the perfect amount of glam.

+ + +

TODAY only all dinnerware, table linens and napkin rings are 30% off, so be sure to take a look at their goods and get to making your holiday table fancy shmancyyy. Peep their insta account @PotteryBarn DAILY this month to shop their incredible discounts that change every day!



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++ life according to my iPhone ++

X-mas is so close, I can smell it…literally.

Like I mentioned in my last post , I am doing something crazy and closing for 2 weeks!!  SOOOOO the next few weeks involves me powering through the last remaining work days so that I can close my office doors, shut my laptop, gain 10 more pounds, spend some serious QT with G, deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-lalaaa my way through a few cups of egg nog,  and ring in the new year fresh and re-juved and a little less murdery about work stuff. It’s been a few since I unveiled the secrets of my iPhone, so lets…

I’ll start with some family fun stuff. The Duck, G , and I took a little adventure north up the coast to Santa Barbara. I had to do some client  shopping , so we made a weekend out of it and stayed at the super cute hotel  “The Goodland” . Food was good, drinks were great, and the atmosphere was delightful. I wish I had done some more research to find out that they are a pet friendly joint, and my fur baby Penny the hound was welcome to stay . Oh well next time. Anyways, this is a quick glimpse and I highly recommend if you’re in the area, you at least stop in and have a drink at “The Good Bar” inside the hotel.

The Lobby




The “Good Bar”



Goodland Exterior..airstream and all!






The Outpost restaurant in the hotel..



So great right??

I refrained from being that girl who took pics of my food, but the Shaved Brussel Sprout salad was incredible, as were the pork buns and fish tacos, not to mention the Benedict’s at breakfast were perfect.

The whole place was just plain adorbs if you ask me and a perfect little get-away stay cation for anyone needing a fun weekend away.

I immediately went bad to work checking in on all my projects.

Client Awesome’s new pad is coming right along..



those floors tho

There is tons more going on here, but I am going light on the pics….:)

Client Freaking Fabulous is in the home stretch of bathroom remodel hell. I feel for this cute couple and the fact that they have been inhaling drywall dust and getting 7am wake up calls for the past couple months. There is NOTHING fun about this part of remodeling, especially when you are living in the house while it’s all getting done…Thankfully when your bathrooms are shaping up to look like these , and there starts to be a light at the end of the tunnel, you remember that it’s all worth it!!!




We are still a little ways off, but the end is in sight!!

Right then…back to work. Happy Monday.

love you mean it

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