Friday Thoughts on Things


1 // I can’t get over this silver boho jewelry I basically want everything, and have a few pieces already, but I just added this Bazaar Hand Piece  to my cart. I see a purchase in my future.. plus you can get 15% off with code EASTER at checkout!, don’t walk RUN

2 // Good ole shopBop is offering 25% everything on the whole damn site. My wallet hurts, but I am ok with it. I have my eye on Anything from Cleobella specifically this fringe backpack just use “INTHEFAMILY14″

3 // I’ve also got my eye on this flirty dress for Mexico

4 // have you seen this chick?!?!?! She is a total wack job but its something you’ve gottta check out ….

5 // and can we talk about this cute little number!?

6 // One of my nearest and dearest pals designer of famed Jammie line Masion Du Soir  just came out with her spring collection and I am flipping out. The “Floral” print is just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. If you wanna jazz up your sleepy time attire, or in my case have an excuse to wear my pajamas all the time, then go get yourself anything from this shop.

7 // Chocolate Saltine Toffee (aka Christmas Crack) – This stuff lives up to it’s name and is extremely addictive! Salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy & always a hit!

8 // this weekender is everything. Don’t forget to use “INTHEFAMILY14″

9 // ..and finally these cute sunnies

10 //  Stumbled on this cute gal “Peubird” and I am hooked. Go follow along for a dose of pretty

11 //  Make your own million dollar brass arm light with the “You Make It Chandelier” by Lindsey Adelman Studio!

Happy Friday loversss!!


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Trend I aint Mad at: Beachy Art Prints

I have been known to discuss various “trends I aint mad at” in the past, and thought it was time to blab about another one I find generally to be a “go to” trend at the moment. Recently I started working with the incredibly talented Gray Malin on a pillow collaboration . After spending some time together and hearing more about his artsy process, my appreciation for his work as well as other photographers has increased dramatically. I mean, Imagine how cool your job must be to fly around in a helicopter and snap photos of people from above. Not only do you get to spy on people in bathing suits, HA!, but you are also totally capturing a moment in time for someone you will never meet or ever know. As the photographer behind the lens, the objects in the image are the “work” but they are actually real people doing real things, enjoying a real life. I don’t know why but if you can even wrap your head around what I am taking about, this whole concept kinda trips me out…in the best way possible. Last time I was at Gray’s home I found myself up close and personal with one of his pieces thinking to myself “I wonder what the hell that guy was thinking right then at that moment?”.. Maybe it’s weird, but  thats where my brain goes. Its a little bit voyeuristic, a lotta bit genius and definitely gorgeous. I am still digging this trend for sure!

One Kings Lane is selling some gorgeous photographs from various artists, and I thought I should round up some of my faves ( this was tough)

oceanprints 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8


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FYI: The Anatomy of a Pillow Combo

Have you ever looked at a pillow combo and thought, “hey that looks great, but why and how does it look great” and then you fall to your knees a scream to the heavens  above. “oh great pillow powers that be, please tell me why And how?!”

no.. Never done that? Oh ….well then this post probably won’t help you much.  But it’s cool, humor me, read along, and add some tips you have for me as well!

Peep my pillow arranging method and the break down….it’s basically rocket science (obviously)

Anatomy of a Pillow Combo

// Get the sofa HERE and the pillows HERE //

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Killer Kitchens Series

Who doesn’t love a good ole fashion “blog series”? And who doesn’t love a little interior porn (if you will)…I know I do!!  I have asked some of my top fave lady bloggers  to show and tell me their top 5 fave kitchens.  Over the next few weeks I will be showing off those gals picks, but in the meantime let’s kick it off with my fave 5 bitch’n kitchen picks in no particular order.

kithcens header


+ via High Gloss Magazine, Issue 1 +

Tia Zoldan did a fine job here in this galley style kitchen.  Its small yes, but the way she infused just the right amount of color in the rug and the fun door makes the space just right. Major inspo all around!


+ Designed by Tom Sheerer +

The backsplash here is pure perfection. That Tom Sheerer really knows what he’s doing. The way he chose to not do upper cabinets is smart… Real real gutsy, and probably a little impractical for a family of toddlers.. but smart. This kitchen makes me want to forget what “child-proofing” is and just focus on what maters. Being pretty

+ By designer Stacey Begg featured in Canadian House & Home +

No upper cabinets and a wicked backsplash seem to be the formula for a fantastic kitchen. 2 toned cabinets, 2 different countertops, and brass hardware..this is really speaking to me.


+ Kitchen photographed by Jessie Webster for Glitter Guide +

I may be biased but one of my fave kitchens was my old one :(. It was bright and big and made me happy every time I saw it. Maybe I obsess over it now because I currently live in an 80′s style cave…so its a departure to say the least from that old beauty of mine. Whats thats saying, you don’t know what you got till its gone. At least we have the internet to remind us. kitchen5

+ By Jessica Helgerson Interior Design +

My all time fave designer ever ever ever, Jessica Helgerson, can truly do no wrong in my book. I am a major fan girl and at this point she would have to karate kick a kitten for me to think ill of anything she does….she’s just that good. She has that ability to give a space so much character, like it was always meant to be there, just updated in a way only she can do.

What say you lovers? Which is your fave?!

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::Designer Quick Tip::


image source: unknown


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+ 1 room 3 looks +

So, thinking back to when I first started my blog almost 4 years ago, I remembered one of my first blog posts was

“1 room 3 looks”.

It was a cute idea then, so I figured why not give it another try now!

I screwed around with G’s room this time..and got real fancy and created a Gif to show the process…

(thats right I is so fancy and growns up, that I create gif’s now)

Here is Look 1:

IMG_4521 copy


IMG_4546 copy

here is the all mighty gif.


Look 2

IMG_4521 copy


IMG_4572 copy

now…the fancy pants gif


and finally Look 3

IMG_4521 copy


IMG_4602 copy

and the final ggggiiiiffff


ok so I need to work on my gif skills a little…..dont judge..


All the pillows are from the Shoppe

All the rugs are from the Shoppe

All Blankets from Shoppe

Woven Stools: Here

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:: Killer Etsy Round Up ::

Oh Etsy. Lately you have been Killi’n it! Here is a quick round up of some of my latest fave finds. killeretsy :: ceramic spoons :: woven basket :: mod dresser :: hammered necklace :: tattoo :: bangles :: good vibes :: turkish towel :: banner :: armchair ::

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+ Just Some Things +


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10


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:: Before and After :: Master Bedroom

If you are not new around here, then you know we are currently renting our home. Its been difficult and weird to say the least, and most days I ask myself if I will make it through the whole lease without loosing it and buying a motor home and traveling from city to city! I house hunt every single day, and I dream about what our next home will be like, ALL THE TIME! Knowing that I am stuck in this lease for another year, I am slowly just trying to embrace it, live with it, and stop my moaning!!!!! I finally got around to trying to make our bedroom pretty. Of course I changed my mind like 9,000 times but kept going back to my obsession with what artist Sally England created for the Ace Hotel in Portland.  So…. I decided that this was my look and I was gonna make it happen.



The carpet alone is enough to make you want to jump off of a bridge!

and, here is what it looks like now..


amberinteriorsbedroom1 copy


amberinteriorsbedroom9 amberinteriorsbedroom8





you likey?

The headboard is actually a curtain that I bought from urban outfitters. I just tacked it up on the wall and called it a day. The paint color is called “Peppercorn”  from Sherwin Williams. It’s the perfect dark slate gray. The duvet cover is from West Elm and all the indigo pillows are from Shoppe. The side tables are vintage but you can score a similar style here, table lamps are old ones from anthropologie (but West elm sells similar here) and the rug is a hoarded vintage treasure that I will never let go of…ever!

I am pretty happy with the way it’s looking. I still have to style my dresser, add some art, and I have a killer vintage leather chair that needs to live in this room as well. Ill keep you up to date on the progress, but so far so good.

Happy Monday loverz!

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