before & after// Dr. Client Clients!!

Holy WOW brown cow now now, its that time!

What time you say??  THE TIME!! 

 The time for the best part about this blog.  The magic show we all know as the Before & After post!! The post where we can scrutinize the before and then “ooooh and awwwwww” at the after.

I think I do better when I don’t try to intro to much and let the pics do the talking.

so without any more jibber jabber


















































all after photos by Tessa Neustadt

Pretty dramatic, no???

So much was changed and I could not be happier with the way it turned out!

And, if you missed it and want to read a little more about the project, it was featured over on Domaine yesterday.

84 thoughts on “before & after// Dr. Client Clients!!

  1. Amber this is incredible! You are definitely one of my favourite designers! Love everything about every room. It just looks so comfortable and livable, nothing too precious. I especially love the blue throws in the master.

  2. This is absolutely ri-dunk-u-lous! I love the bright white walls and neutrals with enough color to make it interesting. That fireplace and the bathroom floor slay, SLAY me! I really think you’ve redefined the look of California cool and it’s gorgeous!

  3. Holy shiz nit!!! I just found my dream home…………. Amber, I can still remember when I first found your blog a few years ago. You where working for another designer and Gweny was just tiny.( I feel like a stalker knowing all this but not personally knowing you!) From day one I was drawn to your style and you where a major inspiration to me through your design and talent. When I look back at how much your style has grown from day one I cant wait to see what the future brings! I feel like every time you throw yourself into a new project it just keeps getting better! Thank for putting the the most beautiful interiors together, they are stunning! Oh, and lets not forget your honesty on your blogy! i love it!

  4. So amazing, I especially love the tile work around the fireplace, it’s so gorgeous! I didn’t realize the antlers were going in THIS house! They look so pretty perched up there in the nursery, well done Amber!

  5. Ooohhhh and awwwwww is right! Just fabulous! That tile in the bathroom and fireplace is just perfection, not to mention all of the textiles! Incredible inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  6. Amber! I freaking LOVE this! I feel like its sophisticated modern bohemian which is super refreshing!!! It’s beyond gorgeous. I absolutely love boho but sometimes it can feel a little cluttered/trying too hard for that ‘undone’ look.

    It’s not often (at least for me) that you see a great clean boho look that’s also really relaxing AND welcoming at the same time. Way to toe the line! Looks absolutely fabulous. I want to live there, and NOW.

    Those brass tipped chairs are absurdly good, and the tile work in the bathroom and on the fireplace are so outstanding. Where are those bar stools from in the kitchen??

    Everything is so gorgeous.


  7. Just perfect, truly. The light, the airiness, the use of area rugs. It is so inviting yet so crisp and clean–a hard balance to strike and you nailed it!

    Am dreaming of the day we have the budget to fly you up to San Francisco to show our house some love!

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  9. Hi Amber. I have been reading your blog for years but this is my first time commenting. That house blew me away!! You are truly talented. I loved every last bit of it. Flawless. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. wow! you are seriously amazing!!! literally every single room is like my dream room.
    I’m going to start saving up now so i can hire you someday for when we get our new home.
    but seriously, what you do is really something….

  11. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS HOUSE AND ITS’ INTERIOR DESIGN!!!!! Now, could you just come on down to Jackson, TN? We are in the process of buying to renovate! I LOVE the crisp look …..would LOVE to know the shade on the walls? I’m sure with my 4 young ones, my walls won’t continue to look crisp but we have enjoyed Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. And THOSE RUGS….NEED!! OK, want. ;-) I can’t wait to read more of your blog, thanks to my friend Bethany!

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  13. Holy smokes. My mind is blown! Just brilliant! Probably one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. Amber, if you were a lot closer to Madison, I’d hire you right away to help with our bathroom renovation. In the master bathroom, is the black vanity custom? I haven’t seen the likes of it anywhere, and we’re looking for something just like it. RH possibly? Thank you for your endless inspiration! A true talent.

  14. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve been debating changing my wall colors, I love to accent with color so I love that you went with mainly white walls and brought in color elsewhere, just perfection!

  15. What is the white paint color that you love using the most on interiors? The white in this renovation is to die for. I am in the middle of a renovation and I am painting the interior white, but I am stuck on WHICH white I should use.

  16. Amber, you’re such a star. This house is gorgeous, I love every detail in every room. How I wish you could work your magic on my spaces! Bravo.

  17. Holy moly, I’m in love. I can pretty much delete my Pinterest Boards that I use for inspiration for renovating our first house and just come back to this page….

  18. Amber! Do you remember where those white chairs are from?! My hubby and I have been looking for way too long now for a new chair for our living room. I love those ones! Do you mind sharing? Or any recommendations where to find an affordable arm chair? Thank you!

    p.s. i love your blog and your style. its cool to read your story and how it all began! thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi Amber,
    I am new to your site and I”m IN LOVE with your style. Where do you find all these beatiful rugs? I know you sell some on your shoppe but they all seem to be sold out and i can’t seem to find any in those beautiful colors. are they all vintage?

    Thanks so much

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  23. Pretty please, what is the source for the natural (jute? seagrass?) rug in the master? I’ve been scouring the internet high and low for one that looks like it might be soft underfoot!

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  26. Good day Abmer, I found your Prime Seating design with the L-shaped banquette in the Good Housekeeping February 2015 issue. And found you here after a search.

    The L-shaped banquette will work perfectly in our home. We just finished our kitchen remodel and this is the next project in out home.

    Please tell me who built the banquette for this home? Our kitchen is from Wellborn and our kitchen cabinets are very much like this kitchens.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thank you,


  27. I’m just adding my voice to the chorus of ooooo’s and aaahhhh’s. Lovely and inspirational! I’m doing my kitchen now with midnight blue lower cabinets and white uppers. Toying with the idea of brass handles like those you put on in your bathroom. Could you provide their source? I find it tricky to get just the right size of handle and really like these.

  28. AMAZING work! Love every room! May I ask which white paints you used on the walls and trim in the Master bedroom makeover? Our Master has tan trim and off white walls. VERY drab! Thanks for the help. :)

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  32. Hello! I LOVE this space! Especially the pair of mid century armchairs in the “after” of the master bedroom. Do you have a source for those?? Would love to put them in a client’s home!
    Thanks so much!!

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  37. You are my new FAVORITE!!!!! Seriously – I can’t get enough of your designs!!!! You always pick the PERFECT WHITE!!! Would you mind sharing what white paint color you used in this living room? Thanks in advance & I can’t wait for more “BEFORE & AFTERS”!

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  40. Amber! Any chance you would take a job in Laguna? You are my all time fav and have provided inspiration for every single room in my home! I’m dying to know who those bathroom floor tiles are by? I’ve scoured everywhere and can’t find anything similar! Please share if you can? Thanks in advance!
    Much appreciated,

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