: Before & After : Guest Bathroom Remodel

Remember a looooong while back when I talked about THIS little bathroom remodel we were working on?? Well we have officially wrapped it up!  It took a damn century, but it’s finally ready for its tiny debut. Let’s review…

The “before” bathroom was dull and lifeless. The vanity was just plain 80′s oak and the size was all wrong. The giant mirror looked a little dated, and the tiles and finishes were just a big bag of lame-balls..  My clients had fallen in love with these tiles, and knew immediately they wanted to use them in their guest bathroom.  I wanted a clean all white space but with all the pow to be in the tiles without it feeling overwhelming.  At first I was afraid that if I kept it flat white walls and kept a giant fugly mirror, we wouldn’t be gaining much, so I used tongue and groove wall panelling to give it a little more depth and used a medicine cabinet as the only mirror to keep the focus on the panelling, tiles, and the sconces etc…  If you don’t remember, here is the













Ahh much better and brighter, and makes the space feel 9 thousand times larger.

Hope you’re diggin it!!


73 thoughts on “: Before & After : Guest Bathroom Remodel

    • Hi Melissa,We ordered a Restoration Hardware Vanity that is meant to have an undermount circular sink. The clients wanted a square sink and since RH has already profit the round sink we had to work within those measurements. It is small, but its perfectly fine given the fact that its a guest bathroom…

  1. every single one of your designs are such an inspiration to an aspiring designer. thank you for always posting such wicked content, i look forward to reading everyday!
    thank you!

  2. Cheese on a cracker – that’s a baddass bathroom. I love me some brushed golden goodness hardware; we’ve got a touch, too. Only the 80s super shiny trying to pretend it’s all kinds of awesome but really it sucks ass kind. Bah.

  3. Damn! That’s one beautiful bathroom!! Would you PLEASE tell me if the finish on the faucet is the French Gold or the Brushed Gold? I keep flipping between the two and this looks amazing. Thanks :)

  4. love love love that tile … I have a super small bathroom (floor is prob 3 ft x 7ft = T I N Y!), so I am wondering if it would work or if there is not enough floor area … it looks gorgeous here, though!!!

  5. Really a beautiful job!! I little bathroom is smaller than yours!! They can still be nice spaces with the right touch!!

  6. Can you tell us where you find the tile? It is perfect and I am trying to find something similar for our bathroom. Tired of all the plain tile!!

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  13. Such a pretty bathroom! Would love to know who makes the sconces. I don’t see it in any of your replies — perhaps you’d rather not share! I understand if that’s the case :)

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