//Before and After : Client Freakin Fabulous//


This is seriously the best part of my job. When I get to look back at what a space once was and see how a whole bunch of ideas and hard work transformed into a end result I am oh so proud of!  I seriously couldn’t be more stoked with how this beauty turned out and I can’t say enough about how amazing Clients Freakin Fabulous were to work with.  It’s so rad when you wrap up a job, and not only are your clients happy, but you realize that you have made a friend for life, and hopefully a client for life as well. I love this little fam so much, I am praying for a phone call and a chance to come work with them again. I told the clients I would come decorate anything…. a dog house, a cake, a freakin christmas tree…whatever, so long as it’s with them!!!

 Anyways, enough of the love-fest, and on to the goodies!!!

(Oh, and just FYI, I think what I will do is give the full before and after pics only now…and then go room to room later describing what we did, for those who may be interested in more than just pretty pics )


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 3

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 4



Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 2

neustadt-1 copy

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 6

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 3

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 5

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 7

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 4

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 8

photo credit: Tessa Neustadt


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 7

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 8


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 9

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 21


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 9

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 10

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 11

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 26

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 27

photo credit: Tessa Neustadt


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 10

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 13

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 14

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 22

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 15

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 19

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 13



Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 15

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 16

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 18

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 20

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 17

photo credit: Tessa Neustadt


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 19

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 20

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 23


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 25

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 36

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 28

photo credit: Tessa Neustadt


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 2


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 1

photo credit: Tessa Neustadt



Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 11


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 14

photo credit: Tessa Neustadt


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 16

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 18


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 23

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 24

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 34

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 35

photo credit: Tessa Neustadt


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 24

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 25

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 26

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Before 27


Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 29

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 30

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 31

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 32

Amber Interiors - Client Freakin Fabulous - Neustadt 33

photo credit: Tessa Neustadt

I am Pretty Flipping jealous of this house…AND am planning on showing up at the door soon, with a suit case and enforce some squatters rights!

(as always out of respect to my clients and the fact that they have paid for my services, at this time I will not be able to give sources. I hope you can understand!!)

241 thoughts on “//Before and After : Client Freakin Fabulous//

  1. You are on a whole other level! The George Byrne art is so good!! All the artwork is amazing! Seriously this home is stunning!! Love all of it! You rock!!!!!!!

  2. gorgeous!! as always. a question for you – does this house get really great natural light? i recently read that white paint really only looks good when there’s plenty of natural light. what do you think? do you have any white paint tips?

    your work here is absolutely amazing.

  3. OMG AMBY!!!! You kill it each single time- LOVE IT SO FREAKING MUCH.
    I wana take you with me to India……to do our house, please!!

  4. As always, I anxiously await your reveals and this one did not disappoint! Truly an amazing transformation. I’ll be looking through this 1000x dreaming of it being my own! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is amazing!!! What a HUGE transformation. Every little detail from the design to styling is incrediblely beautiful!!! You rock girl!!!! Xoxo

  6. What a gorgeous transformation! I literally squealed with joy at the kitchen because I posted my before/after kitchen a few weeks ago on Houzz and received some very rude comments from people who “hate” the faucet (I have the same one – how can anyone hate that beautiful faucet?) and how my gold knobs and pulls were “hideous”. Don’t even get me started on the number of people who apparently are absolutely disgusted with white kitchens and open shelving. Sigh. Anyway, I am so happy to see your beautiful work and that it reinforces my design choices as being spot-on. :)

  7. This is ridiculously amazing! I freaking love every single inch of this makeover! How do you make everything so light, bright and airy?!? You are so talented! So jealous of their home!!!

  8. this is such a beautiful transformation! i love the brightness and it has such nice energy. well done.
    just one quick question, i dream of this but CANNOT imagine having any of these nice things with three little kids. (i have boys). how does she keep the couch cream, the carpet clean, the kids from not trying to grab a cactus? would this kind of dream interior be possible with a child friendly design in mind? i would love to do something to our home but worry about spending money on nice things and having chicken nuggets smeared on my nice pillows. regardless this is seriously beautiful and cheers to the mamma for having rules. ;)

  9. Wow! SO amazing! Would love a post on your design process or your tips on how to furnish/decorate/style a home. I just bought my first house and gutted it. I’m good at picking out the big things (floor stain, kitchen countertop, and tile) but HORRIBLE at styling (coffee table, end table, pillows), which is where I’m at now. Any tips would be awesome! Thanks for sharing your incredible pics of your project! Beautiful!

  10. Hi Amber,
    This is the first time commenting. But I had to today!!
    Every time I see your work, I hate my home. It gets very little natural light so I could never pull off those white walls you do so well.
    Someday, could you show us how to get your aesthetic when we can’t do white walls? Is dark & moody the only way I can go?

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing!! I am obsessed with this aesthetic but dont think i can do white walls in my home and i cant find any inspiration photos that i love that dont have white walls!! I’m wondering if it is even doable!

  11. I’d love to know what kind of flooring you used in the living room/kitchen and master. I love the wide plank! My mom is redoing hers and loves the look of these, too.

  12. Sloowww….clap….!!! WOW – you did an amazing job and I’m completely drooling over the before and after pictures. I hope to someday hire you to design my house; until then, I will live vicariously through your clients’ eyes and enjoy the pictures you post on your blog. :)

  13. what are you- a friggin genuis? good god i love it so much it literally hurts. i’m not just being dramatic… it’s blowing my MIIIIIIIIND.

    been following from the beginning, its so heart warming to see not only your business grow… but you as an artist are continually puttin it down! you don’t know me, but I’m whole heartedly cheering for you! (and your lucky clients)


  14. This is the most fabulous transformation I’ve ever seen. Maybe because it’s so much a reflection of my own personal style, but I love every inch of what you’ve done! Bravo!

  15. Wow…you took them in a whole different direction and I can see how exciting it would be to have a client let you do that. Looks bright and clean and open and modern…nicely done.

  16. If could hire anyone, it would be you! This house is a dream.

    I am curious if they kept any of their old furniture? Were there any family heirlooms or special pieces that they kept?

  17. Amazing Amber – I love it all! I know you aren’t revealing sources but any chance you can point me to where I can find a mirror like the large round one in the entry? It’s perfect for my house.

  18. I am beyond jealous that someone other than myself gets to live here! It is stunning, truly. If I won the lottery tomorrow I’d be knocking on their door to take over residency! Kudos to you on a job VERY well done!

  19. WOW! This is incredible! I had to stare at every before photo to figure out how it could possibly be the same room as the after photos. You did an amazing job – so many great details!!

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  24. Love. It. Love your style! What color is the wood flooring? I’m having a hard time picking floors from a sample and I’m madly in love with these floors!

  25. It’s really lovely – but so so different from before. Were the clients ok with the aesthetic change? I personally love that aesthetic minus playboy book and would probably want less grey & black in the master. It is a really nice house, it just seems different from the slower country-esque soft style they had before. It’s great that the clients were so open, but it would have been interesting to see some of the same pieces restyled and the empty spaces filled in. The book shelf & clover leaf pictures in the living room, while pretty from a design pov seem a so fast city compared to their slow country look. LOVE the white walls & brighter light fixtures. & the kitchen & guest bath oh my <3

  26. Hi Amber! Could you share the artists whose work you’ve used so they can have credit and potential customers? I’d be interested in buying some prints. Thanks!

    • Yes, I am curious about some of the art pieces and would interested in buying some prints as well. Sarah did you get an answer to this? Thanks in advance

  27. These transformations are gorgeous! The house feels so modern and light and breathable! Where did you get the blue sofa pillows and the giant round bold-edged mirror, please?

  28. Found you via Cup of Jo and just wanted to say that this is one of the most amazing before and afters that I have ever seen, of any style, anywhere!

  29. So blown away. Your taste is impeccable. Wish I could have the chance to work in interior design, but such a hard thing to break into. Seriously love, love, love your work.

  30. There is not a single item from their original home in there. While this remodel is gorgeous, I think it is more impressive if one can utilize a client’s existing items and recreate them into something exciting and modern. You basically got rid of everything they owned (at least it seems that way from the photos), and replaced the items with brand new things

  31. I can’t even handle the level of awesome this is!!! I can’t stop looking at the before and afters and that round mirror!!!! GAH!! I want it! Your crazy talented! XO

  32. I LOVE love love this house. amazing. I have one resource question for ya- I am in LA (Redondo Beach) and am in the process of a complete overhaul to our new mid-century modern home. We are in the midst of the master bath reno- and I have been looking all over LA for 7×8 White Hex (preferable gloss) tiles. NO ONE has them. Where did you find them????

  33. This is incredible! So beautiful. There are so many things in this house I want to ask where you got them, the tiles in the bathroom are incredible – can you please tell me where they are from?

    I want to live there :)

  34. So beautiful. I’m moving into a beautiful old apartment in Brussels in July. I love the all white walls, but I went to hardware store and they told me that choosing which shade of white is one of the most difficult decisions! Is this white white or am I wrong?


  35. You’ve got serious vision and skills ! I can’t get over how beautiful the after shots are. I adore the bathrooms and the little vignettes.

  36. Agree with all of the above posts! Would also love to know when you can where the artwork is from because I also would love to purchase some prints. Thank you!

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  38. Wow, I am so impressed with how this project turned out. It is nice to finally see it all finished after watching the progress over the last months. The lighting is especially amazing! Now back to looking at it…

  39. just perfect! congrats on another amazing project to add your killer portfolio! about to repaint my walls…what is your favorite ‘go to’ white paint? thank you for the rad inspiration!!!

  40. Hey, Amber! Those homes look very staged and well done! I’ve been working on changing the interior of my kitchen. I don’t like my cabinets and the color of my walls, so I’m planning on changing them. Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy some new furniture. Let’s hope my wife doesn’t mind me spending the money—I better make sure it looks nice!

    Alex Jennings |

  41. Do you paint all walls, window and door frames, and ceilings the same color to achieve this look? Or do you use varying shades of white for each? What is the finish used to achieve the brightness? Anyone can weigh in here.

    Would you share your paint color?

    • The paint color I believe was De Ja Vu from Valspar….But I can’t remember off the top of my head. And I painted the trim just off the shelf Valspar “White”. Walls are flat and the trim is semi gloss

      • Could the paint color have been Valspar Du Jour?!? I’m trying to sell my husband on white, white, and more white, and your amazing work is most certainly helping!!!

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  43. This is so beautiful I can’t even believe it. I want them to adopt me and let me live with them forever. So gorgeous. Teach me. Dying for sources so I can buy ALL OF IT but totes understand.

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  47. Wow, it was really beautiful before it was all turned into blinding white and, well who can tell after being blinded by all of that over the top screaming at us WHITE!!!

  48. I LOVE every single room! I die for that rug in the front with the grey couch! I know you don’t reveal sources and I totally respect that, but will you be doing a “Get This Look” for any of these rooms? Please, please, please! :))

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  54. Oh wow…Beautiful! Question: where do I find that gigantic round mirror above the bench? Thanks for your help, I have been searching everywhere for one just like it.

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  60. I know you don’t give sources, but this vase/planter is merely an accent piece and would not involve a recreation of this space. I just really love the look of it and can’t find anything similar. If you’re able to divulge, I’d love and appreciate knowing where the vase on the left in the below photo is from. And as always, amazing job!

  61. I LOVE IT ALL! Every square inch of this reno makes me absolutely drool. I just bought the teeniest tiniest condo but will be using this as my ultimate inspiration along the way. Amber you kind of rock :)

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  66. Hi! I know you said you couldn’t leave sources, but I have been searching for black (but not polished w/ a little variation) hexagonal tiles (about 6in) for SO LONG and haven’t been able to find any. If you could please let me know <3 <3 <3 It would be SO appreciated!

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  73. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I linked through from Pinterest and I am practically gasping for air at how gorgeous this is! I want to fly you to my house ASAP and have you spin your magic in every single room! Like now!!!!! I hope you link sources for some of these items: the giant, round mirror and couch are two that I’m dying over. Holy cow, I am going to be staring at these all day.

    I live in Saint Louis and want to hire you!!!

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  76. This is beyond imagination – incredible work!!! Since the day you posted this I have been searching for a big round mirror – in Denmark where I live and online – but without luck. I understand that you are busy and that you don’t have time to answer us all, but I’m really hoping that you could answer me: where did you get that amazing mirror? Or do you know where I can find one similar?

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  80. I was wondering if you could share the black subway-ish stacked tile on the master bath wall and your grout color and specification. I absolutely love it and am dying to know how to replicate it!

    Thank you!


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  85. What a stunning transformation, especially in love with the kitchen area & the bathrooms-transformation! But i would have saved the original parquet floors, maybe they were already worn/ in bad condition, but i just think they were stunning as they were in the before-pics. A lovely and fresh transformation anyway :)

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  92. Absolute perfection! What an amazing talent!
    Where is the oversized black & white print over the grey sofa from (bird flying over city)? Or something similar?
    Thank you!!

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  97. Amazing job! Beautiful. We are moving into a 1948 cottage and don’t have room for our bedfame. Can you tell me where I can get the frame you used?

  98. I totally understand you not wanting to give sources, but any suggestions on the back subway like tile? I can only find the shiny/ glossy look, you are amazing!!!!

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  120. Gorgeous work!! Would you mind telling me where THE black hexagon tile in THE powder bath is from? Is that from Cle tile? If Yes, what is THE name? Thanks so much, you are such an inspiration.

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  129. Love this so much!
    Am dying to know where the master bed fan is from (but I understand if you can’t share). Can you tell me what color white paint was used for the walls?
    Thank you!

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  134. I love your bathrooms! I was wondering about the upkeep for the cement tiles… I am thinking of putting them in my boy’s bathroom – Cle hex in Metal – I have reservations about installing them because of the wear and tear on the floor but I love the look! Since you use the cement tiles in your work so much, do you have first hand knowledge of how they hold up?

    Thanks so much

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