Before and After :: Office Bathroom

Being as that I decided to up and get myself an office really quick, I was forced to think on the fly and make fast decisions when purchasing the main pieces for the office. I was at the mercy of choosing items that had no lead times and that were budget friendly.  I only had 1 month to jazzy up the joint and the bathroom was pretty gross, so we focused on getting this little dungeon hammered out and added some life to it.

Here is what went down












// Sink Cabinet  // mirror // tiles // leather pulls // light /// Further hand soap // ceramic cup // rug // sink // faucet //

The bathroom is getting some fantastic wallpaper designed by yours truly !! (more on that later) but for now we just painted the walls all white.

not a bad little quick fix huh?

54 thoughts on “Before and After :: Office Bathroom

  1. I LOVE those dark penny round floors! The bathroom looks great!
    But am I missing something, or does that math add up to more than 1K?
    (sorry. I cleeeaaarly have too much time on my hands…)

  2. Love the new look! I like how clean it looks with the white walls and baseboards and the dark floor. What do you think about shoe molding? We are getting hardwood floors done and our contractor is trying to convince us to get shoe molding, but I don’t like the look.

  3. Gees! You’ve been so generous to share all of the details with us and here I am asking for more info, the wood countertop… is that also ikea? thanks lady….love love love your work. Do you do e-design for those of us in other states?

  4. This is beautiful! We are updating our bathroom and hallways currently and wanting to do white. What color did you use, and did you paint it the same on the trim, walls, ceiling, etc? Thank you!

  5. I just bought this sink cabinet. Do you have the measurements for the wood piece?
    Do you think I can use this spray paint for an ikea faucet, as I cant afford the one you pinned?
    Is that spray paint a matte finish?

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  7. Great idea. How did you account for the drain pipe and trap? It seems like the drawers would interfere with the standard plumbing set up. Thanks in advance for the prompt response.

  8. I love this and have just ordered the cabinet and sink! Could you please share your measurements for your peice of wood? Thank you!

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  11. Hi Amber! I’m looking to redo my powder room and love the sink/cabinet combo! I was hoping you could either tell me the measurements of the piece of wood, or allow me to order a piece from your workshop. I would greatly appreciate it!


  12. Well would you look at that? That is a beautiful looking bathroom! I would almost – ALMOST – make that my own office! What you have done is a night and day difference (and I would also say you choose great lighting. Halogen light bulbs?) The painting for it is such a beautiful white color that it contrasts well with the design of the bathroom.

    Beautifully done!

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