Before + After: Shoppe Amber Interiors, Pacific Palisades

April 13, 2018

SO, I’ve shared this story before, but in case ya missed it, here’s the story of how we found our adoooorable Shoppe Pacific Palisades location.

I had to reschedule a meeting (fate sign #1). Mike and I already had a meeting in Brentwood that day, but we figured we could have our meeting first and then I could meet my client in the Palisades afterwards. We were in one car so Mike would just drop me off and walk around the Palisades Village while I had my meeting.

Just the AFTER // Client Black Houses are the Best Houses

March 13, 2018

YAY!! It’s finally here IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!

This project was a long one and a good one if you ask me

We were first contacted in 2015 to help these clients build this house from the ground up. They had some preliminary designs from the architect and wanted to create a “Scandinavian Modern Cabin” vibe…despite being smack in the middle of Venice California. We were lucky enough to work with an awesome Contractor ( Potter Mallis ) as well as work with some pretty cool clients.


February 12, 2018

Welp this was a fun one! This ADORABLE family contacted us to help make their newly built home feel a bit warmer and chic but also more cozy and livable for their three small kids. They had just moved across the country from New York and really wanted to make this space something that made them happy to come home to every day. We gladly accepted the challenge and moved forward tweaking a little, changing a little, and coming  up with a brighter,

Just the After :: Client Holla at La Jolla

October 17, 2017

Can I get a drumroll please… its Before and After time guys!

#ClientHollaatLaJolla is finally completed!! We’ve been working on this house for the past 2 years and it’s the best feeling that we have happy clients in the end. When we started, this house was a little bungalow. The clients had plans to smash it down to the ground and start from scratch. They wanted a modern farmhouse vibe, and so the exterior of the house was basically set in stone,

// JUST THE AFTER :: Client Queen of the Girl Bosses //

August 23, 2017

I have been holding on to these bad boys for waaaaay to long. This project was a cute, fun, and very quick little makeover we did for Elyse Walker of the famed clothing stores, Elyse Walker and Forward. It was so awesome getting to work with a true “Girl Boss” who means business. When she reached out, she literally said to me…”I know my time line is fast , but I make quick decisions”….and no truer words have ever been spoken.

// Before + After // Client Z to the E to the N AGAIN //

August 2, 2017

Well this has been quite the long pause guys. I would apologize, but if you follow me on IG, you have probably noticed that I am a little bit buried under piles of projects. At the end of tackling all the client work related stuff that goes on in the day, it’s hard to remember to come to the blog.  I have basically turned to IG as my way to stay connected to the social media world. No matter how much I say,