DIY Bookcase

March 1, 2013

So We DiY’ed..
I am not original and you probably have seen this shiz plastered all over Pinterest and every other place on the interplanet 
We jacked it straight from The Brick House blog and she gives a pretty awesome tutorial…if your dont want to wait for my long ass post on it.
Although we did put our own special spin on thangs…fancy measurements and all
I still have TONS of accessorizing and organizing to do on this here bad boy…but here is a peak.

Happy Friday Lovers….hope the weekend treats you fancy
  1. Very nice- Who cares if it’s been done, it’s kind of a classic. I think I might bite the bullet and do this on our huge white wall. Maybe with a brass type fitting to mix it up a tad? Could be dope 😉

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