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June 6, 2014


I wanted to quickly share some of my thoughts on things this week with a little bit of my actual thoughts… The other day I was having a casual chat with a girlfriend about how she has been documenting in a journal her experiences and baby milestones since the day she found out she was pregnant and still does almost 3 years later marking down with dates each milestone and happening of the day. I instantly felt like a super slacker mother because I have not done this for G!! I didn’t document much at all….especially the pregnancy part. I can recap it…I was fat, and always hot, and had wicked heartburn. You know, the highlights (ha)! And then the baby part was such a whirlwind I could barely remember to brush my hair, let alone write down what happened at the end of everyday?!  I mean, I guess it made me think that I too would have wished that my Mom had done a journal for me when I was a baby, and she didn’t either.( i guess slacking runs in the family,HA!) Anyways, upon giving this subject great thought and feeling pretty bummed about it, something dawned on me. I write this blog for both fun and for biz..but mostly so that I have a place to document my life happenings.  I didn’t write about my pregnancy, or my birth story, or even write about G as a baby and what she was doing every second (we took a million pictures instead)..but I do write about my life happenings here on this bloggity. My little girl (who just graduated preschool by the way!!!) will one day read back on these thoughts and things that I did during these times of my life and get a picture of who and what I was and am outside of being her Mom.  We may have a day where she reads back and says things like “Mama remember this” … or she may read back and think I am super lame and try to pretend she doesn’t know me  both are highly probable.  Anyways, my friday thoughts on things for this week is…I don’t have a journal…but I have this here blog and I don’t feel that bad anymore.

I hope you all have such a great weekend soaking up the sun and drinking a beer-garita by the pool! I will be plugging away on wrapping up the work we have been doing with Lowe’s to spruce up my Mom’s cute new backyard (More on this Tuesday)!!

  1. Great entry and all so true. I am like u and have not written anything down- I do, however, take countless photos with my phone and post to FB and Instagram all the time. Both my mom and mil had baby journals. We now have both journals and rarely go back to the books, ever.
    Just following you via your blog and Instagram, anyone can see you love your girl. Every mom is different, just like no two children are alike.
    Again, love, love your blog!! Thank you for posting this… Now I don’t feel too alone with the feelings I have as well (: happy Friday!!

  2. You can tell you are a great mama, and that’s what counts! I sometimes get down on myself too – I work full time and have two kids, and live across the country from all my friends and family, so my focus has been essentials and having fun and I haven’t had the time to do any of the memory-type stuff I know we will all want later on. I keep saying one day when I have time. Haha sure… Can’t wait to see pics of your mom’s backyard!!

  3. It’s so true. Often times I feel guilty for not living a certain way or meeting the expectations others set for me. As a woman, I think that we’re especially prone to this. So much emphasis on our looks or mate choices from a young age can really hamstring potential.

  4. Wow. Funny how this subject is suddenly everywhere while I am going through the very same thing. As mammas we end up feeling guilty one way or another, it doesn’t matter what we do. The only way I figure one can handle the constant comparison/criticism (even if it’s self imposed) is to follow that wise quote above…And just keep on keepin’ on the best way we know how. If your baby girl feels loved that’s really the only thing that matters. I guarantee there is something uniquely beautiful in each Mother’s own approach.

  5. You are so right. And just made me feel better about myself. I often look at other people and think, hm why didn’t I think of that first but try to remind myself that there are tons of originals ways I’ve done things that I thought of first and should feel proud that I am unique and way cool. We all need to give ourselves a little more credit ;-).

  6. She has a journal…it’s this blog! And lots of pictures! I know I feel like I know G and your family from this blog and someday she will have this to read and remember. Pictures speak a thousand words. Keep doing what you are doing and leave the guilt behind. Everybody has their own thing and she will see that. She has a strong talented mother who loves her, that’s all that matters!

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