Get The Look: Client Queen of the Girl Bosses

January 16, 2018

Remember this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL project?! Well it’s gotten a ton of love on Instagram and here on the bloggity blog. Sooo, I wanted to hook you guys up with some sources, so your master bedroom can be just as GORG! On this project we were lucky enough to work with Elyse Walker of FORWARD, so basically I’m giving you inside deats of how you can sleep like a badass girl boss. You’re very welcome. I was given a blank canvas to work with and I decided to give her a moody, lived in – beach vibe… What do ya think?

I know we can’t all have the perfect beach house – but this is one way to make it seem like you’re living that life. Plus, you know how the universe is – you can literally achieve anything you set your mind to. Set goals – work hard – and know that you’re dreams are within reach. Go get ’em.



Ceramic Match StrikerModern Orb SconceOliver NightstandWhite Speckle PlanterVintage Rug “Naiomi” –  Woven Collins Bench – Glass Table LampSlipcovered “Buddy” BedCelan PillowSurco PillowBiolay PillowRoy PillowFrankie PillowHuntington Coverlet in MidnightMoroccan Tassel Throw – Ocean and Desert BookSurf Shack Book

  1. Thank you so much for including our Sunrise Sconce on your blog! We are huge fans of your work over here! Would love if you could link to our website where more styles and finishes are available,

  2. Please oh please tell me who, besides you, does your blinds? The light straw/grass/bamboo blinds. They’re perfect, simple and I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I really want them in my home! I love your aesthetic, love your look, love your jam! Please share your blind source!! Thank you–an adoring fan,

  3. Have also wondered frequently about the blinds. They are so hard to find that I have NONE on many of my windows. Please share a source

  4. Perfect 🙂 The look of the wall is amazing. And I love all your work and I’ve always waited for your every project. The room looks exemplary and serene added with loads of coziness, the bed, pillows, and blanket. Simply flawlessly perfect.

  5. This decorating scheme has a perfect balance of color and natural elements. Little touches such as the bamboo blinds provide a nice contrast to the patterns and colors in the rest of the décor.

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