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November 30, 2015

OK, so no doubt if you are a Pinterest-aholic like myself, there must be times when you think you have seen it I right? Its like, I LOVE to stalk the ole’ girl on the reg, but there are some days when indeed I say, screw this crap….Like last night. I was on my usual nightly client pin spree and general stalking sesh, when I happened upon the most lovely of houses….but like normal, the house looked familiar and I was confused. Had I seen it before… Pinterest, E-Zine, Blog…..Why, YES,YES I HAD! On all three I think,  but this time the house was shot in a completely different way. A new way that made it feel like a totally different house.

Its the home of super talent Stylist Jessica De Ruiter and originally I saw the photos of it over on C-Home mag HERE.  Recognize it??

Check out the newest images shot by Pia Ulin for Kinfolk Home and prepare to fall in love all over again…..or for the first time if you missed it before!



PU2 copy

PU5 copy


PU4 copy





(images by Pia Ulin)

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