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F yeah its Friday!!! We were successful in finding a new member to the team which is bitter-sweet. Sweet because our new gal is awesome, but bitter because today is Amy’s last day and I feel the panic setting in. Thank god for the all the distractions of clients and life, otherwise I would be in heavy wallow mode. Anyways, lets talk about my Friday thoughts on things and get on with it all shall we??!!

Friday Thoughts 10.9
1. With my hectic schedule lately and the desire to feel like Fall is in the air, I have been searching festive cocktail recipes. I stumbled on this “Hibernating Honey Bear” cocktail. With a name like that and ingredients like bourbon and honey sage syrup, you can bet your buttons a good buzz and delicious time will be had by all.

2. Although the weather has not changed a bit here in the sweltering valley of Los Angeles, I am still rocking sweaters and booties. Its fall in my wardrobe dammit. THIS sweater is doing it for me PLUS it’s 30% off at the moment. Use code OHFALL and see the savings. There is actually tons of cute stuff at MADEWELL so get your shop on.

3. I am planning a trip to New York soon and I have been researching places to stay. The Ludlow Hotel looks like a winner of a space, and so I have set my sights on it. Besides the fact that its beautiful, do any of you savvy peeps have a helpful review or two? Enlighten me with your hotel expertise.

4. I love cheese. I love cheese on cute cutting boards, cut with cute utensils. I also like wine with my cheese.. Now you know.

5. Are you on the hunt for the perfect Halloween “trick or treat” basket, sure to make all your friends jealous that they weren’t as smart as you were to think of using this basket for your candy hoards? I thought so. Well look no further, go HERE.

6. Have you all tried the Frank line of body scrubs yet? They are flipping amazing!!! Basically I am not really a buff and shine kinda gal, I prefer my regimen minimal and easy to maintain, so when I was told from a pal that I HAD to try the Frank scrubs I was slow to purchase. MAN am I glad I did. My usually dry and ashy skin (yeah girl I am ashy) has really perked up since using this scrub. I suggest you get yo’self some and lets chat about how awesome it is later.

7. Dear future Amber. Please don’t mock me for my obvious obsession with the copper trend. This table is just so pretty…


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Currently I am in full-blown design mode with Client Awesome and their new home. We are doing something totally different from the last house and it’s been so fun to be able to flex my creative muscle with this homes design. Ones of the millions of things we are currently sourcing has been lighting. We decided to add some copper elements to the mix to break from the typical brass accent!! I still love me some brass, don’t get me wrong,  but this house in particular is just calling for a break from the norm.  Because this project is under lock and key until it’s completely finished, I won’t divulge which (if any) of these I chose, but here are my fave options out there for the taking.



1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //

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Dudes…..Lets chat.

So every year exactly at this time, I get what I call my “fall feeling. I describe this as the feeling you get when you can sense that fall has come and there is change in the air. You wake up in the morning and its crisp outside and your bed is like a million times cozier and you want to stay home and make soup and cuddle.The blistering heat of the summer is going and people are generally less cranky and more chill. It’s basically the BEST time of year and has coincidentally been when a lot of big changes happen for me.  This year has been filled with plenty of big changes already so to add yet another feels a little stressful, but sadly another big fat change has come around…

I am seriously sad to say that one of my design assistants, Amy, will be leaving us to travel and do tons of fun things with her new hubby. Amy is basically the glue that holds this hot mess of a bizness together and in so many ways keeps me and the AID team in line. I am bummed and have groveled and begged for her to stay, but life is tugging her elsewhere. So I have to say goodbye to Amy and hello to someone who can fill her shoes ASAP.

which leads me to  announce that I AM HIRING…again

I have posted these when I was hiring before but we have grown so much and now really require our next team member to possess all the below attributes…. THIS JOB REQUIRES THEM. 

- You must have knowledge of CAD, photo shop, illustrator, excel, and quick books. If you can use a 3D rendering program that’s a MAJOR bonus or if you can do a good ole fashion hand drawn rendering that’s great also!! You can absolutely be new at these things, but a working knowledge is a requirement.

- You must know how to go into a home, measure accurately, take photos and create floor plans for clients. You are representing me and my company so being “presentable” is super important.

- Project management proficiency is required. You must pay attention to detail and be able to work closely with me to help manage our work schedules as well as production and vendor schedules. You need to be able to keep track of the client “to-do” list, keep the calendar up to date, follow-up with orders, keep invoices updated, and have an overall sense of what is going on in the office and what needs to be accomplished. This part of the job requires excellent organization skills. Ideally you would just instinctually keep my head screwed on straight, so that I can design and leave the daily running of the company up to you.

- You must be friendly, honest, and accountable. I am looking to hire someone to work really closely with me and my team, so you need to be drama free and have a sense of humor. It’s not a rare sight to see me stumble into work, disheveled and demanding comic relief and coffee.

- Graphic design skills & blog knowledge are a must. These two go hand in hand because I would love to find someone who wants to get involved with the blog and social media side of the job. Knowledge of Instagram, Pinterest, and wordpress would be amazing. The more you can do, the more of an asset you will become!

- A love of design and style as well as an up to date knowledge of whats happening in the design world is a MUST. I am talking blogs, and magazines, and all things design related. We currently only like to employ design obsessed nerds that have nothing better to do than geek out with me about the latest Domino mag. HA, I am totally kidding …and I am an equal opportunity employer,  so I would also hire interior dorks, design dweebs, fabric freaks, color geeks, and just plain Goobers.

- Great communication skills are necessary for this position. We are constantly talking to vendors, clients, customers, etc. and you need to be able to communicate with them as well as relay information from them to myself. We all like to be in the loop of what’s going on around here so we can be the most productive and efficient as possible. Have you ever played a game of telephone? Yeah, its kinda like that.

- You must be a self-starter and be able to work independently as well as collaborate with a team. I need somebody who is ready to tackle the day when they come into the office and get that we werk really hard and are non stop day in day out.


+ + +

Now lets talk about what in fact you will be doing on a day to day basis: 

This position will have you working from 9:00am to 6:00pm on a daily basis mainly from our new Design Studio with the flexibility to work a 50+ hour week sometimes.

You will be working closely with me and my design assistant to help design projects, create mood boards, organize fabrics, SHOP TILL YOU DROP, contact vendors and clients and arrange schedules, create purchase orders and invoices, and help maintain the blog & social media side of the business.

You must have a reliable car, live in LA, you must be an amazing note taker, and you MUST have a good attitude.  I like to surround myself with positive and creative people.

In your resume please include anything that is relevant to YOUR design and style. If you have a blog, send a link. Same with instagram, twitter feed, Pinterest… whatever you want me to see to show me who you are!

If you are currently still enrolled in school you can send me some of your school projects, as long as you feel like they truly define your style and who you want to be as a designer. If you know Photoshop (which you will need to know to qualify for this position) make me a mood board showing me your dream interior… Do something to stand out! Being professional is great, but I am a personable person, so the person I hire must ALSO be personable!

Los Angeles
depends on experience
Please email me at info@amberinteriordesign.com
include your resume into the body of your email please!!!
I am really looking forward to seeing some talent in my inbox, so send me it all!
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Before and After :: Office Bathroom

Being as that I decided to up and get myself an office really quick, I was forced to think on the fly and make fast decisions when purchasing the main pieces for the office. I was at the mercy of choosing items that had no lead times and that were budget friendly.  I only had 1 month to jazzy up the joint and the bathroom was pretty gross, so we focused on getting this little dungeon hammered out and added some life to it.

Here is what went down












// Sink Cabinet  // mirror // tiles // leather pulls // light /// Further hand soap // ceramic cup // rug // sink // faucet //

The bathroom is getting some fantastic wallpaper designed by yours truly !! (more on that later) but for now we just painted the walls all white.

not a bad little quick fix huh?

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Noteworthy : Amber Road

Time for a little Monday lusting to get the week started off with a bang.

I have been trolling the world wide web for some client inspo. Thanks to the blessed Pinterest  I was lucky enough to stumble on this article of The Cronulla Residence by sister design duo, Yasmine Ghoniem and Katy Svalbe of Amber Road. They’re a landscape architecture and interior design company based in Sydney– shocker I KNOW, and their style is just BEYOND. What the hell Australia?? When will you rub off on the United Stated of ‘Merica?  I swear there must be something in the water there…

Anyways, this whole project is swoon worthy… the monochromatic palette mixed with warm wood tones, the leather, the textures, the simplicity … the list really goes on and on.

Without further adieu, take a gander for yourselves:















All images by Prue Roscoe

Pretty great, right??!


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Birthday Fun

Its My Day of Birth today so I figured what would be more appropriate than to post the funniest video I have seen in a long time. As I age I realize that laughter is healing for me. When I watched this, I laughed so hard I fell over.

 Hope you do the same!


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// take it leave it //

Here is a round up of good ones!!! Interested to see your take on them all.





// 2



























Lets compare notes shall we??

1= leave :: 2=leave :: 3=take :: 4= take :: 5= take :: 6=leave :: 7= take :: 8=take :: 9=leave :: 10= take

what say you?

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