Simple Holiday Wrapping

In my Dream house, I would have a “gift wrapping rom”. Yeah thats right, an entire room designated to wrapping presents, because when you have a “dream house” why the hell not???

Every year I like to plan out my gift wrapping…. and this year is no different. I have decided to just keep things simple, because ain’t nobody got time to do much more this year, and plus, I don’t quite yet have a “gift wrapping room”

I have scoured the websticles, and found some ideas for simple holiday wrapping below.

Simple Holiday Wrapping

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 //

ALSO, check out this cute wrapping paper HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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It’s that time again lovelies…let’s play a little take it // leave it. Take a peek and tell me what y’all think!

09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 9


09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 7


09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 8


09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 5


09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 10


09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 6


09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 2


09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 4


09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 3


09.12 TAKE IT - LEAVE IT 1


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Top 10 – Gifts That Give Back

If you follow along on Instagram you may have seen that the Duck, G, and I went on a shopping spree for a local charity and did a whole lot of giving back. I have never really been in a position to be able to donate to a charity before, and I must say….I am high from how good it felt. I know it may sound crazy, but I feel like a million bucks after knowing that we will be putting smiles on a kids face and the fact that G was so elated to be able to fill 3 carts full of toys. Can you believe that she never asked once for her own toy! It was a proud mama moment, and to be honest, I could have kept going and going, and never stopping. If I didn’t get outta there, I would have donated a kidney next…it was intense. Anywhoooooo in the spirit of feeling all the feels and giving all the gives I have comprised a list of gifts from companies that also apparently love to give back.

It’s the holidays everybody…..Get in the spirit!

Top 10 - Gifts That Give


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10



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get the look bathroom

Happy Tuesday yaaa’ll. It’s ‘Get the Look’ time and I’ve chosen this bathroom below because well, YOU SEE WHY. Not only is it ahh-mazing but it reminds me of Client Freakin Fabulous – and she’s got some GOOOOD taste. Enjoy!

Get The Look  - Bathroom 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

photo source: Erin Williamson Design



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Not so new but totally NOTEWORTHY !!!

OK, so no doubt if you are a Pinterest-aholic like myself, there must be times when you think you have seen it I right? Its like, I LOVE to stalk the ole’ girl on the reg, but there are some days when indeed I say, screw this crap….Like last night. I was on my usual nightly client pin spree and general stalking sesh, when I happened upon the most lovely of houses….but like normal, the house looked familiar and I was confused. Had I seen it before… Pinterest, E-Zine, Blog…..Why, YES,YES I HAD! On all three I think,  but this time the house was shot in a completely different way. A new way that made it feel like a totally different house.

Its the home of super talent Stylist Jessica De Ruiter and originally I saw the photos of it over on C-Home mag HERE.  Recognize it??

Check out the newest images shot by Pia Ulin for Kinfolk Home and prepare to fall in love all over again…..or for the first time if you missed it before!



PU2 copy

PU5 copy


PU4 copy





(images by Pia Ulin)

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//designer quick tip//

Amber Interiors - Designer Quick Tip - 11-20

image source 

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Thanksgiving Shoppe Style

GOBBLE… GOBBLE… GOBBLE… Turkey Time is upon us.

Sometimes I wish I was a turkey, living the simple life. But then I am reminded that come Thanksgiving, nobody wants to be a turkey.

Anyways, clearly I am loosing my marbles, so let’s focus on what I am good at. Shoppe Stuff and Shoppe things arranged on a pretty mood board.

Amber Interiors - Shoppe Thanksgiving
// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 //

image source


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Amber Interiors X Framebridge

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 1

Are you guys familiar with that stomach pit feeling you get when you realize the holidays are just around the corner and you have absolutely zero time to get your house looking snazzy before every single family member or friend enters your home for some holiday fun?!?…well I am so happy to share a quick and easy way to refresh your space without wanting to pull your hair out because, seriously.. ain’t nobody got time to liven up their home especially right before the crazy holidays. If you don’t know this feeling then you are one lucky duck, but this post can still totally apply to you, so read on!

Sending off some of your favorite photos or art to be framed is a quick and effective way to refresh your home for the holiday season. You can easily use these newly framed pictures to create a gallery wall that will update and add a lot of interest to your space. Framebridge offers a really rad service where you can upload or send in your art (free of charge! woo!) and then they send it back to you beautifully framed and ready to hang. Doesn’t get any easier than that! They offer a variety of sizes and styles, but I was totally digging their Clean Collection, especially the Irvine Slim frame. Check out how Framebridge helped us update our little corner with an awesome gallery wall.

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 2

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 3

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 4

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 5

Check out this spiffy little gif showing me in action while pulling this gallery wall together.


The holidays can get a little cray cray when you don’t have the time to go out and search for the perfect gifts. Their variety of options make it easy to pick a gift for anyone, but I decided to stick with the Instagram “Mini,” because how can you say no to a tiny 5”x 5” frame displaying cool Instagram shots?!? We all know how much I love a little insta…take that and pair it with a clean white frame and it’s all over. So freakin’ good!! I wanted to give my clients a cute little gift, so I picked some of my fave Instagram photos of their house to get all framed up. Not only are they fun and unique gifts, but they are also a little more personalized, which is always a plus in my blog (get it? I have a blog…not a book). Anywayz, y’all should definitely do yo’selves a favor and also check out Framebridge for your holiday gift giving this year.

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 10

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 7

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 8

Framebridge loves y’all so much that they are offering all of you 20% off your first order! Just use the special code: AMBER20 and you’ll have beautiful frames photos/art waiting on your doorstep in no time. This offer expires 1/31/16, so don’t take too long deciding what you want to frame!

Prints + photography via: Tessa Neustadt

Shop the post // vintage chairs / sheepskin / indigo pillow / mud cloth pillow / call the Shoppe for info on the rug //

** The above content is a Sponsored post. I truly appreciate the support from my sponsors as it allows me to continue creating original and new content for you to read. Many Thanks!**

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Life According to my iPhone

Between traveling across the country, client installs, back to back design presentations, product sourcing, and all that other cray biz and life stuff in between, I thought it was time for a ‘life according to my iPhone’ update so you can get that ever so fun glimpse into the life of a loon!

So much has gone down over the past few weeks, so I picked only the stuff I figured you guys may want to see!

Me and the #AIDSquad took a little trip to NYC to visit our new client’s home in Connecticut. We will be introducing them soon, so keep checking back ’cause you don’t want to miss this one! I mean take a look at this beauty of a house…and let’s not forget the fact that it is sitting in the middle of beautiful fall trees with falling orange leaves that we all just couldn’t seem to get over. Us LA girls ain’t used to hanging out in seasons…so what a fun time to go drive around the country side!
Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 1

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 4

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I don’t like to travel without G….EVER. So I managed to make it my number one priority to get these two amazing human beings to join me in New York.  They did which made the whole trip that much better.

I know I may be biased, but c’mon how freaking cute is this picture?!?

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 3

Speaking of G, It freaks me out sometimes how adult like my fast growing  little 6yr old seems. She absolutely loves New York and declared this past trip that she plans on going to Parsons one day. She also told me ….and I quote “But Mama, I am not quite sure if I would like to be a fabric designer, I like clothes more”. I mean, she cracks me up but I am so enamored at how she has the insight to say this type of shit at 6…Whatever she decides.. this girl is a creative one and would make a designer #justsayin

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 15

We took full advantage of our time in New York and did some major sourcing for our clients. It was so nice to walk into stores that LA doesn’t have and pull things for our clients that will be way more unique back on the west coast.  We all  came back so inspired by everything we saw during our trip.


Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 2

Apparatus Studio

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 5

L’aViva Home

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 6

Oh Oh, and I was SO stoked to finally go visit the fabulous showroom Zak + Fox and hang with the uber talented fella himself Zak. He might be my favorite dude on all of  the east coast and I die over all of his textiles. They are all just SO good! I tried to sneak out valuable pieces of textiles, rugs, and lock myself in the sample library…but he kicked me out….fair enough, haha!

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 7

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 10

We went and visited the friendly folks at Dmitry & Co and I fell in love with everything!

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 17

We walked into a BEAUTIFUL tile showroom and y’all know I love a fab tile, especially if I can put my feet on it and snap a pic. Too bad the lady who didn’t help us at all was super rude, and treated me like crap…otherwise I would have mentioned them hear and probably bought the whole place up for our many projects going on… Oh Well, customer service was clearly dead in this store. Onwards and upwards!

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 14

We installed this little girl’s room for one of our clients and I LOVE it!  I want it for myself… for realz!

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 8

Keep a lookout for a blog post later in the week that will show you what this little vignette is all about…

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 9

Also a quick little update on #clientradtrad and the uh-mazing paint color in their dining room.

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 13

I also have a lot of updates of #clientZtotheEtotheN. I am drooling over the tile in their bathrooms and can’t wait for this install to show the full reveal. It’s gonna be quite the Before and After!

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 12

Amber Interiros - Life According to my iPhone - 16

That’s all for now folks! Hopefully we can get it together over here and be more consistent in our blog posts again. I swear we did not forget about y’all….I can just barely remember where I am at the moment. Don’t leave me!!

Love you // mean it.

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Artist Spotlight: Lily Stockman

hey….. Hey… HEYYYY!!!

 Lily Stockman where have you been all of my life??? You are doing so much right with your art, I can’t even handle it!

For real-zies, you should all do yourselves a frickin’ favor and stalk Lily Stockman’s work like I have been doing. I’ve already started the process for you by displaying some of my top picks below, but you should totally go choose  your own faves by clicking here.

Tell her you saw her work on my bloggy and maybe she will email me so we can be besties…..or something, HA!

Amber Interiors - Artist Spotlight - Lily Stockman

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