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+ killer etsy +

Fourth of July is definitely one of my holidays. We didn’t do much more then chill out with friends and family but this year G watched fireworks, and totally comprehended what was going on. Holy COW her reaction made my life! She was in awe..Oohing and awwwing at every single flicker of light. “Mama that one was my favwate, was it your favwate too?” Gahhhh the best! Watching how excited she gets about these seemingly small events, makes everything in life sweet and put so much in perspective.

Anywhoo, I am back to work and ready to face the week! Lets wrap up some of my recent fave etsy finds..

Killer Etsy 7.7 sconce | photograph | ceramic bowls | plant standbrass himmeli | suede lounge chairsticker pack | mug trio


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life according to my iPhone

Happy almost freaking Friday!! I won’t bore you by saying what a week….I say that shit every freaking week. It will be the most awesome thing when I say.. “Nothing happened this week..it was  boring , I sat on my arse and watched Bravo”

Cant imagine this scenario happening anytime soon, so in the meantime…here is the haps on my phone, which makes me  happy


Dr. Client Clients got some stuff going on… this makes me thrilled!

this Nursery is to cute for words..



these chairs are getting all dolled up in a fresh batch of white linen ..yum


these custom tiles will be the death of me. We have been back and forth with a plain white background or a stained off white background…in the end I think the white ground won


built-ins galore!


this vintage rug was made into an ottoman.. success!


the wood is a custom coffee table, the green is a painted dining table ,and the fabrics  are cushions for a banquette…

PURE rustic modern heaven.


behind the scenes our work area looking less like this


and more like this…

scattered chaos, with invaluable style advice from Stella the cat.


Shoppe acquired even more pillows…but these are so special they may just go into the hoard or to client homes..



BTW we do custom…check the size on that LUMBAR! Perfect for a King size bed, no???


We were featured in DOMINO!!! yesss, its small…but its something! I’ll Take it


and finally, this little baby bird has gone pink!! I am so obsessed with it, I think I may copy her


we have fun


and I know she is my child, and all Moms think there kid is super smart, blah blah…..but she is a prodigy. Look at what she painted and then named “Red Guitar”


 To end this post on a cool and super happy, good vibes, peace love, and pink unicorns note..

You want to know whats awesome???

When things you want and wish for come to fruition and good shit happens to good people. I have shared in the past but very minimally that my Hubs (the Duck) was in a band. Well ,some crazy, unthinkable, and frankly unspeakable, repulsive shit went down about two years ago that ended the Ducks 15 year career as a musician.  We are talking multi platinum record sales, playing stages to 80,000+ people and really living out his dreams to the fullest.  When it all came to a dramatic and crashing halt, we struggled as a family to figure out what his next step was. He struggled as an accomplished musician to just deal with the creative lull he was now forced to reckon with as well as the drowning sense that it may all be over for him, professionally speaking. Could he face the music industry, or would “guilt by association” crush his and his fellow band mates squeaky clean reputation?  Through what could have wrecked anyone for life, he rose above it all and went back to the studio with the other 4 members of his old band. They have been pretty top-secret about it all, but as of yesterday the tunes were released to rave reviews!! Being that the majority of the band members hail from the UK, most of the hype was in Britain, but literally the outpour of support has been remarkable. Its been nothing short of AMAZING actually, and humbling beyond words .


I thought about not posting this, but you know what…this is my blog, this is my life, you guys are not dumb, and maybe some of you already know and feel its screwy that I have never shared a bit of our personal life outside of all the fluffy pretty stuff. I am real, our problems and dramas are real, and our triumphs are also real. Love it or hate it, its my story:) Anyways, the point here is to never give up..Life can flip the switch on you, and really be strange, but in the grand scheme we have one crack at it. There is no chance to do it over and so why not do what makes you happy?

 If you to want to throw some support their way check out the website, and hell you can even buy some songs on iTunes!

I will be signing off for the holiday weekend but be safe out there, have a beer-garita, and enjoy yo selves…

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// Get the Look //

Get The Look 7.2 art // sconce // sofa // rug // side table // pillows // table lamp // stool // books


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+ Artist Spotlight +

I love when your pals are cooler than you and know about all things awesome, like MAJE emerging artists.

Recently, my pal Lily B. introduced me to the super talent Anna Ullman, a rad artist that is definitely worth checking out. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of canvases and y’all should too before her work BLOWS UP! I just hung “Out of Shape” in the office and love it.

Peep her site or her insta for her latest artwork and maybe send some love her way:) Tell her Amber sent ya!
Artist Spotlight Ana Ullman

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:: Monday Quotes ::


On Sunday Morning I woke up with some alarming nerves and worries . It was strange and overwhelming and at first I couldn’t quite put my finger on what exactly it was that was causing such a tremendous flood of emotion. My Mom had taken G for the night and so I took advantage of the Sunday morning silence and thought long and hard about what was troubling me.  In my mind I walked through family stuff, and friend stuff, and work stuff , and everything seemed pretty normal. I sifted through each category and tried to weed out what in particular was tripping me out. Family is cool, Friends are great, and work…its amazing, but what was waking me up on Sunday morning when I had the chance to sleep in??? And then it hit me…..I am freaked out to try new things in my life. I am not talking about trying a new sushi dish, or a new lip gloss.. or even a new haircut and color. I am freaked out about breaking the mold I created for myself and putting myself in uncomfortable (to me) positions. I recently was presented with a super new and possibly awesome opportunity, and  to be honest I am scared, nervous, and definitely feeling a little out of my “comfort zone”.  I am not gonna fish and even ask if you all feel the same way, because I know you do in some capacity. We all do….but how do we move past this?

My only solutions was, baby steps..

I am taking a vow for the next 30 days to try something new each and every day. Even if it’s washing my hair with a different shampoo, I am gonna do it as an exercise to prove “fear is mostly mental and I will stand in my own way if I don’t let it go!”. I want to live the one shot we get at life to its absolute fullest and try to do it all…even if I fail. Rather try and fail than have not tried at all.

If you follow me on Instagram then I urge you to join along! It will be so cool to see what your version of trying something new is.

Tag #itriedit30 and show a little photo of something you did that was out of your norm.

Happy Inspired Monday lovers


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+ Friday Thoughts on Things +

After a mad outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease at summer camp, we played hookie yesterday and went to my happy place– DISNEYLAND!! Happy early weekend to me!

A few thoughts for the week…
Friday Thoughts 6.27


1 // Flipping out over this majorly cool bed from Pottery Barn. Pretty positive the “Corbin” belongs in my house!! It’s even on sale for the 4th- go and get yoself one!

2 // Have you guys heard of Gold + Gray Jewelry?? I am obsessed with my Shark tooth & Arrowhead necklaces layered with one another.

3 // Yum yum and yum, I have been guilty of gorging on ice cream so far this whole summer… I have a feeling I’ll be packin on the pounds, but it’s all cool! Check out this super easy Blackberry Ice Cream recipe – only 4 ingredients!!

4 // Dream catchers are the quintessential Boho chic home accessory. Up your hippie game and get one

5 // I recently got an email from this crazy talented artist Jennifer Flannigan and I am so glad I did! Her artwork is amazing… And affordable! Take a look at her shop!

6 // This Tunic by Free People is EVERYTHING. I would live in this everyday this summer if it was acceptable.

7 //  We’ve been busy in the office designing for a few big projects and threw a scheme together with some pretty rad indigo. Stella, the shoppe cat, got down with it too. Peep the Shoppe, we just got a ton of new inventory including the “Pinkie” rug and some amazing vintage indigo.  #shoppeisdope

Happy weeekend lovers!

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I have been a long time fan of Artist Carla Fletcher, so it was no surprise that when I stumbled upon a really rad house on Pinterest,  It was no shocker that it belonged to Carla and her Man Candy hubby Brett Langsford. I have asked this question a plethora of times and I will ask it again…..WHY IS AUSTRALIA SO FREAKING COOL?? AND WHY HAVE I NEVER BEEN THERE? AND WHY IS EVERYONE GOOD LOOKING?? Or if they are not super good looking than , they dress cool, and talk cool, and have great hair?


Anyways, It remains a universal mystery, but regardless I am happy that the Aussies keep cranking out so much awesome inspiration. Carla and Her hubby’s  house tour was featured over on The Design Files  and as expected its laid back, its comfy, and its so effortless it kinda makes me angry that I will in fact, never be this cool. Plus is just an added insult to injury that the couple is soooo good looking. Lets review and then leave feeling terrible about ourselves.

Haha, just kidding…kinda








+ source +

yep, see what I mean..Its freaking great.

Now go on about your day daydreaming about this for a bit.

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Project: Cupcakes {living room}

Time for another little “Before and After” of Project:Cupcakes!! This little portion of the remodel was super fun!!We got to build a little and paint a lot, and Emily And Geoffrey got down with some fun patterns and colors.

I would say this space really reflected both of their wants, needs, and personalities pretty equally. It ended up being a fave place in the house to chill out and have a cocktail…In fact, let it be known that I may have overstayed my welcome a few times!

Sorry not sorry!!!

anyways, lets review




a little dark, a lot of gold, and definitely in need of a fresh prospective.  And now…








 (image credit (Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere)


So, what did we do??

Let’s discuss

PAINT: The space before was pretty dark and even though the ceilings are nice and high and the light streams in through the big window, the dark painted gold ceilings really shrunk the space and sucked up any light that came in. We lightened it all up by painting Faded Gray by Dunn Edwards in Satin on the walls and painted the once gold ceiling a bright white instead!

REMOVED WINDOW DISPLAY CABINET: The room originally felt very long and tall . One of the things we knew immediately was that the display cabinet thingy had to go because it only drew attention to the difficult shaped room. It was not quite centered on the room, and so it just made everything feel a little awkward and would have been hard to figure out the right furniture flow.So we framed it up and filled it in with drywall. Once it got painted, it really helped us have a better wall to put the sofa and seating area on and made the room feel a little more symmetrical.

BUILD BUILT-IN BOOKCASES: Em and G have a great collection of books, and G has a killer record player that they both love to listen to. We decided to build a giant bookcase with cabinetry for storage below and a shelf to put the record player on top. It ended up being really beautiful, and although originally Emily and Geoffrey were worried it may take up to much room in the space, it didn’t at all! It actually weirdly made the room feel larger. They were so pleased with the end results and so was I. My new modo is, when in doubt, build it out…can I make that a thing??no, yes?HA!

FLOORS: The floors also played a big part in making the space feel much darker. We sanded the floors back to the original white oak wood and put on a light walnut stain. The stain kept the vibe of the original house, but added a little more of a clean modern spin.

CHANGE OUT THE FIREPLACE SCONCES: The sconces that were there, felt a little dated. We added 2 bright new brass fixtures that brought in the finish of the hardware on the built-ins and throughout the kitchen and house. Every fireplace needs a library arm sconce in my book!

PAINT THE FIREPLACE: The red brick fireplace was a little too traditional for the new updated vibe we were going for.  High gloss black was what we painted the brick and it sure did make a hell of a fancy impact!!

ADD SEAT CUSHIONS: We learned that those cute little built-in seats next to the fireplace were called an “inglenook”. Talk about charming! Em and G wanted to keep the charm, but funk it up a little, so we did just that. Recently the couple went to Mexico and Emily scored a gorgeous Ottomi embroidered blanket. She really loved the idea of bringing it into the living room, and so it ended up in the inglenook! I mean Ottomi cushions in the inglenook..obvs!

FURNITURE & DECOR: The room screamed that it needed a little leather (lethaa) and so we got the BEST SOFA from Restoration Hardware , added a splash of color with these cute chairs from Crate and Barrel , plonked a killer Beni Ourani style rug on the floor for cozy texture, found the perfect Coffee Table (similar HERE) , added some amazing artwork from über talent Gray Malin and topped it all off with some pillows from the Shoppe, These and These.

And thats all for now lovers. Hope you likey! Head over to Emily’s blog to hear a bit more about the process!

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+ Summer Jams +

Hope you all had a fantastic good first day of summer!!! We hung at home and drank Margs in the pool, and it was absolutely perfect. With summer officially here, we made a sweet new playlist. Here are a few beats on repeat at casa Lewis.

Take a listen.

Summer Jams 6.23

+ source +

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