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It’s been a while since I scoured the fruits of the Etsy orchard.(ahem that was cheesy)

Anyways, I found some really radical and inexpensive stuff.

Check it out! 2.27

ConcreteGeometric + JenniferFlanniganart + susansimonini + MarzDesignsShop + BespokeGlassTile + amywaltz + SarahKBenning +

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Friday thoughts on things….but my real thoughts on things

3dec474fb9562ac07671bf49f848e54e It’s friday, and normally I would do a little Thoughts on Things but I have some real life thoughts on things I think we should discuss.  If you follow along on IG you would see that I proposed a question about whether or not you would support the idea if I opened up a large retail store, instead of the current apt. only small office space I have. This is not a new thought to cross my mind and quite honestly I have toyed with the idea for years.  As the Shoppe continues to grow and we continue to expand,  it’s becoming more and more clear that maybe this could be a big and ballsy move for me….but a good one.

Before I was an interior designer I worked in an interior design retail store for many years. I styled the displays and sold the products and I really enjoyed it, but the thought of being able to curate a space that would be completely my own little thought up dreamland is kinda a big flipping deal.  I have had my eye on the specific space for a long while. Funny thing about this space is I wanted it a year ago, but it was taken by another interior design showroom type place…..and I guess some personal stuff has gone on with the tenant and so I have a rare opportunity to swoop right on in. It seems a bit like a series of fortunate and unfortunate events that have led me to this moment and I am trying to listen to what my heart is saying to do. Sorry to get so emotional and deep on a blog post, but you readers have helped me get to where I am today, so your opinion matters.

What do you all think? Am I senile, have I lost the plot, did I eat paint chips as a kid????

Any insight would be every so kind!!

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Here is a big fat bunch of rooms I think we should all judge the shit out of… Because that’s just fun times. So, whatchallthinkboutthese (that’s a real word)

:: 1 ::


:: 2 ::


:: 3 ::


:: 4 ::

living area

:: 5 ::


:: 6 ::


:: 7 ::


:: 8 ::


:: 9 ::


:: 10 ::


images found here:

 :: 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8 :: 9 :: 10 ::


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Top 10: Alternative Island Light Fixtures

Amber Interiors TOP10 - ALT LIGHTING


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Designer Quick Tip

Happy flippin’ friday y’all!

On my way to Mammoth and can’t wait to swim around in the sloshy stuff [aka 70 degree weather snow].

Have a great weekend lovers!

Make the Best of a Small Space

image found here

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+ Artist Spotlight: Kai Samuels-Davis +

I love me an old worldy oil painting and usually I scour the flea markets to find the perfect one. Preferably a portrait, a nude, or a sea scene…..so when I stumbled upon artist Kai Samuel-Davis I was elated. Affordable oil painting vibes to add to a galley wall is nothing but great in my book.

Check her out!

Artist Kai Samuels-Davis

Kai Samuels-Davis

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I swear its 80 degrees in So Cal and I have a fiery pit of Anger raging in my insides because I just want a little cold and rain…..especially since it’s February and has rained probably 3 times in 6 months. Anyways, since I am forced to start thinking about warmer climates and happy sunny shit….I figured we should all get a dose of this Spanish ocean view home in all its glory. Especially all of your east coasters currently freezing your extremities off.

Get your salvation on…..drool-worthy













images via here


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I did Some Wallpaper Y’all

For the past few months I have been working on a small line of wallpapers. I have refrained from talking about it too much because I am ridiculously  superstitious and generally insane when it comes to these things. I spend hours and hours freaking out that it’s going to be awful and everyone is gonna hate it and then in turn hate me. And then a massive email CC’ing everyone in the universe but me will be sent, telling the whole of humanity to turn its back on me and I will be banished and left alone, cold and rejected while people throw things at me from their windows as I am forced to parade down the streets with a dunce cap on…. Dramatic I know, but the struggle is real.

Anyways, that thankfully has not happened, so I am now ready to officially talk all about it!!!

The whole thing was a collaboration with Studio Four in New York and 2 other of my fave designers Brian Paquette and Angie Hranowsky. It’s out and available to purchase through Studio Four and eventually on Shoppe.

We were lucky enough to get out to New York for the launch and I was super impressed with the way Studio Four set up the showroom! It was a cool way to showcase all of the designs and see them on a larger scale!

FYI Brian’s is far right, Angie’s are in the middle, and mine are far left.



Here are the names and patterns next to each. For resale, we went kind of mellow on the color schemes, but the paper can be made in custom colors…so I am dying to see Shibori in bright, bright pink!!


Also, in super exciting news.. the wallpapers got some press in March’s House Beautiful mag!! It’s my first time being in this magazine and it’s rad and I am totally trying to play it cool…..but SQUEAL!

FullSizeRender 2


Anyways, I am eager to use this paper in a project or 2.

Hope you guys like.

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Friday: thoughts on things



1 // Since I can’t cook I have become fixated with this blog about cooking. My top fave “food blog” of the moment is A Cozy Kitchen. It’s filled with yummy recipes that although I most definitely would destroy, I can appreciate! Halibut in a papillote //

2 // I am pretty into this clutch. Anyone have it yet? Is it just as cute in person?

3 // I want to go to HERE. The Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. Anyone ever been?

4 //# IDIE for these moccasins! I already own the similar style in sandals..but who cares right? More tassels the better in my book.

5 //Add these little  sonora cocktail napkin to your bar for a little POP.

6 // Apparently water is good for you, ha! I get super bored of water so THIS little citrus zinger is the answer to it all!

7 // THIS necklace with THIS fave white tee. Nuff said

8 // I started wearing earrings again, these staple studs are understated yet pretty. I love!

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I wish I could show Before and Afters every single blog post. …Seriously I love seeing the transformations. It’s so nice to see the grand finale and put an end to all the work that goes into each project. Its like putting a giant check mark on the ever-growing check list of my work life. With this cute project, we were contacted to help this family (who live primarily in Canada) with their home here in Los Angeles. The family is young and hip and the house has a ton of character and charm. The master had a beige-ish grass cloth that we had to work around, so we tried to brighten up the space with blues, grays, and rusty tones throughout. The result is a traditional, bohemian, cali-cool vibe that we so dearly love around Ambular Interiors.



:: AFTER ::


 Images Via: Tessa Neustadt

:: BEFORE ::


 :: AFTER ::




Images Via: Tessa Neustadt

:: BEFORE ::



:: AFTER ::





 Images Via: Tessa Neustadt

Watcha Think? Cutest Canadians Ever right??!!

As always, I wish I could give you all of my sources for everything seen here,  but out of respect to my clients who have paid a fee for this info, I will give you all a “get the look” post soon! Thanks for understanding and being amazing.

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