I wish I could show Before and Afters every single blog post. …Seriously I love seeing the transformations. It’s so nice to see the grand finale and put an end to all the work that goes into each project. Its like putting a giant check mark on the ever-growing check list of my work life. With this cute project, we were contacted to help this family (who live primarily in Canada) with their home here in Los Angeles. The family is young and hip and the house has a ton of character and charm. The master had a beige-ish grass cloth that we had to work around, so we tried to brighten up the space with blues, grays, and rusty tones throughout. The result is a traditional, bohemian, cali-cool vibe that we so dearly love around Ambular Interiors.



:: AFTER ::


 Images Via: Tessa Neustadt

:: BEFORE ::


 :: AFTER ::




Images Via: Tessa Neustadt

:: BEFORE ::



:: AFTER ::





 Images Via: Tessa Neustadt

Watcha Think? Cutest Canadians Ever right??!!

As always, I wish I could give you all of my sources for everything seen here,  but out of respect to my clients who have paid a fee for this info, I will give you all a “get the look” post soon! Thanks for understanding and being amazing.

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re-source-full :Buddy Editions

Where has this great art resource been all of my life, and why am I only NOW seeing it? Yes, it’s true, I am living under a rock, and all you hip lovers probably already know all about Buddy Editions , so bear with me for a second while I obsess a bit and catch up.

What do I love the most about Buddy Editions??? The art is super unique, it’s incredibly affordable, and its a small biz, which I always prefer to send some support to.

I picked a few of my faves below, but lemme just note this was not easy. I decided either a client or myself desperately needed almost half of the whole site, and no doubt you will soon too!



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++ Get the look ++

I love One Kings Lane…I always have. So it was awesome when yesterday I got my regular daily email notification to shop a new collection and I see one of my past projects smack dab on the front page!!


So I thought since they took a stab at “getting the look”, I figured it would be much better if it came from me instead, right!

Here is my way to get this look!

OKLget thelook

// bed // table lamps // wall mirrors // small side table // bedside tables // sofa // pillows  // glass balls // wood tray // art 1 // art 2 //suzani // jute rug // //faux orchids // woven bench //

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Friday: thoughts on things


1//V-Day is coming up, and I refuse to be subtle in my approach this year with The Duck…..So, HEY FOOL I WANT THESE BANGLE BRACELETS. Thanks, I love you!

2//I am designing a few cute kids rooms at the moment and I am using THIS cute mobile as an accent in one of them. It’s also kinda cool that it doubles as a wind chime. Maybe its melodic sounds will mellow out everyone in the house, especially the tween who’s room it’s for, HA!

3// I am not really and eyeshadow girl per say, however lately, as I age…and my not so fresh face starts to get me down, I have been heading for a little eyeshadow to brighten my eyes. I feel like THIS PALETTE from The Balm is the perfect way to get every color you may need but all in one spot.

4//Lets discuss all the elements of THIS BAG that literally make it perfect….fringe=check, olive green=check, Valentino=check, out of my price range=check

5// I am not late to the game or anything but ole’ NATEY B has gone and done it again…..Damn Nate and his awesome use of bringing hip design to the masses

6// This quote is a fantastic reminder that we are all trying to just figure it out sometimes, and that it’s OK to just let our journey’s be what they will be.

7// THESE bright-hued beauties are available for your purchasing pleasure over on Shoppe…which BTW is getting ANOTHER face-lift that will go live in April. I can’t wait to show you all the new goodies we will be carrying.

8// I have spoken about the best Pajama line EVER, Maison Du Soir before, but I have yet to own every piece in the gorgeous collection. I have my eye on THIS two piece set. I think it would make a perfect V-Day gift!!

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TOP TEN: Poofs and Ottomans

I am currently in the Tundra, better know as New York City, braving the cold and quite honestly enjoying every second of it. I am here for a couple of cool meetings and parties, which I will gladly discuss next week when I return. In the meantime, I wrapped up some top 10 poofs and ottomans I think we can all appreciate.


++ 1 ++ 2 ++ 3  ++ 4 ++ 5 ++ 6 ++ 7 ++ 8 ++ 9 ++ 10 ++

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Best Of: Benches!

best of benches

So many times I am scouring the world wide webs and I will stop and gawk at an image of a killer console, or bench, or chair, or bookcase whatever. This new series I am bringing is gonna focus on some fave finds and what I am considering “Best Of”. Lets kick this off with a little Best Of: The Bench with a pic of my talented gal pal Sally King Benedict‘s spread from Domino a while back….still in my Top 5 fave home tours I would say…

Sally King Benedict

Image Credit: Brittany Ambridge for Domino

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NOTEWORTHY: ZAK + FOX and his Foxy digs

I Am a mad huge fan of the textile guru Zak + Fox. If you picked up the last issue of Domino mag you most likely saw and drooled over the full spread on his killer New York abode. It was so worthy that even though Domino and Domaine and I am sure 9 trillion other design savvy bloggers have already talked about this house…..I refuse to let that detour me from talking about it again. It’s really that good!

See for yourself if you have not already.







(images by Brittany Ambridge for Domino)

Amazing right?? Want to know whats even MORE amazing???  OKL has just launched an exclusive furniture line featuring pieces designed by Zak + Fox in an exclusive line of patterns!

There are some really versatile pieces available at affordable prices.


// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

also in case you didn’t know…I sell some Zak + Fox pillows on the Shoppe HERE


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artist spotlight :: Jessica Bell


Hope ya’ll had a schnazzy weekend! The Duck is finally home again and I am no longer on single mom duty which calls for a little celebration!!

In a pin hole, I came across this lovely artwork by the talented Vancouver, British Columbia based artist Jessica Bell. I love her mixed media pieces… the colors are totally on point. I’m currently on the hunt for some killer artwork for a few clients– do you lovers have any fave arteests I should know about?! 

Love ya mean it. Happy day!


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Friday thoughts on things: 1/15/15




1. We have booked a ski trip in February, so I am shopping for snow related items. I have always wanted a pair of these bad boys, soooo I got me some.

2. Loving this cute little coat rack! The colors mixed with black and bras are pretty adorable.

3. The Tangent Notebooks will provide a stylish place for you to rage about life, or just jot down some to-do’s

4. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple pairs of these jeggings. Flattering and comfy….not to mention  on sale with a buy 1 get one 50% off deal!

5.I am gonna give this book a try. Anything to ease my crazy a bit, I will give a go!

6. I Spy DIY made these cute little DIY coffee cups. On the list of “DIY’s I’d like to try)

7. Can anyone say “Peanut Butter Banana Coffee Shake“. How can this be anything but amazing and worthy of trying out the recipe yo self.

8. I have my eyes on some pastel bedding for a couple of clients. I am crushing on this amethyst linen bedding from West Elm, as well as their other pastel color offerings. It’s such an easy way to breathe some fresh air into the bedroom! (image via here)

happy Friday lovers!

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Glossy Gloss: Good HouseKeeping

I was contacted a while back by the sweet folks over at Good Housekeeping mag about publishing Dr. Client Clients Pad… I said yeah! and it came out yesterday!

Peep the article and support a sister and go grab one for shiggle’s






all photos by the lovely and uber talented Tessa Neustadt

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