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1 // We are wrapping up my “Client Freaking Fabulous’s” Kitchen and living room. It’s really beyond gorgeous if I do say so myself and I  am excited for the big reveal! Hopefully next week I should have some yum yum yummy “after” photos for you to feast your eyes on.

2 // It is a little known fact that capes are indeed extremely flattering, and the perfect “go to” closet staple for a night out, a casual dinner, or a quick meeting with a client. THIS one is my fave and comes in black, white, and my personal fave pink!

3 //  THESE little pendant lights would look adorable in a little girls bathroom! White subway, round mirror, and some funky pink hex tiles is what I see happening!!

4 // Since I will now be “going to work” for the first time in years I keep thinking of all the fun things that come with the territory. Packing a lunch is one such thing that gets me pumped for my new work life . THIS delicious looking meal is how I hypothetically would like to plan my meals. In reality, I will probably be shoving my face at the Paquito Mas most days, but I can aim high for a bit.

5 // THESE chairs are perfect for a little breakfast table. The black is cute and the caning is great. Throw a cute little cushion on them and Voilà!

6 // The CASEY rug is oh so worthy.

7 // I am definitely not a makeup gal. It’s a rare occurrence if I even get chance to wash my face most day, let alone slap on a face full of make-up…however lately I am making an effort to be a little more lady-ish. I invested in some fancy lip gloss and ditched the cherry chapstick. THIS Nyx combo is great for a little lip pick me up. It has all the colors covered but doesn’t make me feel awkwardly over girled.

8 // Anything titled “Yarn Tasseled Yarn Bobbles” is something I want to know about. This DIY is nothing short of cute and I think with all my spare time, I will try it out.

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Some houses you just can’t shake. For me I obsess over them and think about every last detail over and over. Being inspired by a house is the best feeling to me. It’s like falling in love a little which is always fun times. This house belonging to Chay Wike of amazing boutique CHAY, was featured on Domino a while back and my design crush is still going strong.

Here is why….











(images source)

The mix of eclectic, bits of feminine, a little bohemian, and kinda polished is just right in my eyes.

am I right or am I right?

Happy Thursday!

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All I want to do is Glamp

Summer is not really going anywhere here in Sunny So-cal…SO I am still wanderlusting a fancy Glamping trip.

With the amount of work I have going on,  this is probably unlikely so I figured I could mood board what my glamping trip would look like and maybe vicariously live through other people’s awesome glamp stories. Anyone have any awesome recommendations of spot to go in California…preferably by a lake, a river, or even a stream!


++ fire pit + lounge chairs + blanket/towel + geometric rug + picnic basket + Tipi + moscow mule cups + compass + outdoor lights ++

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:Life according to my iPhone:

Monday Monday Monday ……Woohoo MONDAY.

We are officially moving into the office this week! HOLY SHIZZZZ it’s finally really real and I couldn’t be more excited. I am so ready to get the hell out of my house and into a separate work environment. Although we have had a crazy amount going on, my phone is totally full so I can take about one picture a week…then have to erase everything on my photo album in order to snap anymore. It’s annoying, so this weeks “life according to” is a little weak. However, I will proceed! This is whats been happening lately..according to my iPhone.

We installed Dr.Client Clients last week!!! It came out amazing, and I am super pleased, but we are still putting finishing touches on it so won’t have final pics for a while.




 The office has made a little progress, but this week the BIG stuff is gonna be happening, Built-ins, floors, lighting, barn door, kitchenette….desk stuff, landscaping etc.. Its move in time for sure!

photo 2


Client Freakin Fabulous” is moving fast along. Cabinets are in and now the back countertops and backsplash. Paint is up next and then its move in time!

IMG_8135 IMG_8136

IMG_8110 We have been designing furniture, and buying like mad. We finally have some pieces in our possession and they will be making their way to Shoppe soon.

photo 1



Speaking of Shoppe we have tons of new pillows  that have just been added! This combo is a current fave.


 This weekend was spent snuggling my big baby girl.  Its amazing how much I love her more and more with each second. Somedays I want to freeze time and stop her from growing…but I also want her to thrive. MAN kindergarten is taking quite the emotional toll on me.



So there you have it, Life lately!!

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Take It // Leave It

Well this has been a whirlwind week! I totally didn’t mean to leave the blog for 3 days with no peep, but life got the best of me! Lets see, what the hell have I been up to that warrants blanking this little place??….Well, Big BIG things happened such as Gwynnie starting Kindergarten. In a nutshell,  I have become an irrational, paranoid, over protective, anxious, loony toon.  The past few days have gone like this… I instantly wake up with a pit in my stomach feeling really nervous for her. All kinda of crazy thoughts run through my head. “Will she make friends, will the teachers pay attention to her needs, will she feel scared, will she tell the teacher if she needs to pee, will she escape and run off with the circus??”Literally,  for the last 2 days, when it comes time for the dreaded drop off  I feel awful. Kinda like I am paddling out to sea in a rowboat, then sawing my leg off, and throwing it overboard into the ocean, blindfolding myself, jumping into the water and swimming around aimlessly until I find my leg and prevent being attacked by a shark or bleeding out, and then making it back to shore safely. Can you even imagine WHAT that must feel like?? For 5 hours a day its like this, and then magically she comes home and all is right with the world. No sharks, or missing limbs, just apprehension for tomorrows drop off.  Its dramatic, no doubt, but she is actually just fine and I am left faced with the harsh reality that this is MY problem…not hers. I no doubt am screwing her up by my irrational emotional outburst just saying goodbye. I am sure it’s totally unhealthy, but I am working on trying to sort that out.

In work related news, we finally installed My Dr. Client Clients and I am really pleased with it. I am patiently waiting to show you the full “before and after” until I have the house photographed by a pro. My lame photog skills just won’t cut the mustard on this beauty of a project. We also started on another small little remodel project, are still working away on Client Freakin Fabulous, and are ALMOST ready to move into the design studio. Work is fab and we are busy which is never a bad thing, so no complaints there.  I am in design mode on a few projects so I have been perusing Pinterest  and saw some rooms which made me ask the question…would you take it or leave it?

What say you???


Take it: Leave it

// 1 // c32316193730b126d44defe1b80d5939 :: source ::

// 2 //

bloodandchampagne6909 :: source ::

// 3 //

f9a10c4797430ee5cd08b79f2a736e52 :: source ::

// 4 //

0567fe8ab587256ebc7e069c3a934bf9 :: source ::

// 5 //

b8fb587fba8b7ceefdd184aea4e0eda5 :: source ::

// 6 //

c2cbd2adcb9f19cacd966bc47cffde7c :: source ::

// 7 //

04b949c1e26899b7b4b5308893e3aee7 :: source ::

// 8 // 
49dc9768530705b514097a7941607a35 :: source ::


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< just some things >

Happy Monday! We have a full week of installs here!! We are finally installing Client Dr. Dr’s house in its entirety and I couldn’t be more excited. We are also getting all the built-ins installed at the office which literally means we are 2 weeks away from final move in date!! WOOHOOOOOO

In the meantime, while we wait for photos… lets all lust after some things.



1 >> 2 >> 3 >>  >> 5 >> 6 >> >>8 >> 9 >> 10



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Introducing “client freakin fabulous”

Recently, we started a new project with some lovely clients down in Newport Beach CA. We can’t say enough about how great the whole experience thus far has been. In fact it has been “Freakin’ Fabulous” hence why we have lovingly dubbed them  “Client Freaking Fabulous”.  Literally, they are so amazing, and EASY ….our conversations typically sound like this….

ME: “Hey Client Freaking Fabulous how about this, that, and a little bit of this and that?”

CFF:” Sure, Love, Lets do it…whatever you say designer chick..you are great and what you say goes”

HA, I mean it doesn’t really sound like that…but close enough to make me very content with this project. PLUS we have been blessed to be working with the most wonderful of General Contractors Forehan Construction. RICK the main man in charge, is nothing but accommodating. Our conversations with him and his beyond competent team typically go like this:

ME: ” Hey RICK, can you remodel this entire house in a month with “x” amount of dollars and deal with anything I throw at you in a calm and kind way and be really patient and awesome. OH and always come from a place of “yes” and maintain your sense of humor? “

RICK: ” SURE, no problem. I am RICK and I can do everything you ask and more with a smile”

He is a magical sparkly unicorn man, and in my experience contractors like him are few and far between. TRUST ME!! Good contractors are like GOLD. Anyways, we have ripped into “Client Freakin Fabulous’s” house and in full swing remodel mode. We have done a lot, but for now this is where we are at thus far. Lets see some dusty construction photos..






as you can see we are doing a whole lot in only little month, but we have welcomed the challenge. Here is what it looks like now..MUCH DIFFERENT

:: DURING ::








So thats where we are at with that. The vibe is going to be mighty cool, but I will show you everything after it all starts coming together.  Happy Friday lovers! Hope you have the best weekend! It’s the ducks Bday on Sunday so because I am a tolerant wife and love him unconditionally….I am going to play a game of War Hammer with him. Google it..

Love ya mean it

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Think About it.



I was recently just sent this article by my Client Awesome and it really struck a chord. I often feel like we are all so lost in the “stuff” that goes on in our lives that we fill it with more “stuff” to distract the fact that we are all drowning in “stuff”. HA! What is it about an abundance of things that makes us think we are happy? Well I am gonna say little and let the article speak for itself . It really articulates the issue so read away !

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// Artist Spotlight : NG Collective //

NG Collective


Recently happened upon NG Collective Studio and am obsessed. If you’ve never checked them out before, I suggest you add it to your ‘To Do’ list and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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:: get the look ::

Happy Monday lovers! Hope you guys had a fab weekend. Did you catch the Super Moon?? It was phenomenal, but I am pretty sure its the reason why I was extra sleepless and crabby.. anyone else?  Speaking of moons, did you all catch this little photo shoot that the talented gals at Design Love Fest created?? It was pretty special, and right up my alley.

Let’s get the look friends!


// wedding blanket // dark vintage indigo pillows // patchwork pillows // coffee table // dishes //

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