//Bookshelf Style//

Do you have a bookshelf or some amazing built-in shelves that are just dying to be styled?? I don’t know bout y’all, but I sure do love a perfectly put together bookcase.  Books mixed with rad pieces of art, greenery in killer pots, a candle or two, and some interesting knickknacks are the key elements needed to achieve effortlessly cool bookshelves. I put together a nice little ‘how-to’ over on the good ole’ eHow for you lovelies to see, so be sure to check it out here. A well styled bookcase can dramatically change the appearance and vibe of your space, so I’ve taken a vote and have personally decided that each of y’all need to give it a shot.

Here are a few inspo pics to get you going, but make sure to take a peak at the article for the complete guide!

Bookcase Image 5


Bookcase Image 1


Bookcase Image 2


Bookcase Image 6


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Bookcase Image 3 //source//



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Get the Look: Client Freakin Fabulous

Happy Hip Hop Hoppity Easter Err’rybody!! I hope you all get to enjoy the day with your tiny chickitys somewhere b-e-a-uuutiful. Speaking of somewhere beautiful… take a gander below and tell me you wouldn’t spend your entire life in this living room. I might just stop on by #ClientFreakinFabulous’s house this morning – dressed as the Easter bunny – and stay for some freshly squeezed orange juice and waffles! I think they’d let me hang for a bit… but then again – I’m CRAY. But actually, I’ll just be at home loving on my very own bunny Gwynnie and of course my main Duck. What could be better than that! Here’s fresh lil Get The Look to put some Spring in yo step!

Get the Look - Freakin Fab // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 //

Shoppe Pillows: Antique African Mud Cloth + Vintage Indigo + Vintage Chinese Batik


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Small Powder Room Ideas

It’s strange to me that I’ve never dedicated a single blog post to one of my favorite spaces to design: the Powder Room. You can’t say no to a jewel of a powder room in your home. It’s your chance to be uber creative, which is what I’m all about yo! I did a little know-all guide for this particular space over on eHow. Be sure to check it out here! I wish I could have a pow wow about powder rooms but this’ll do for now… Cue the inspiration pics!


PowderRoom1 << image source >>


PowderRoom2 << image source >>


PowderRoom3 << image source >>


PowderRoom4 << image source >>


PowderRoom5 << image source >>

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+ Just Some Things +

So it’s only natural that March rolls along and I’m over here like “Hey world, Amber here – When can the Duck, Gwynnie, & I press pause and take a lil VAY to the CAY?!” Well, I’m becoming aware that there is never a good time to press pause and run in the opposite direction – and really – I don’t want to. I’m so in love with everything that’s happening over here at the good ‘ole AID, that I’m fine with a one-way ticket to day dream! I’ll just be in my office (sunnies on) shouting for piña colada’s and ceviche during the lunch hour. ANY WHO – to get back on topic – Here are my picks for all the peeps out there who have a vacation coming up in the next month or so! I also threw in some magical books from Shoppe – check ‘em out here and HERE!

Just Some Things - March // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 //



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//How to Choose Living Room Furniture//

Peeps. Listen up! Let’s take it back to the basics - I’ve got a nifty little guide that helps you plan your living room furniture layout over on eHow. I promise it’ll be worth your time, and you’ll all be thanking me later when your living rooms are looking mighty fine! But hey, I better get an invite to your next wine n cheese soirée – just sayin…

Hey – I have an idea – lets look at some living rooms that I’ve had a big fat girl crush on for a while now…

// 1 //

Living Room 1

<< source >>

// 2 //

Living Room 5

<< source >>

// 3 //

Living Room 2

<< source >>

// 4 //

Living Room 4

<< source >>

// 5 //

Living Room 3

<< source >>

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Even though my life has been an absolute craze over the past few months – I still have some DIY’s that I’d like to TRY! (Because I’m a crazy person who can’t shut her mind off… there I said it!) Plus, it’s the weekend and I wanted to give y’all a little inspo to get creative with your free time! I might slap myself for saying this BUT here I go… I want you to check these out below and let me know which ONE I should attempt! BOOM. I said it. You pick – I’ll give it a dandy ‘ole try. Oh my Gawd, what did I just do…




via homey oh my!




diy1 via the merrythought




DIY5 via ehow





via alice & lios





via the merrythought


Have a lovely weekend!


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Top 10 – Accent Chairs

I love me some purrrrdy Accent Chairs – whether they’re rattan, leather, canvas – YOU NAME IT! Here’s a list of my Top Ten favs right now. I’m positive they’ll make your space look PERF! Don’t forget to add a pillow and/or sheepskin – perhaps from Shoppe?! Woo! Oh. Mah. Gerrrd. I can see the new homes for all these hopeful, stray accent chairs already… I know chairs aren’t puppies but show ‘em some love people – wouldja!

Top 10 - Accent Chairs

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 //

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Coordinate your Living Room Colors

Yo! So I know how tough it can be to coordinate a big ‘ole living room – believe me. You have this perfect image in your head but then the outcome just looks B-L-A-H. I helped ya’ll out with this Get The Look from #ClientFreakinFabulous before… but be sure to check out my full guide on eHow - How to Coordinate Colors in your Living Room! Woo! Read the post HERE and have an amazing weekend lovelies!

eHow - Living Room1

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Get the Look // Pop & Scott

Guess what time it is – It’s GET THE LOOK time! I’ve been wanting to do this particular one for a lonnng time, so here it is! This eclectic, colorful home is to die for – you can tell there’s so much history and love put into this space. If you’d like to see more, check out this inspo project here. I highly suggest you do because the Australian couple behind this home has got it goin’ on!

On another note, we carry this Pop & Scott planter at Shoppe and they literally fly out the door. They come in all sorts of groovy colors and sizes – so make sure to check em out!

Get the Look - Pop & Scott

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 //

image source


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It’s been back to back installs for us the past 2 weeks here at Ambular Interiors.

You’ll have to forgive me for not posting some good ‘ole jibber jabber until just NOW! What do I do when I feel like I have so much to talk about but nothing to talk about…. We do a little TAKE IT or LEAVE IT!

So go on, do your thang, and tell me what you would take and would would you leave??

1 //1//

5 //2//

11 //3//

8 //4//

9 //5//

4 //6//

12 //7//

7 //8//

2 //9//

10 //10//

Go on…

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