I know you’ve all heard it before, but I’m just here to remind you that the EARTH without ART is just EHHHH. Fo reals. If I had all the time in the world I’d sit down and paint but I ain’t got time for dat! For now, my medium is interiors and I’m cool with that. Gwynnie on the other hand wants to be an artist and I’m in total support of it – no joke, she’s got major talent for a 6 year old!

To get back to business – check out Linda Colleta - Her work’s got it goin’ onnn and I wouldn’t be mad if one or two or three of them ended up in one of my clients homes…


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// Designer Quick Tip //

Wowza – It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Designer Quick Tip – so I dipped into the Pinterest bank to find you an absolute BEAUT interior designed by Australian firm Whiting Architects. Do yourself a favor and check them out – their work is unbelievable! Why the heck can’t Australia be closer to California?! I would design homes “Down Undah” in a flash – no questions asked! Any takers?

Shipboard - Leather Pulls - May 2016 Photography by: Sharyn Cairns


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Life According To My iPhone…


Man oh maaaan. Where do I even begin? This year has zoomed by at lightning speed and I have no idea how the heck it’s already May?! There’s way too much happening all at once between finishing a handful of client installs, LCDQ design week, Create and Cultivate, moving offices, expanding Shoppe, AND on top of that – selling our current home and getting ready to move our life into a dreamy new abode – It’s safe to say my head is spinning like crazy, but I’m somehow managing it peeps!! Someone throw me a bone ever here!

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve given you a glimpse into my crazy world through the lens of my iPhone – I thought it was time to sum it all up – Ambular style y’alllll.

I started my LCDQ week at Olive & June and holy shmoly – that place is essentially the nail salon of my dreams. I wish I lived closer so I could go in every damn day. Maybe that’s a bit over kill but I mean, I think I’d make a great nail technician too… Just sayin’.


Then I took my perfectly pedicured feet down to Pali House in West Hollywood to get ready for the LCDQ gala. I had a “treat yo self” moment and bought these beauts by Ula Johnson for the event – I’m overly OBSESSED. If only I had a reason to wear heels more often…


Then the morning after the LCDQ gala I participated in the Blogger Breakfast & Legends 2016 kickoff hosted by Anna Brockway, co-founder, Chairish, and Newell Turner, Editor in Chief, Hearst Design Group and Metropolitan Home. I had such a blast with all these badass bloggers – loved every dang minute of it. 


Then - The weekend after I got invited to speak at Create & Cultivate, which was a crazy inspirational event for me!! I’m pretty sure I was the weirdo who was pinching herself all day… Just keepin’ it real with y’all.


Here’s a quick selfie moment with Bri Emery, Emily Henderson, & Sarah Sherman Samuels. I must say – there ain’t nuttin’ better than a damn GIRL BOSS – am I right?!



Then after all the craziness – MOTHER’S DAY. Ugh, there is just nothing better than spending the whole day with Gwennie. Talk about TRUE LOVE. Nuff. Said.


Look at this ‘lil monkey though!!!!! But seriously, is she a fashion blogger? Nope – She is just a magical ‘lil being…


I present to you - Our new casa!!!! We’ll be moving in this next week – I’m actually amidst packing up all our nick nacks right now. Turns out I have a lot of stuff, but I don’t want to bore you guys once again with my unhealthy hoarding problems… HA.


Oh and what do we have here?! Well – I’m designing the kitchen of my dreams with an incredible brand over the next few months. It’s currently at the TOP SECRET phase, but I promise you it’s going to be absolutely drool worthy. I know you’re probably thinking – Amber, what is this even showing? – but, let me tell you – IT’S GOING TO BE PERFECTION!!!


Now – please pause for a moment to look at how cute Billy is at Shoppe. That’s all. Get your scroll on…


Next Uuuup: #ClientSecondTimesACharm’s final install + photoshoot day. I think I walked through the front door and clicked my heeled like a damn leprechaun. Speaking of leprechauns - I think one lives in this fern…


This right here is the wine room of my dreams… errr – I mean #ClientSecondTimesACharm dreams. When I say WINE – You say PLEASE. WINE! PLEASE!




And finally, I leave you with a picture of my good ‘ole Chucks on a b-e-a-utiful vintage rug!!



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TOP 10 // Pots & Planters


Woo! It’s Thursday and we are almost through the work week people! In other news, we photographed #ClientSecondTimesACharm’s casa yesterday and I am in LOVE. If you follow along on Snapchat – you probably are too! Stayed tuned for the big reveal coming at ‘cha soon. Until then, I thought I’d give a shout out to all these awesome pottery picks below! When photographing a clients home – you’ve got to show up to the party with tons of greenery – whether it’s cacti, succulents, fiddle leaf figs, pony tail palms – you can’t go wrong! There’s just something about bringing the outside in, that brightens up a home… Don’t you agree?!
// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 //


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//Time to Shoppe//

As you know, Shoppe is expanding soon (If ya don’t know – now ya know!!) – but we’ve got a ton of goods goin’ on right now! We just got a TON of new prints from Alex Cave in, which I could stare at all. friggin’. day. long. Check them out below and day dream all y’all want. We used two of the Joshua Tree prints in #ClientZtotheEtotheN’s living room – how’s THAT for some major inspo?! If you’re feeling inspired – shop the prints HERE r’now!

Alex Cave Prints

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::Ambassador Amber Here::

That’s right – I’m a 2016 Legends Ambassador for LCDQ - NO BIG DEAL!! Okay, nevermind – it is a big deal! This is the first year that I’m involved with the LCDQ shindigs and I couldn’t be more excited to get out there and do the damn thang. I was beyond flattered when I was offered the ambassador title amongst all these incredible influencers. I’ll be live on Snapchat all next week while at the events – so be sure to follow me… My snap name is the same as my Instagram – @AmberInteriors. Plus, as always I’ll be loading you up with Insta goodness over on my Instagram - so be sure to like it up or drop me a note! If you’re in LA and would like to come check out the festivities look into next week’s schedule and register HERE!

LCDQ Ambassadors 2016

Check out my fellow ambassadors below:

// Justina Blakeney // Sarah Sherman Samuel // Dabito // Holly Hollingsworth Phillips // Will Taylor // Marisa Marcantonio // Orlando Soria // Anthony D’Argenzio //

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I Want To Go… Villa Palmier

So – I came across this rad little two-bedroom villa you can rent in St. Barts called Villa Palmier and well – I’m officially obsessed! I read more about this dreamy spot and found out it was renovated by a couple named Kate & Matt Holstein, who live in Aspen, Colorado. Turns out they visited the island and absolutely fell in love with it. So naturally they found a perfect piece of property with a killer view, and decided to renovate it just this last Fall. Can we pause here though…This is a DREAM of mine - I would renovate a beach shack in the Caribbean in a GD second! I love everything about Villa Palmier – They’ve got the easy-breezy, simple but elegant design vibe down. So much so – I already feel like I’m there drinking rosé in that hammock – but don’t worry, I’m still right here in the San Fernando Valley. Guess I’ll just have to add this one to the list of future travels – I have a feeling that some of you will be doing the exact same thing! Be sure to take a peek at their blog to see its full transformation…

Villa Pamier - Amber Interiors

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//Moving On Up//

As you’ve probably seen on my Instagram we are expanding Shoppe to fill our entire space in Calabasas. If you haven’t visited yet, we currently have Shoppe in the front and our design firm in the back – but we are busting at the seams over here! We’ve been searching high and low for the perfect new office spot and it looks like the stars are finally aligning! It’s just around the corner from our current spot and my mind is spinning with new office design ideas. I’m so excited, I’ve been doing weird little celebratory dances in between hacking up a damn lung at the office – don’t mind me. AND since Shoppe is expanding, you’ll be seeing a TON more online and in-store, because Shoppe is about to get even DOPER. (yah huh, I know – I didn’t even know it was possible.) As we move along with this transformation, I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated – Until then, I’m finding inspiration from these drool worthy office pics…

Office Collage

sources: // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //


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Color Theory: Dark Grey

You want to know what’s damn SNAZZY? I don’t even know why I asked – y’all know I’ll tell you anyways. So here it goes – first off, I’m snazzed about it being Friday… but I also luuurve me some Dark Grey hues. I could go on all day about how good it looks all around the home, and I suggest y’all gain some serious inspo from these pics below. I’m currently about to take the dark grey plunge with one of my client’s cabinetry and well, I’m pretty excited about it. Check out the below and have yourself a grand ‘ole weekend…

Color Theory - Dark Grey


image sources:

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 //

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//That Glossy Gloss//

Every. Damn. Time. I see my interiors in a magazine it makes me do a little jiggity jig dance all over town. Woo! First up, I made the cover of the April issue of 805 Living for their big Home & Garden issue. It feels awesome to have such overwhelming support from the good ‘ole 805, which is right in my backyard. Make sure to check out the whole issue here! Up next, I was in the March issue of House & Home magazine for #ClientDoubleThumbsUp‘s dreamy bedroom. I know I’m a little late to post this one but you can still buy the electronic issue here! Hope you enjoy as much as I did y’alllll.

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