+ Top 10 around a grand: Coffee Tables +

In need of a coffee table and want to spend under 1k (NO WAY!!)?

I got some for ya right here, straight from the pages of the interwebs - it’s a top 10 around a grand.


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

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Artist Spotlight: Heather Levine

As I am researching and getting new vendors for the store, I have been stumbling on some amazing local Los Angeles artisans. Recently I found artist Heather Levine  and her rad ceramics. All of her pieces are beautiful but I have a crush on the wall hangings.

Gimme Gimme!

Heather Levine

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//Life according to my iphone: In The Field//

Happy Tuesday lovers. I hope you all had a lovely weekend…. I sure as hell did!!

Over the past couple weeks I have been hearing all about this rad new store in Ojai called In The Field. Have you guys heard of it yet?

 Well, its been getting some great press and reviews and so when the fam and I drove up to Ojai to celebrate my Granny’s birthday, I couldn’t wait to pay the new store a visit. Seriously, All I can say is


this place is killer!

First of all we were greeted by adorable husband and wife Channon and Bianca and there precious little boy Marlon. They were so sweet and so fashionable and were just everything that you would imagine the owners of this incredibly effortlessly bohemian sanctuary to be. The inventory consisted of everything from jewelry, to surfboards, and even kids clothes. It was so well curated and I couldn’t help but walk away with a few treasures of my own. I took a few pics, but seriously…if you live in California, take a drive and do yourself a solid favor. OR if you are planning a trip to Cali…add this to your list of pit stops!

Check it out!








So amazing right??

Located st 730 E. Ojai Ave., Ojai, Calif

Tell them Amber Interiors sent ya!

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The Aether Cone

Amber Interiors-Aether-Neustadt-1

One of the things that erks me the most about our office, is the crappy quality speakers we have that totally put a wrench in the mood. Recently I discovered Aether Cone and Oh My Gawd it’s amazing.


Are you ready for this? Not only is the Aether Cone a music-streaming, voice-activated, battery-powered, multi-room portability device… it’s also pretty darn sleek-looking too, so it makes it super easy to place around your home or in our case, the office, without it looking out of place or ugly! It’s so cool, it totally just blends right on in.

Take a look for yourself!

Amber Interiors-Aether-Neustadt-2

Amber Interiors-Aether-Neustadt-5

Amber Interiors-Aether-Neustadt-6

Amber Interiors-Aether-Neustadt-7

photography: Tessa Neustadt

This sweet sweet cone of tunes gives you free access to Rdio’s library of over 30 million songs, thousands of internet radio stations, and over 25,000 podcasts from Stitcher! So basically it makes listening to music a million times easier and a trillion times more enjoyable..

Oh and did I mention, this little beauty does all of the hard work for you! I totally suck at picking new music, so this smart cone vibes out on your music tastes and habits and listens to your requests, so it can create the ultimate soundtrack. But hold on a sec, because I aint done.  The company just released a software update that now lets users connect as many as four cones together…. So now you can have music playing throughout your whole home or office. You can sync them all to play the same song, group certain rooms together, or play a different jam on each cone. If you were so inclined you could have a disco dance party in one room and a country line dance in the other room. Hell, you can even bust out the ole eighties hair metal and get all crazy in your kitchen..the possibilities are endless!

I highly suggest you get yourself an Aether Cone……NOW!

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::noteworthy: The Covell Hotel

Have you all gawked at The Covell Hotel yet? WELL, if not , or even if you have…this incredible new boutique hotel located in Los Feliz California is something else! Designed by Sally Breer of Co-Mingle interior design, this unique hotel leaves little to be desired, and is practically bursting at the seams with inspo and insanely well thought out design details.

I am planning a little stay-cation here and I can’t wait to report back !!

see for yourself




















(images found here)


it’s good.


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// FYI: Check this sale out //

Furbish has a Pop-Up Shop this month featuring the super fab artist Sarah Boyts Yoder – I actually did an artist spotlight on her about a year ago here, so I was stoked to see her pieces being offered up for all to buy!! Sarah is crazy talented and I love her use of color and funky shapes! Wanna know what else rules… Furbish has teamed up with Simply Framed to offer you the option of a custom framing of your purchase. Shaka-Brah!

The sale goes live today at 11am EST with 40 pieces, ranging in price from $195 – $500 (framed). So do yourself a frickin favor and go check out this sale here!

Sarah Boyts Yoder

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Pillow Combo of the Week

Happy Monday Friends! Sorry to keep it short and sweet…but gotta run! I have a big ole week ahead of me and there is legit now not enough hours in the day…stupid daylight savings!

Amber Interiors - Pillow Combo of the Week 3.6


Pillows can be found here: 1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 >> 5 >> 6 >>

Nob Hill Sofa from the Sundance Catalog

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New Client Roundup

It’s been a while since I gave y’all a little behind the scenes here at AID. It’s official that we are currently the most busy we have ever been with clients and as amazing as this is…and it is amazing, I always forget to keep you guys in the loop and I have so many things to update you on! What a jerk I am! Anyways, we are wrapping up some really fun projects that have been around for a few months like Client Freaking Fabulous, and Client Sandy Castles (which I have barely even told you all about..again, sorry I am a jerk!) and saying hello to a slew of new client projects. We have a few that would like to remain nameless, so I will continue with the ones that will allow me to exploit the behind the scenes of their sweet projects!

Lets begin with Client “Cool as a Cucumber”. This cute as a button family has built their dream house from the ground up. They brought me in to do all the furniture and fun stuff throughout the house. As much as I LOVE a ground up construction project..this particular one was cool because we have been able to walk in when we are still in construction, but the majority of the nitty-gritty stuff has already been taken care of. Tile has been chosen, built-ins have been designed, fireplaces, floors, electrical……its all been discussed and decisions have been made. We got to do some tweaking where necessary, but for the most part, we are in full blown decorating mode. The vibe is a relaxed modern vibe, with masculine stripes, but vintage pieces, and a light and airy feeling. It’s very close to the beach in my FAVE part of Santa Monica so the whole vibe is going to be amazing, and I am more than pleased to be working with such a lovely young family.

Client Cool as a Cucumber

Next up, Client Dream team!!  This is an actual ground up project that will be a whole lotta fun filled good times. I get to design practically the house from basically dirt!! This includes but is not limited to, tile, cabinetry, floor colors, furniture, windows, doors, exterior vibes…..all of it!!!  The best part is that the husband of this dream team is a developer who builds huge insane homes all day long, so while he is used to doing things a certain way, he is totally flexible to let us make him and his wife’s (who is amazing) dream home. I don’t have to deal with any lame-ooo contractors, I just get to work creatively with a cool family making their dreams a reality. The vibe is Eclectic, rustic, with a little bit of Moroccan, but all wrapped up in a sophisticated exterior. It’s gonna be fun, oh and let me mention there is an arcade game room!!

Client Dream Team

I would like to give this next project a double thumbs up, hence the name “Client double thumbs up” ! You know that one client that you hope to get that has the raddest taste ever, the coolest outlook on life, and is pretty chill with….well, everything??  Yeah well this is that client and y’all are going to DIE when you see the house and what we do to it. The vibe is…lets just say, the best vibe ever. Neutral, rock and roll, laid back, eclectic, simple farm house. Did you get all that? It’s gonna be good.

And last but certainly not least (well actually not last at all because we have a few more no namsies)  Client St. George! First of all, this house is GORGEOUS, and even though I am actually being hired to clean up what another designer left, it’s gonna be great!! Lots of brights with pops of color but an overall upscale beachy vibe. This sweet family also lives near the beach so we are keeping the colors cool and light, but this family isn’t afraid of a little moment of color, so expect some of this to happen!

Client St. George

These mood boards are just a quick mash up of whats happening in each, but I promise to go into more details on each soon!! Now excuse me while I scour the earth for stuff!

(all images can be found here)

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+ killer etsy +


It’s been a while since I scoured the fruits of the Etsy orchard.(ahem that was cheesy)

Anyways, I found some really radical and inexpensive stuff.

Check it out! 2.27

ConcreteGeometric + JenniferFlanniganart + susansimonini + MarzDesignsShop + BespokeGlassTile + amywaltz + SarahKBenning +

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Friday thoughts on things….but my real thoughts on things

3dec474fb9562ac07671bf49f848e54e It’s friday, and normally I would do a little Thoughts on Things but I have some real life thoughts on things I think we should discuss.  If you follow along on IG you would see that I proposed a question about whether or not you would support the idea if I opened up a large retail store, instead of the current apt. only small office space I have. This is not a new thought to cross my mind and quite honestly I have toyed with the idea for years.  As the Shoppe continues to grow and we continue to expand,  it’s becoming more and more clear that maybe this could be a big and ballsy move for me….but a good one.

Before I was an interior designer I worked in an interior design retail store for many years. I styled the displays and sold the products and I really enjoyed it, but the thought of being able to curate a space that would be completely my own little thought up dreamland is kinda a big flipping deal.  I have had my eye on the specific space for a long while. Funny thing about this space is I wanted it a year ago, but it was taken by another interior design showroom type place…..and I guess some personal stuff has gone on with the tenant and so I have a rare opportunity to swoop right on in. It seems a bit like a series of fortunate and unfortunate events that have led me to this moment and I am trying to listen to what my heart is saying to do. Sorry to get so emotional and deep on a blog post, but you readers have helped me get to where I am today, so your opinion matters.

What do you all think? Am I senile, have I lost the plot, did I eat paint chips as a kid????

Any insight would be every so kind!!

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