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November 14, 2016

Time to play my favorite game of TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! It’s been awhile and I’m genuinely interested to see how everyone feels about…*drum roll please*… INTERIOR WINDOWS. Do we love em? Hate em? Just tolerate them? Do you think I should incorporate some for upcoming clients comin’ up? Hmmm… All these things to think about…


// 1 //


// 2 //


// 3 //


// 4 //


// 5 //


// 6 //


// 7 //


// 8 //


// 9 //


// 10 //

// 11 //


// 12 //

  1. After looking at these pics again,I think this could be the next trend after the open floor plan. Visually open, but there are still walls with windows for light and sight lines.

  2. Take ’em! I think they’re great for letting the light/sight lines move through a space, while cutting down on the noise transfer from room to room. They also seem to make a nice room divider/screen.

    However, I do think there are instances where they can look random and odd, like if you finish an exterior room to be an interior space, but leave exterior windows in place.

    1. I think in this instance they look ok but there are way too many ways to turn it tacky. This is where a good designer needs to come into play. When done right it is a great way to introduce light into a room but when left onto an addition or just thrown in somewhere as an afterthought…terrible. Just terrible!

  3. I do love them. I live in an old building in Porto and my rented flat still keeps two of the original interior windows. I’m in love with the one that separates the kitchen from the living room as it adds character to the flat. It’s a wooden sash window like the one in pic. 3 but wider and similar in measures to pics. 10 and 11, which are nicer.

    I think interior windows are great when open plans are no possible and/or to make a subtle room divider. They are decorative and allow the light to freely flow around the house.

    Take them!

  4. I think it depends on the situation – there are a lot of older homes near me that have them but only because additions were put on and they left the windows in. In that situation I say N-O! But if you can make it look cohesive and like it is there on purpose- then absolutely!

  5. Heck yes! Photo 2,9,and 12 are totally your aesthetic, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing an interior window in one of your future designs. Thanks for the inspo and eye candy!

  6. Am I the only naysayer?! I’m cool with windows in an interior door but filling decorative empty wall space feels inauthentic and over designed. I guess i feel that if there is a window, it should be able to open.

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