the fruits of my labor…and a prize

Since September or so I have been working on getting a line of blankets and pillows made.

You know that feeling when you think of something in your head, and then you think “gosh I wish someone would make that”?

Well that was kinda how I ended up with my own line of home goodies. I had seen some colorful blankets throughout various shopping trips and sourcing travels. Almost  everything I would see that had a little potential was ultimately just not quite right. The material would be made from a yellowy heavy wool or some crappy acrylic blend.

Aint nobody got time for that

Here in sunny So Cal, cotton is the only way to go with bedding.  I wanted a blanket that would be bright and colorful, but also practical for the majority of the warmer months of the year. To get these blankets made I knew it would not be easy. I went through insane channels to hunt down the right person to create what I had in mind. I searched for vendors here in the US, West Africa, Turkey, Greece and finally Morocco. After what felt like an eternity, I crossed paths with the most wonderful and kind man who was able to take my sketches and drawings and turn them into reality. Hundreds of Emails and phone calls later I have my final product and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome.

I have been selling the blankets online for a week or so, but have not really talked about them on the bloggy officially until now.

So ladies…and maybe a gentleman or two….I introduce to you my

Moroccan Collection!







_MG_7117 (1)



photo 2 copy

(buy here)


And that my friends is a butt load of hard work!!!

I thought it only see fitting that  in order to celebrate the fruits of my labor, I should give one of these puppies away.

THIS ONE to be exact??


I mean it is the holidays right???

so……want to know how to get involved??

Read below and hop to it!


I thought it would be fun if you showed off your fave space to me!

head on over to Instagram and follow me @amberinteriors

take a picture of your fave space, upload to Instagram , and hashtag #myspaceisace

On Friday the 13th(!!!! ) I will pick a winner based on the entries and who I think has the most ace space

If you want, just for good measure you can also send your submissions to

The winner will receive a Tangier Pillow as well as a big internet hug in the form of a shout out!

doesn’t that sound fun????

I can’t WAIT to see what your spaces look like. I know I have some talented readers out there, so announce yo’self and let thy talents be known.

Hope you play…cause you know what they say

it pays to play have a nice day…


9 thoughts on “the fruits of my labor…and a prize

  1. I love the collection! And totally know what you mean about coming across a lot of great pieces with potential that don’t QUITE hit the mark. I am based in West Africa (Dakar) and if you’re ever looking for someone on the ground to scout things out, don’t hesitate! ;) I love your aesthetic. xx Kim

  2. I love your new Moroccan line, and I agree with how difficult it is to find good quality blankets and pillows. Good luck with the line, however, I don’t think you’ll need it! It’s so amazing!

  3. Love your new blankets, beautiful! And kudos to you for pulling this off, and in a short timeframe too – production is such hard going and is definitely not for the faint hearted!! The last 18 months of my life have been dedicated to (more like, consumed by!!) developing a textile range of printed bedding and woven throws ……so I can definitely appreciate how much work and energy you would have poured into this! Gorgeous!

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