October 30, 2013

as I mentioned before I am gearing up for a big ole remodel for an awesome family here in LAla land.

So far we are still in the planning stages of the project, which is super fun since I get to really use my creative brain muscles designing the layout and the overall space.

The bones of this house are KILLER so I have a lot to work with.  The finishes on the other hand, are just about as boring as they get!!

I am talking about brown Granite, yellowed oak floors, and a whole lotta 80’s style know the ones with rounded arch moulding details and that special pink hue stain with a heavy wood grain.

yucky, but fixable!!

In my head I see a combo modern farmhouse, contemporary traditional, bohemian clean lined style…..

bahahahahah…no wait I seriously do see all those styles

here is just a smidge of what I am vibing on












(images via my  Pinterest)

can you see my vision?

In other news, I have STILL not moved.

We are in escrow HELL, and I would not wish this on my worst nightmare.

If I have to look at another box for another day I might go all “Carrie on prom night” and start acting all murdery

xanax is my new best friend

  1. Can’t wait to see more of this project, love where it’s headed! I love the planking in a bathroom, we just finished a bathroom remodel and put horizontal planks on the wall up to chair rail height…LOVE!!!!

    Sorry about escrow hell, we’ve been there once before. We were buying a new house and selling the one we were in so we had everything lined up to be out of our house on a Friday, stay the weekend with my parents and be in on Monday morning to the new place. The seller then pushed back our closing date another week, we had no where to store everything we owned (my parents garage was already full). She agreed to let us store it in her garage until we closed, then the next day rescinded the offer. We ended up storing all of our stuff in the sellers realtor’s garage (she kindly offered…I think she wanted to be done with her crazy ass client!). Which meant we actually physically ‘moved’ everything we own three times. The night we had our final walk through we found out that the repairs that were supposed to be done (from our home inspection) before we closed, were not done. Crazy seller has lied and said they were done. So, our realtor had to negotiate with them the night before we were supposed to close and finally got her to put the $ for the repairs in an escrow account for us. I feel for you, hang in there!

  2. Damn, I just typed out a big long comment and it got lost somehow 🙁 Boo!

    To sum up:

    Love where this project is headed! We just did a bathroom remodel and used horizontal planking…LOVE!!

    Escrow hell sucks, been there….sold the house we were living in, found another one to buy and had everything lined up to close on both houses in one day, crazy ass seller pushed back closing date by a week, hubby myself and two toddler boys had to shack up with my parents and youngest brother for 10 days, seller lied about doing repairs per our home inspection, moved all of our belongings three times, finally closed and moved into new house bought pizza for dinner (take n bake) after 13+ hours of unpacking and oven doesn’t work and had to be replaced.

    Hang in there!

  3. Those dark paneled walls in the living and bathrooms are insanely beautiful! And liking the fresh take on herringbone/chevron in the tiling. Can’t wait to see the finished remodel!

  4. that is so funny , i am in australia and have nearly the exact same moodboard for my new house!!!!!! soooo good. ;0

  5. Your design is impeccable. I just moved into my first home and having such a hard time coming up with color schemes for each room that make the whole house flow together. This post gave me inspiration though and I am going to try to tackle my vision this weekend. Thanks!

  6. I always thought you were my favorite designer, and seeing your inspiration board totally seals the deal. We are building a house and those images align 100% to what are giving our architect. We are on the other side of the house issue, sold our house in one day, and then had the closing moved UP twice. We are now living at my parents cottage while we wait to have our house built. However, we are going on 8 months of just trying to get the water/sewer company confirm they will service the lot… This process takes forever!! hopefully someday we can move into our dream home, and maybe by then I can save enough to hire you to help decorate!

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